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12 Best Sandals Resort for Honeymoon in 2024

Sandals Resorts are the first choice for newlyweds who want a luxury holiday in the Caribbean. With many resorts on seven islands, there are 12 best Sandals Resort for honeymoon

Think about beginning your married life in a beautiful place where blue skies meet clear waters, and every morning brings the chance for new experiences. 

So, choosing a suitable sandals resort for your honeymoon is crucial. Imagine walking on clean beaches with your partner or eating under the stars – this isn’t just a dream. 

It’s what you can expect at these sandals all inclusive resorts. Let’s find out the best sandal resorts ranked wise for couples!

What Kind of Resort is Sandals?

Sandals Resorts is a top choice for newlyweds looking for the perfect honeymoon spot. More than just a resort, Sandals offers romantic experiences on beautiful beaches with stunning ocean views. 

Each resort has its unique charm, providing a magical escape. These resorts are for couples only and include the price. 

They are in tropical paradises like Saint Lucia, Jamaica, and Antigua. These locations are perfect for starting your married life. 

Best Sandals Resorts Ranked in 2024:

  1. Sandals Royal Plantation (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)
  2. Sandals Grande St. Lucian (Gros Islet, St. Lucia)
  3. Sandals Regency La Toc (Castries, St. Lucia)
  4. Sandals South Coast (Whitehouse, Jamaica)
  5. Sandals Montego Bay (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
  6. Sandals Royal Caribbean (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
  7. Sandals Negril (Negril, Jamaica)
  8. Sandals Grenada (Grenada)
  9. Sandals Grande Antigua (St. John’s, Antigua)
  10. Sandals Royal Barbados (St. James, Barbados)
  11. Sandals Ochi (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)
  12. Sandals Dunn’s River (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

12 Best Sandals Resort for Honeymoon in 2024

The resorts offer romantic packages that are best for couples. It includes candlelit dinners and spa experiences, making your honeymoon even more special. 

This confirms that you’ve made a great choice from our list of best honeymoon destinations.

1. Sandals Royal Plantation (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

Check out Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, for your ideal honeymoon! It’s not just a resort but a beautiful location on a hill leading to golden beaches and blue Caribbean waters. 

Enjoy a lovely walk through its well-kept lawns that look like an English garden with a tropical twist. 

Each suite includes a personal butler trained by professional English butler guilds, promising to provide excellent service and care during your stay. 

Undoubtedly, Sandals Royal Plantation is one of the top Sandals resorts for honeymooners looking to create unforgettable memories. 

The stunning views, top-notch dining, and private, romantic atmosphere make it perfect for couples.

  • Address: Main St, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $582/night

2. Sandals Grande St. Lucian (Gros Islet, St. Lucia)

The large resort has many restaurants, bars, and activities. It’s located on a beautiful beach with rooms you can swim in. 

Sandals Grande St. Lucian is known as the best Sandals resort for honeymoon. It’s between the calm Caribbean Sea and the lively Atlantic Ocean, offering stunning views. 

The resort has 12 unique restaurants that cater to all tastes. You can dine outside under the stars while listening to the waves. 

Besides great food, the resort offers water sportsheated pools, and high-quality spas with couples massages. You’ll create lasting memories at Sandals Grande St. Lucian!

  • Address: Pigeon Island Gros Islet, St Lucia
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Price range: $195 per night

3. Sandals Regency La Toc (Castries, St. Lucia)

Beautiful gardens surround this private, romantic resort with amazing Caribbean Sea views. It offers stylish rooms and personal butler service. 

It’s considered the best Sandals resort for honeymoon. The resort offers relaxing spa services and a variety of gourmet food. 

However, La Toc is perfect for couples. As the evening comes, you can enjoy champagne in your private hot tub with a view of the clear blue waters. 

Also, this is luxury at its finest. Whether you’re planning a perfect honeymoon or want to spend time with your partner, Sandals Regency La Toc is the place to be.

  • Address: La Toc Road, Castries, St Lucia
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $432/night

4. Sandals South Coast (Whitehouse, Jamaica)

Sandals South Coast in Whitehouse, Jamaica, is one of the best sandals resort for honeymoon. This adults-only resort offers a romantic setting with clear blue waters, over-water bungalows, and private beaches. 

It’s a peaceful paradise that’s hard to beat. You can enjoy romantic dinners on a pier or relaxing spa treatments for couples. 

Choosing Sandals South Coast for your honeymoon means you’ll always remember why you picked it. The luxurious experiences make it a top-rated honeymoon resort – where every moment is essential.

  • Address: White House, Jamaica
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $745 per night

5. Sandals Montego Bay (Montego Bay, Jamaica)

Sandals Montego Bay is a top-rated sandals resort for a honeymoon. It’s full of romance, with beautiful beaches and tropical gardens. 

There’s no other place that offers such perfect memories. You and your partner can chill in a beach cabana at sunrise or have a romantic dinner outside with the sound of waves and palm trees.

For an even more intimate experience, try their ocean-view suites with infinity-edge pools. These unique features make couples return again and again.

  • Address: Kent Ave, Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $796 – 1448 per night

6. Sandals Royal Caribbean (Montego Bay, Jamaica)

Are you looking for the perfect place for your honeymoon? Look no further than Sandals Royal Caribbean. 

With its beautiful beaches and clear waters, this resort is a paradise for newlyweds. But it’s not just about the stunning scenery. 

The blend of British sophistication and exciting offshore adventures make this place unforgettable. You and your partner can enjoy a peaceful and luxurious experience at Sandals Royal Caribbean. 

The resort offers privacy, tranquility, and top-notch service. And let’s remember the over-the-water villas. 

Imagine waking up to a view of underwater marine life right from your bed!

  • Address: Mahoe Cl, Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $546 – $ 1250 per night

7. Sandals Negril (Negril, Jamaica)

Imagine this: palm trees, clear blue waters, and beautiful sunsets at Sandals Negril. This beautiful resort is known as the top Sandals resort for honeymoons

The award-winning resort allows newlyweds to celebrate their love on a seven-mile beach with a green sea in the background. This creates perfect memories filled with romance.

Sandals Negril stands out from other resorts because of its cozy size and wide range of activities. You can relax in your private space or enjoy exciting water sports and lively nightlife. 

You can dine under the stars, treat yourself at the spa, or snorkel over colorful coral reefs full of sea life. Every moment at Sandals Negril makes your honeymoon extra unique. 

The best part? It’s all included, so you can focus on making memories without any worries.

  • Address: Norman Manley Blvd, Negril, Jamaica
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $2240 per night

8. Sandals Grenada (Grenada)

Sandals Grenada is an enchanting resort that promises an unforgettable romantic escape. This all-inclusive paradise is between clean white beaches and rich green gardens, offering a peaceful and luxurious experience.

Sandals Grenada’s room rates are good value. They provide large suites with stylish decorations and up-to-date facilities. 

These ensure you and your partner have the most comfort and relaxation. Every aspect is thoughtfully planned to make a perfect environment. 

This includes private balconies with clear, turquoise water views and luxurious king-sized beds with soft linens.

  • Address: Pink Gin Beach, St George’s, Grenada
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $678 per night

9. Sandals Grande Antigua (St. John’s, Antigua)

Sandals Grande Antigua was repeatedly named the World’s Most Romantic Resort. It is a perfect honeymoon spot and a new definition of exclusive comfort. 

Located on the island’s top beach, Dickenson Bay, this romantic getaway is about creating unforgettable experiences in a heavenly setting.

Why is this resort considered one of the best for honeymoons? 

Picture waking up to captivating ocean views from your private bungalow over the water or walking hand-in-hand around six pools scattered across a lush tropical landscape. Also, you can enjoy unlimited gourmet meals at 11 restaurants and top-notch spa treatments. 

Sandals Grande Antigua combines relaxed Caribbean charm with refined European elegance, making it seem like it was created to give you a luxurious start to your married life.

  • Address: Pink Gin Beach, St George’s, Grenada
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $627 – $918 per night

10. Sandals Royal Barbados (St. James, Barbados)

Enjoy unmatched comfort and excellence at Sandals Royal Barbados, possibly the best honeymoon resort. The exclusive suites are perfect for romantic trips and have high-quality features that add sparkle to your honeymoon. 

A unique feature of Sandals Royal Barbados is its special personal touches like custom butler service, showing the best hospitality!

Enjoy sunny days at our large, clear pools with built-in bars. You can also explore a variety of top-notch food at our many high-end restaurants across the resort. 

These meals pair well with our excellent wine collection. Sandals Royal Barbados is famous among couples for its great experiences, making it a top choice for honeymoon destinations.

  • Address: Maxwell Beach, Oistins, Christ Church Barbados
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $1219 per night

11. Sandals Ochi (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

Enjoy the stunning beauty of Sandals Ochi Resort, a hidden gem in the hills of Jamaica. Picture waking up to incredible ocean views with your loved one and experiencing top-notch butler service that meets all your needs. 

This beautiful and luxurious setting makes it the top sandal resort for honeymooners. The best part of this all-inclusive resort is its private hilltop suites. 

They are perfect for two people, especially newlyweds starting their life together. You might enjoy a day at the spa or relaxing by one of the 105 pools. 

At Sandals Ochi Resort, romance isn’t just a word; it’s an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets, private dinners on your terrace, and peaceful alone time. 

This isn’t just another honeymoon spot. It’s a beautiful and memorable place.

  • Address: 130-131 Main St, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $305 per night

12. Sandals Dunn’s River (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

Sandals Dunn’s River is a beautiful resort on Jamaica’s gorgeous coast. It’s an affordable place that offers stunning views. 

Many room options are available, making it an ideal spot for a romantic trip. You can choose from a comfortable beachfront villa or a fancy honeymoon suite, all designed for comfort and privacy. 

The resort offers top-notch facilities to make your stay enjoyable and relaxing. You can swim in the clean pools, enjoy a couples massage at the spa, or taste Caribbean food at the resort’s excellent restaurants.

  • Address: Mammee Bay Rd, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Phone: +1 888-726-3257
  • Cost: Starting at $784 to $1037 per night

What Is the Difference Between Beaches and Sandals?

Beaches and sandals represent relaxation and fun in the sun, but they are different. 

Both Beaches and Sandals resorts are all-inclusive luxury Caribbean vacation destinations. However, they cater to different types of travelers:

Main difference:

  • Sandals: It is for couples and adult travelers. No children under 18 are allowed. It offers a romantic, luxurious, and exclusive atmosphere with gourmet dining, top-shelf drinks, and personalized service.
  • Beaches: Focused on families and multi-generational groups. It offers plenty of activities and amenities for all ages, including water parks, kids’ clubs, teen clubs, and family-friendly entertainment.
Target audienceCouples, adultsFamilies, multi-generational groups
AtmosphereRomantic, luxurious, exclusiveLively, family-friendly
ActivitiesCouples-oriented activities, spa, golf, scuba divingActivities for all ages, water sports, land sports, theme parks, kids’ clubs
AccommodationLuxurious, intimate room optionsWider variety of room types and sizes
Number of resorts16 across 7 islands3 across 3 islands

Tips for Choosing a Sandals Resort for Your Honeymoon:

  • Consider your budget: Sandals Resorts offers a range of prices to fit different budgets.
  • Decide on a location: Consider the island you would like to visit and the proximity to activities.
  • Choose an atmosphere: Pick a resort that matches your desired level of activity and romance.
  • Think about the amenities: Consider the importance of specific amenities, such as a swim-up room or a private pool.
  • Book your honeymoon well in advance: This is especially important if traveling during peak season.
  • Upgrade to a butler suite: This will give you an extra touch of luxury and personalized service.
  • Enjoy all the activities and food options provided: Sandals Resorts offers a variety of ways to enjoy your honeymoon.
  • Relax and enjoy your honeymoon!

Final Thoughts

Picking the suitable Sandals Resort for your 2024 honeymoon can take time due to the many great choices. Each resort has unique features designed to create a peaceful and romantic environment for unforgettable times with your partner.

They have beautiful tropical gardens, white sandy beaches, and luxury facilities, making them perfect for newlyweds. This is a memorable trip that should be as wonderful as you imagine.

So, take your time to make a good decision and begin your married life in a dreamy paradise by reserving your ideal honeymoon at a Sandals Resort today.


Q. Is Sandals resort for adults only?

A. Sandals resorts are only for adults. They don’t let anyone under 18 stay. This rule helps make the resorts more romantic and relaxing for couples and adult guests.

Q. Is Sandals Hotel couples only?

A. Yes, Sandals Resorts are indeed couples-only. This rule is firmly applied to make a cozy and private environment for couples and adult travelers.

Q. Is Sandals considered luxury?

A. Sandals provides a top-notch all-inclusive experience with premium features, tailored service, and fine dining. It’s certainly better than the typical all-inclusive resort. But whether it’s luxurious or not depends on your taste and priorities.

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