15 Places For Couples In Thane

Thane is a bustling city in the heart of Mumbai. It is renowned for having a thriving culture and a lengthy history. In this post, we’ll talk about some of Thane’s top romantic places for couples.

It is a busy and chaotic place to live. But Thane has a lot of romantic spots where couples can get away from their busyness and spend quality time together. 

Suppose you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or want to do fun things with your partner. Then, Thane has something for everyone. 

From scenic parks and cozy cafes to luxurious resorts, this city offers an array of places where couples can create unforgettable memories.

Places For Couples In Thane

1. Upvan Lake

Upvan Lake is beautiful in the middle of the busy Ghodbunder Road. Couples like it because it is so quiet and peaceful. 

You and your partner can get away in a few quiet places. Or, you can come here with someone you love to appreciate what the Sanskruti Arts Festival is all about. 

In this beautiful setting, you can do more than walk around. You can also go fishing with your partner.

2. Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden

You might be looking for a special place for lovers in Thane. Then Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden should be your first choice. 

Its quiet and peaceful setting makes it the perfect place to have romantic time with your partner. You may sit, wander, or take a guided tour to learn about the garden’s flora and animals.

3. Suraj Water Park – Places For Couples In Thane

Suraj Water Park is a good place for couples in Thane to spend an exciting day together. The park has seven steep swings. 

Some go on for about 350 feet and are 100 feet tall. The “Rim Jhim Barish Hall” also has a beautiful dance area with a rain-like drizzle. 

You may soak in the Lazy River or ride in the Crazy River. 

4. Korum Mall

Suppose you want a sweet and fun time with your loved ones. Then you should go to the Korum Mall. 

There are many shops in the mall where you can buy gifts for your partner. In addition, it has the best food area with many good food choices. 

However, there are numerous options for good food and calming music. 

You can also play a game if your partner likes fun activities or games. Many people think it’s the best place for couples in Thane. 

5. Kelva Beach – Places For Couples In Thane

For a romantic beach vacation with your lover, Kelva Beach is ideal. It’s Thane’s most gorgeous vacation spot. 

This is the finest area to feel the sun’s first kiss or have a romantic nighttime stroll along the water. The beautiful view of the sun setting and the relaxing sound of the water revive your senses.

6. Talao Pali Lake

When you look for places to go with a partner in Thane, Talao Pali Lake will come up first. It has the coziest and most beautiful atmosphere for spending time with your loved ones. 

The park offers several activities, such as biking, birdwatching, and eating. Small food stalls serve Vada Pao, Bhelpuri, and Misal Pav nearby.

7. Elvis Butterfly Garden

The place is unique because it has a butterfly park open. It also has about 132 different kinds of bugs. 

This place is a unique choice for the best site in Thane for couples. You and your partner can watch how a butterfly goes from an egg to a pupa, a beautiful part of its life. 

The yard is full of birds that are free to fly around. So you can see their true beauty. 

When you enter this park, its beauty will take your breath away.

8. Kachrali Talav – Places For Couples In Thane

When planning a trip with your partner, you can visit Kachrali Lake, Thane. Many lovers come to this place to escape the busy world for a while. 

You may sit here by the lake and converse with one another. In addition, numerous people come here in the morning to exercise on the well-maintained jogging track. 

This location will be perfect if you and your spouse like going to the gym. In addition, you may hire boats and go fishing along the lake in some areas. 

The beautiful scenery around the lake makes a lively setting for the couples.

9. Tansa Dam

Tansa Dam is the best place in Thane for two people to go together. A location with a romantic vibe is the most romantic place to spend time with your lover. 

The evening is ideal for sitting by the lake and enjoying the scenery. The tranquil and relaxing landscape is excellent, with the sun dropping below the horizon. 

It has a beautiful atmosphere with many different kinds of plants and animals.

10. Yeoor Hills

Yeoor Hill is the best place to go with your partner to watch the first rain from the monsoon wind. The air seems fresher and more alive as soon as the first raindrop touches the ground. 

It is the ideal location in Thane for couples and a terrific spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You can do many things there, like walking, hiking, watching birds, or enjoying the tall peak.

11. St. John the Baptist Church

For those who like immersing themselves in spirituality, this location is ideal. Likewise, here is the perfect place for a mental vacation from the city. 

Here, you can always bet on having a great time. Masunda Lake, a stunning lake with a picture-perfect city vista, surrounds it. 

The church is magnificently constructed and has a long history. This church helps many couples find their purpose and value each other.

12. Gorakhgad Fort – Places For Couples In Thane

Gorakhgad Fort is one of the best places for a couple to visit in Thane. From Mumbai, you can get there in just one day. 

Here, you and your partner can go hiking and rock climbing. The setting is beautiful, with a steeply rising hill and a shrine in the middle. 

You can enjoy the lovely view of the valley with the people you care about. The Gorakhgad Fort is up to 2137 feet high, with thick forests.

13. Mumbra

Mumbra is a beautiful town in Maharashtra that is great for couples in Thane. But before you get to Mumbra, you and your partner have to make a lot of lists of things to do. 

You can go hiking, go to the beach, check out the wax museum, shop, and do much more. The town is full of lively culture that shows history, variety, and a lack of religious belief. 

You can even have fun reading tarot cards with your partner. 

14. Tungareshwar Waterfall

The Tunganeshwar wildlife reserve has the Tungareshwar waterfall. Two persons may relax and listen to the water striking the rocks at this fantastic waterfall. 

With a gorgeous view of trees and birds, it’s perfect for lunch with family or friends. The waterfall’s calm gives you and your companion a “goo-goo” moment. 

Along the journey, you may consume sweet corn, cucumber with pepper and salt, tamarind, raw mango, and more. Thus, this Thane location is ideal for a couple.

15. Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park

This fun park has seven beautiful areas where you can take your partner. These zones include the Greek town, Texas Cowboy, Wonders of the World, Colo Theatrum, Viva Las Vegas, Lake Venetia, and Spanish food. 

You and your partner can ride exciting rides and eat delicious food in the vast food court. 

The amusement park features entertaining and fascinating foreign-themed activities. You may add this to Thane’s romantic spots.


In conclusion, Thane has many options for couples looking for a memorable experience. From romantic dinner dates to adventurous outdoor activities, Thane has something for everyone. 

The city’s natural beauty and cultural diversity make it a perfect getaway for couples. In addition, Thane guarantees a memorable experience for special occasions or romantic getaways. 

So, pack your bags and head to Thane for a romantic getaway!

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