Top 10 Birthday Celebration Places in Pune for Couples

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is a city that always surprises its visitors. In this post, we’ll show the best birthday celebration places in Pune for couples.

From historical landmarks to modern-day attractions, this city has something unique for everyone. So you plan a romantic celebration with your significant other in Pune. Then you’re in luck! 

The city offers plenty of options. Pune offers everything from opulent staycations to romantic dinners beneath the skies. 

10 Best Places For Birthday Celebrations In Pune

In this post, we’ll show the best birthday & anniversary celebration places in Pune for couples. If you want to make incredible birthday memories with your particular someone, read on!

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1. SKYE Rooftop by Eternia

The SKYE rooftop by Eternia is the best place for a birthday party in Pune. It is in the Icc Trade Tower, next to the JW Marriott and Pavilion. 

The environment appeals to customers who wish to dine and drink beneath the stars with views of trees, gardens, and grass. Its location overlooks the city and Pune-Mumbai Expressway. 

It gives you the best view of nature and lives up to your hopes with its beautiful atmosphere and services. 

So to enjoy your birthday in Pune, you must go to this place. 

2. Malaka Spice – Birthday Celebration Places In Pune For Couples

Pune’s Malaka Spice is a restaurant that has won many awards. The cuisine is good. 

It is one of the most fantastic spots in Pune for couples to spend a birthday. This is where you can find a lovely atmosphere and beautiful decorations to draw you in. 

It’s noted for its atmosphere, decor, and high-end service from the greatest front-of-house and kitchen employees. 

Suppose you like to try different kinds of food that aren’t Indian. This is the best place to try meals from Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. 

Malaka Spice has ample outdoor space that is made for parties in Pune. So if you want to do something uncommon for your birthday, this is the place to be.

3. Birthday Craft Pune

Birthday Craft is an excellent place for kids to party in Pune. The site is in Sahakarnagar, Koregaon Park, Pune. 

The place has many different themes, so you can choose one that fits your needs. However, the design is the most important thing about this place. 

The Birthday Craft has a unique team to arrange your party according to your theme. The jungle theme, which is popular with kids, is their most common theme. 

4. 11 East Street Cafe

11 East Street Cafe is a London-style sidewalk cafe and one of the most popular places in Pune for birthday parties. 

This is the cafe where you can get fresh cakes. But you must book them beforehand and tell them what kind and taste you want. 

The place has a great vibe, especially on the weekends. So book a table before you go to get a better seat. 

The most crucial thing about this cafe is its friendly and delicious food. It is one of the most famous cafes in Pune for couples to celebrate a party

You may have yet to be there to enjoy your birthday or a party in Pune. Then, you should go to 11 East Street Cafe to make your day memorable. 

They serve a range of meals, from European to Indian, that can satisfy your thirst.

5. Bird Valley Wakad Restaurant and Bar

The Bird Valley Wakad restaurant is well-known in Pune for more than just birthday parties. It is also a famous place for all kinds of events. 

Confirm this place if you are looking for the best place for a family party in Pune. But, then, I’m sure you’ll always feel right about everything. 

They have a high-end diner and a fancy room for parties. Walking into this party hall, you’ll be amazed by the decorations, design, atmosphere, and lights. 

The party area looks and feels like a big hotel on the inside.

6. Open Window Cafe Bistro

The open window is where most tourists or friends celebrate a day they’ll always remember. 

It is the most famous rooftop party spot in Pune. You’ll notice how crowded it is when you go to this place, especially on the weekends. 

They will treat you like royalty, serve you delicious food, and especially say goodbye.

7. Exotica – Panchshil Tech Park

If we’re talking about places for birthday parties or private parties in Pune, I can’t miss Exotica. It’s in the Pancshil Tech Park in Pune. 

The whole area is made of wood, stone, and beautiful grass, making it look like a jungle. However, the best part is this cafe’s charming atmosphere and great vibes. 

Exotica has incredible scenery and atmosphere, the best food in the city, and the best service. It’s also one of Pune’s best lunchtime food and buffet places.

8. Arthur’s Theme – Birthday Celebration Places In Pune For Couples

Arthur’s Theme is one of the most famous places for parties with family and friends. It is in the best part of Koregaon Park, Pune. 

Suppose you are hunting for the best place to have a birthday party in Pune. You should stop here. The site has a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful decor, drawing you in even more.

9. Unwind – Birthday Celebration Places In Pune For Couples

Suppose you are looking for a luxurious place to have a grand party. Then, you should take advantage of the chance to go to Unwind. 

The site is in Koregaon Park, the most popular place in Pune. Unwind has a pleasant atmosphere with great lighting and the latest music. 

Many people go to Unwind. So you should check the availability before you go. 

The most vital thing about this place is the tasty food and drinks. 

10. JW Marriott Hotel

The JW Marriott is a 5-star hotel in Pune. It has a high-end party hall where you can have a lovely birthday or wedding party. 

You may want to have a party with your girlfriend and want to stay in a 5-star hotel. JW Marriott is the best pick.


In conclusion, Pune has a plethora of options when it comes to celebrating your birthday. From romantic rooftop restaurants to serene resorts, the city has it all. 

Whether you’re searching for an intimate celebration or a grand affair, there is something for everyone in Pune. So book your preferred venue in advance and plan for a memorable experience. 

So surprise your significant other with a birthday celebration they will remember!

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