10 Places To Stay In Ooty For Couples

Are you planning a romantic getaway to the scenic hill station of Ooty? If so, let’s discuss the 10 best places to stay in Ooty for couples.

Ooty’s tranquil setting in southern India’s Nilgiri Mountains is ideal for couples seeking quality time. However, Ooty has several lodging alternatives, making it difficult to choose.

You can choose a modest house among tea plantations or a magnificent resort in Ooty with valley views. This post will show you Ooty’s most romantic and lovely lodgings for couples. 

Places To Stay In Ooty For Couples

1. Taj Savoy Hotel

Taj Savoy is one of the best 5-star hotels in Ooty for couples. It lives up to the brand’s name. 

The Taj Savoy in Ooty is an excellent destination for couples to unwind, rejuvenate, and enjoy solitude.

  • Highlights: An English-styled haven with a 24-hour gym and a luxurious spa
  • Address: 77 Sylks Road, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 7,900 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

2. Hotel Gem Park

Hotel Gem Park is one of the best places for a wedding in Ooty. It is high on the Nilgiris and views the Dodabetta mountains. 

The famous St. Stephen’s Church is only one kilometer from the Hotel Gem Park. It has high-quality services and helpful staff to make your honeymoon trip memorable.

  • Highlights: Fine dining at Jade Garden, live band performance at Toda Cafe, Aliens – the fun pub, and the indoor heated swimming pool
  • Address: Sheddon Road, Pudumund, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 6,000 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

3. Zest Danish Villa – Places To Stay In Ooty For Couples

Club Mahindra owns the Zest Danish Villa. It is one of the most famous hotels in Ooty for couples. 

Tall eucalyptus trees surround it. At Zest Danish Villa, you can be yourself and enjoy all the essential little things. 

At this hotel, there will always be an exciting time. You can go on long walks or camp out under the stars.

  • Highlights: The colonial architecture, proximity to famous attractions, and the Svaastha Spa
  • Address: 30 Sheddon Road, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 5,500 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

4. The Grange Hotel

The Grange Hotel was built in 1860. It is one of the best wedding hotels in Ooty and one of the most well-known historic hotels. 

Mr. Misquith, the previous owner of Glanton Hall, performed beautiful old music there. This hotel has a lot of history, and every part has a story.

  • Highlights: The elegant architecture, luxurious cottages, in-house multicuisine restaurant, and peaceful environs
  • Address: Coonoor Road, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 4,600 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

5. Kluney Manor

Kluney Manor has lush meadows, pleasant lodges, and a fireplace that warms your heart. 

It was built by Captain Macpherson in 1852. It is a posh hideaway where couples can enjoy privacy even though it is in the middle of the city.

  • Highlights: The Victorian design, antique furniture, scenic views of the Blue Mountains, and manicured gardens
  • Address: Fern Hill, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 2,500 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

6. Accord Highland – Places To Stay In Ooty For Couples

The Highland Hotel is steeply rising and takes up 10 acres of land. It is thought to be at Ooty’s highest point. 

The calm weather in Ooty goes well with the beautiful scenery around the hotel. Not only is the setting great, but the rooms with a view of the lake also have beautiful views of the valley. 

This is an excellent place for couples to make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Highlights: Picturesque location, individual cottages, private pools, and a luxury spa
  • Address: 4/278, Kotagiri Road, Doddabetta Junction, The Nilgiris, MDR994, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 4,000 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

7. Sinclairs Retreat

Sinclairs Retreat is one of the best places in Ooty and is considered one of the best hotels in Ooty. It is located away from the crowds and at 8,000 feet. 

A beautiful hotel among the Blue Mountains and big eucalyptus trees lets you enjoy the sky.

  • Highlights: Tranquil environment, an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant, a Spanish bar, and many adventure activities
  • Address: Gorishola Road, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 5,000 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

8. Fernhills Royal Palace

At first, the Maharaja of Mysore used Fernhills Royal Palace as his summer home. However, this luxury property became well-known when the movie Raaz came out. 

Fernhills is a 50-acre property with a lot of greenery. It has beautiful, colorful rooms that make couples feel like they are living like kings and queens.

  • Highlights: Swiss Chalet-like suites, furnishings with Burmese teak, jacuzzi, elegance, and scenic views of the tea gardens
  • Address: Ferrnhills Post Nilgiris, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 9,500 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

9. United 21 – Paradise – Places To Stay In Ooty For Couples

Only in the rustic, classic, and sparkling cabins of the United 21 – Paradise Hotel can you feel home away from home. This grand hotel is in a beautiful place among the tea fields, and the views of Ooty will make you feel like you’re in a storybook.

  • Highlights: Private cottages, duplex architecture, top-notch services, and a peaceful retreat
  • Address: Woodbrook, Nilgiris, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 4,000 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

10. Hotel Lagana Silent Valley

Hotel Lagana is part of Silent Valley Resorts. This is one of the most popular Ooty wedding resorts and one of the best hotels in Ooty for couples. 

It is only five kilometers from the city center. The Hotel Lagana Silent Valley has only ten fully-furnished rooms with all the modern amenities. 

It gives couples a quiet environment, exciting activities, and much space.

  • Highlights: Quiet surroundings, trekking, bonfire facilities, and a spectacular glass lounge
  • Address: 2/343, Adasholai Road,, Adasholai, Ooty
  • Price/Night: Starts from INR 2,150 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Ooty offers many options for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Whether it’s the tea gardens’ serene beauty or the hilltop resorts’ breathtaking views, there is something for every couple’s taste and budget. 

From luxurious hotels to cozy cottages, Ooty has it all. Ooty’s lovely weather and peaceful ambiance are ideal for couples to unwind and reconnect. 

So why wait? Plan your trip to Ooty today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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