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Top 10 Jungle Resorts In Sakleshpur

If you want a break from city life, consider visiting the jungle resorts in Sakleshpur. Instead of waking up to an alarm clock, you’ll wake up to bird songs. 

Sakleshpur is a lovely hill spot in Karnataka, India, within the Western Ghats. It’s famous for its green hills, waterfalls, coffee farms, and peaceful surroundings. 

Instead of city lights, you’ll have starlit skies. These resorts offer a perfect mix of comfort and nature for a unique stay. 

Let’s explore some of these beautiful resorts. 

10 Jungle Resorts In Sakleshpur

1. Rosetta by Ferns

Enjoy a stay at Rosetta by Ferns Sakleshpur, nestled in 100 acres of thriving coffee plantations. This resort, located away from city noise and surrounded by the lush greenery, offers luxury rooms with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. 

You can relax on the well-kept lawn or enjoy the scenic view from the strategically placed infinity pool. The on-site restaurant serves tasty meals and is renowned for local dishes.

Rosetta by Ferns Room Price

  • INR 10,299 per Room

2. Machaan Resort

Machaan Resort is about 230 km from Bangalore and 100 km from Mysore. It’s a great place to stay, nestled in a large coffee estate. 

The resort is eco-friendly and is considered one of the top resorts in Sakleshpur. The rooms have a rustic design with modern bathrooms and all necessary amenities. 

The resort offers multi-level cabin rooms with separate entrances, allowing guests to enjoy different views of the surrounding landscape.

Machaan Resort Room Price

Standard Room

  • Single occupancy: ₹5,000 per night
  • Double occupancy: ₹6,000 per night

Deluxe Room

  • Single occupancy: ₹6,000 per night
  • Double occupancy: ₹7,000 per night


  • Single occupancy: ₹8,000 per night
  • Double occupancy: ₹9,000 per night


  • Single occupancy: ₹10,000 per night
  • Double occupancy: ₹11,000 per night

3. Eka Resorts

Enjoy a stay at one of Sakleshpur’s top resorts, Eka Resorts. Beautiful green landscapes surround this place, and it offers top-notch facilities. 

You can relax in the pool or lounge in the well-kept gardens. It’s an excellent place for a family vacation. 

The resort offers six rooms with pool views and four luxury tents. Additional amenities include a travel desk, badminton court, cricket field, and campfire arrangements, all designed to make your stay unforgettable.

Eka Resorts Room Price

  • Deluxe A/C Non-Pool Facing Room (for 2 People): Rs. 6,000 per night
  • Deluxe A/C Pool Facing Room (for 2 People): Rs. 7,000 per night
  • Dormitory (Non A/C) (Max 14 People): Rs. 2,500 per person per night
  • Luxury Gazebo Tents (A/C) (for 4 People): Rs. 8,000 per night

4. Jenukallu Resort

JenuKallu Valley Retreat is a beautiful resort in Sakleshpur, located near the base of Jenukallu Mountain. It offers breathtaking mountain views. 

You can enjoy these views while sipping tea on the balcony. A lush green coffee plantation, untouched wilderness, cascading waterfalls, and stunning sunsets surround the resort. 

A walk through the garden, filled with birds chirping, will make your evening memorable. The air is filled with the fragrant aroma of coffee, pepper, cardamom, and wildflowers.

Jenukallu Resort Room Price

  • Standard Cottage (Non-A/C): Rs. 3,500 per night (Double Occupancy)
  • Deluxe Cottage (A/C): Rs. 5,000 per night (Double Occupancy)
  • Honeymoon Suite (A/C): Rs. 6,000 per night (Double Occupancy)

5. Kadumakki Resort

Kadumakki Resort is a peaceful place to unwind and enjoy nature. You’ll immediately connect with their local customs and traditions when you enter. 

The friendly and welcoming staff makes it a standout among Sakleshpur resorts. It’s about 18 km from Sakleshpur and offers various services and activities. 

The resort has deluxe rooms, tents, and dormitories. Each space has a unique, ethnic design that encourages guests to stay longer. 

There are about ten cottages, all surrounded by beautiful nature.

Kadumakki Resort Room Price

  • Deluxe Room (Non A/C): ₹6,000 per night (Double Occupancy)
  • Deluxe Room (A/C): ₹7,000 per night (Double Occupancy)
  • Superior Room (A/C): ₹8,000 per night (Double Occupancy)
  • Duplex Suite (A/C): ₹10,000 per night (Double Occupancy)
  • Family Villa (A/C): ₹12,000 per night (4 Adults)

6.Navilubetta Resort

Navilubetta Resort in Sakleshpur promises a beautiful and cozy stay. It’s a must-visit place, nestled in a coffee estate along Karnataka’s Western Ghats, near the border of Chikmagalur and Sakleshpur. 

The area has beautiful sights like hills, valleys, water streams, and coffee plantations. It becomes even more beautiful during the monsoon season. 

You can relax in your room and enjoy the view or take a walk in the nearby coffee plantations. The morning and evening fog covering the mountain valleys enhances the beauty of the place.

This peaceful and beautiful place is a perfect escape from daily life.

Navilubetta Resort Room Price


  • Standard Cottage (Non-A/C): Rs. 3,000 per night (Double Occupancy)
  • Deluxe Cottage (A/C): Rs. 4,000 per night (Double Occupancy)
  • Treehouse Cottage (A/C): Rs. 5,000 per night (Double Occupancy)

Additional Options:

  • Camping: Rs. 1,500 per person per night

7. Aroha’s Eco Hill Resort

Aroha’s Eco Hill Resort is a top-budget resort in Sakleshpur. It’s located by a river and surrounded by mountains. 

It’s perfect for family vacations because it offers excellent views and facilities. You can choose from stylish cottages and enjoy trekking, nature walks, and zip-lining.

Aroha’s Eco Hill Resort Room Price

  • Standard Cottages: Around ₹7,140 per night
  • Deluxe Cottages: About ₹8,910 per night.
  • Family Cottages: About ₹11,210 per night.
  • Treehouse: Around ₹14,320 per night.

8. Mookanana Resort

Visit one of the top resorts in the western ghats of Sakleshpur, famous for the Mane waterfalls. The resort’s lawns are filled with lovely flowers, providing a feast for the eyes. 

Nestled within a thick forest, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking peace. It’s one of the best resorts in Sakleshpur.

Mookanana Resort Room Price

  • Valley View Double Room: Starting from ₹5,500 per night
  • Cottage Room with Mountain View: ₹6,000 per night
  • Valley Cottage: Starting from ₹8,000 per night
  • Family Room with Garden View: Starting from ₹7,500 per night
  • Deluxe Double with Garden View: Starting from ₹9,000 per night
  • Deluxe Room: Starting from ₹6,500 per night
  • Cottage Room with Valley View: Starting from ₹7,000 per night
  • Eco-Friendly Cottage: Starting from ₹8,500 per night
  • Sampige Cottages with Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner: Starting from ₹12,000 per night

9. The Hills Resort

The Hills Resort in Sakleshpur is a cozy 10-cottage retreat nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats. It offers stunning views of towering mountains, floating clouds, and lush greenery. 

It’s one of the best resorts in Sakleshpur. The Western Ghats evoke images of misty mountains, close clouds, vast green landscapes, and empty coffee estates. 

There’s also an ancient temple on a mountaintop and solitary sheep grazing in the warm sunlight. A trip to The Hills is a must-do.

The Hills Resort Room Price

  • Indonesian Cottages: Prices start at around ₹8,000 per night.
  • Swiss Cottages: starting at about ₹7,000 per night.
  • Honeymoon Suite: starts at about ₹12,000 per night.
  • Family Suite: Prices start at around ₹10,000 per night.
  • Group Cottages: Prices start at about ₹15,000 per night.

10.The Kaduhithlu Resort

The Kaduhithlu, located at the base of Saalugudda, is a great holiday spot. This Sakleshpur resort combines luxury with nature, making it one of the best in the area. 

Its beautiful surroundings, filled with greenery, streams, and mountains, can lift anyone’s spirits. It’s also close to famous tourist spots like Chikmagalur, Baba Budhangiri, and Mullyangiri. 

Many locals see this resort as an ideal weekend escape to enjoy nature.

The Kaduhithlu Resort Room Price

  • Standard Cottages: start at around ₹3,500 per night.
  • Deluxe Cottages: Prices start at about ₹8,910 per night.
  • Family Cottages: prices start at about ₹11,210 per night.
  • Treehouse: around ₹14,320 per night.

Final Thoughts

Sakleshpur’s jungle resorts are perfect for those who love nature and adventure. They are located in beautiful forests and landscapes, away from the busy city life. 

These resorts offer top-notch facilities, welcoming service, and many activities related to the area’s fantastic biodiversity. They represent true eco-tourism. 

Whether traveling alone or with a group, these resorts guarantee a memorable vacation. So, don’t wait any longer. 

Book your stay now to enjoy the magical wilderness of Sakleshpur.

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