10 Private Places For Couples In Kanpur

Suppose you are hunting for the best places to visit in Kanpur. If so, this piece will end your search. In this post, I’ve listed the top 10 most famous places for couples to visit in Kanpur.

Kanpur is Uttar Pradesh‘s financial center. It is famous for its colonial design, gardens, parks, and leather and fabric items. 

Kanpur City has many must-see malls, gardens, water parks, and beautiful tourist places. Some of the sites listed below are well-known beautiful spots for couples to visit in Kanpur. 

There are many beautiful, romantic, and couple-friendly places in Kanpur to go with your partner.

Places For Couples In Kanpur

1. Allen Forest Zoo

Allen Forest Zoo is one of India’s oldest and biggest wildlife parks. It covers 190 acres, which makes it Kanpur’s most significant green spot.

One of the rare zoos in India built in an artificial forest is this one. 

It was created and opened to the public on February 4, 1974.

Allen Forest Zoo is also called Kanpur Zoological Park and, more commonly, Kanpur Zoo. The zoo has more than 1,400 animals from about 125 types. 

It is among the most popular and excellent tourist attractions in Kanpur. Allen Forest Zoo is the best place for couples and children in Kanpur City.

2. JK Temple

The Hindu Juggilal Kamlapat Temple is also called the JK Temple. It is a beautiful building in Kanpur. 

It is an essential attraction in the city of Kanpur. The temple is a unique mix of old and new buildings. 

It is called the Radhakrishna temple by most people. The temple has five shrines. 

The one in the middle is for Shri Radhakrishna. Shri Laxminarayan, Shri Ardhanarishwar, Shri Narmadeshwar, and Shri Hanuman have statues in the other shrines. 

The JK Temple is an excellent place for families to go.

3. Nana Rao Park – Places For Couples In Kanpur

Nana Rao Park is a big, beautiful park in Kanpur. It has a dark past, though. 

British women and children killed in the 1857 uprising may have been placed in a well there. In addition, a historic Indian Independence Movement banyan tree sits in the park. 

Nana Rao Park is an excellent place for couples to hang out. 

4. Kamla Retreat

Kamla Retreat is owned by the Singhania family, which runs the JK Group of enterprises. It has a zoo, park, garden, museum, toy railway, swimming pool, and more.

The museum is one of the best historical places in Kanpur, and it has some significant collections. But, unfortunately, you have to buy a ticket to get in here. 

Kamla Retreat is a lovely place for couples in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

5. Moti Jheel Kanpur – Places For Couples In Kanpur

In Kanpur City, Moti Jheel is a lovely place for lovers. It is the most popular place for couples to visit in Kanpur.

It is full of festive activities to do. There are many food stands there, and a beautiful park is nearby. 

People often call the park the Lungs of Kanpur. This is because, during the British Raj, people built this lake. 

Once upon a time, Moti Jheel known as the Manchester of the East. It’s an excellent place for picnics and trips with family and friends in Kanpur.

6. Kanpur Memorial Church

Kanpur Memorial Church, which used to be called All Soul’s Cathedral. It is an old church in Kanpur. 

The church was built in 1875 to remember the British people who died during the Siege of Cawnpore in 1857. It is a beautiful and peaceful holy place for Christians; anyone who wants to can go there and pray. 

The Kanpur Memorial Church is a must-see for people interested in history.

7. Blue World Park – Places For Couples In Kanpur

Blue World Park is a vast place for fun in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It has a water park, an amusement park, and a theme park. 

It includes 25 acres of unique themes, vivid water slides, pools, roller coasters, and other thrills. One of the country’s largest private singing waterfalls and light displays is at Blue World Theme Park. 

Ticket prices range from INR 650/- to INR 1200/- per person. Blue World Park is a must-see place in Kanpur for lovers.

8. ISKCON Temple Kanpur

ISKCON Temple in Kanpur is a beautiful temple, community, school, and Gaushala devoted to praising or lovingly serving God Sri Krishna. 

It’s a beautiful, well-designed place with plenty of greenery. In addition, ISKCON temple has a large, well-kept site. 

9. Bithoor

Bithoor is a small town that is about 24 kilometers from the city of Kanpur. It has some lovely views. 

People say that Lord Rama and Goddess Sita’s two boys, Lava and Kusha, were born in Bithoor. People also call Bithoor the “House of Lord Brahma.” 

It is located on the right bank of the Ganga, a revered river. Bithoor is a place of worship for Hindus and a famous place for tourists to visit in Kanpur.

10. Z Square Mall Kanpur

In Kanpur’s city center, Z Square Mall is a place to shop and have fun. It is one of India’s most extensive shopping malls. 

Z Square Shopping Mall features everything you need for shopping, recreation, food, and family time. Kanpur couples may hang out and enjoy the fun here. 

Every day, many college-aged couples and groups of friends go to Z Square Mall to spend time together.


In conclusion, Kanpur offers numerous romantic spots for couples to spend quality time together. There’s something for every couple’s taste and budget, from Bithoor to Nana Rao Park. 

These facilities let couples relax and enjoy one another in a lovely atmosphere. So, whether it’s a date night or an anniversary party, Kanpur offers several possibilities. 

So, plan your next romantic getaway in Kanpur and create memories with your loved one!

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