10 Places To Visit In Ahmednagar For Couples

Ahmednagar is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage. It is an excellent place for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Ahmednagar is located in Maharashtra and has many beautiful places to visit perfect for couples in love.

Ahmednagar has many historical and natural attractions to visit. There’s something for everyone, whether with family, friends, or alone. The city has forts, temples, parks, and viewpoints that are unique and worth exploring. 

If you’re interested in architectural history, Ahmednagar won’t disappoint. The Ahmednagar Fort, Tomb of Salabat Khan II, and Bagh Rauza Fort are all historical sites worth seeing. 

You may prefer nature and adventure. You can visit Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary, Randha Falls, and Umbrella Falls. 

These locations are great for picnics, treks, or simply enjoying the surroundings.

Places To Visit In Ahmednagar For Couples

1. Ahmednagar Fort

The Ahmednagar Fort is a fascinating place to visit in Ahmednagar. It showcases the impressive architecture of the ancient people who lived there. 

Originally made of mud in 1427, it was later rebuilt with stone by Ahmed Nizam Shah I, the first ruler of the Nizam Shahi Dynasty. Construction began in 1559 and was completed in 1562. 

The fort was built to defend the city from enemies. Today, it is a famous historical and natural attraction for visitors to Ahmednagar.

  • Location: M.I.R.C. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra- 414002
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (10:00 am – 5:00 pm)
  • Entry fees: INR 5 per person

2. Tomb Of Salabat Khan II – Places To Visit In Ahmednagar For Couples

Salabat Khan II was an influential minister in the 4th Nizam Shah Murtaza court. Today, his tomb is a popular tourist attraction in Ahmednagar. 

The tomb is a three-story stone building in the Mughal architectural style. It is located at 3,080 feet and can be seen anywhere in the city. 

The tomb has an octagonal shape with a dome supported by three beautifully carved arches.

  • Location: Sonewadi, Maharashtra 414002
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (8:00 am – 6:00 pm)
  • Entry fees: Free

3. Cavalry Tank Museum

The Cavalry Tank Museum in Ahmednagar is a military museum established in 1994. This unusual Asian museum shows 50 historic battle tanks, self-propelled artillery, armored cars, and specialized vehicles.

One of the museum’s highlights is the Ghost Rolls-Royce Armored Car from the First World War. Another sought-after exhibit is the Nazi German 88mm armor field gun. 

It was recovered from Pakistan military camps during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965. With its fascinating displays, the museum offers an incredible experience for visitors in Ahmednagar.

  • Location: Iwale Nagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001
  • Timing: Tuesday to Sunday (9:00 am- 5:00 pm)
  • Entry fees: INR 10 per person

4. Meherabad – Places To Visit In Ahmednagar For Couples

Meherabad comes from the Iranian word Mihir, which means friend. Similarly, the Sanskrit word Mithira means a prosperous settlement. 

Meherabad was initially an ashram created by spiritual leader Meher Baba in 1923. Meher Baba later decided to turn the ashram into his Samadhi center. 

After his death, the ashram became a popular pilgrimage site. Today, people from all over India and from different backgrounds visit the Holy Shrine to pay their respects. 

It is a peaceful place to visit in Ahmednagar. Spend time with loved ones and feel the spiritual atmosphere of the ashram.

  • Location: Arangaon Village, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001.
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (8:00 am – 6:00 pm)
  • Entry fees: Free

5. Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary

The Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary is a great place to visit in Ahmednagar for nature lovers. It covers an area of 2.17 square km and was established in 1980. 

It is now a safe home for rare plants and animals. The 400 Blackbucks, also known as Kalvit in Maharashtra, is the most impressive. 

The sanctuary has rare birds, so it’s an excellent place for bird watchers. You can join walking or photography tours at the shelter.

  • Location: Bargewadi, Maharashtra 414402
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (8:00 am- 6:00 pm)
  • Entry fees: INR 200

6. Pimpri Gawali

Pimpri Gawali is a small village near Ahmednagar. It is about 25km away from the central city. 

Despite being in rural Maharashtra, it is a modern and developed place. Anna Hazare chose this village because of its location and the locals’ enthusiasm for development. 

There are many successful programs here for watershed development and agro-business. Besides these programs, Pimpri Gawali is also an excellent place for nature lovers to enjoy the peaceful countryside. 

Activities like trekking and hiking are available for visitors.

  • Location: Parner Taluka, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.

7. Farah Bagh – Places To Visit In Ahmednagar For Couples

The Nizam Shahi rulers built Farah Bagh in the 13th and 14th centuries. It used to be a retreat for Murtaza Nizam Shah, who enjoyed walking and playing chess in the gardens. 

Although the building is mostly in ruins, exploring the gardens and learning about the complex’s history and activities is still worth exploring.

  • Location: Iwale Nagar, Morchudnagar, Maharashtra 414110
  • Timing: Open 24 hours
  • Entry fees: Free

8. Siddheshwar Temple

The Siddheshwar temple in Ahmednagar is a famous place to visit. It is located 40 kilometers away from the central city of Parner. 

The temple worships Lord Shiva and has stunning architecture. People come here to worship and also enjoy picnics and sightseeing. 

The temple is surrounded by hills, ponds, and waterfalls, creating a beautiful natural atmosphere. The best time to visit is during the festive months of Sravan. 

There are cultural performances and a lot of excitement. Many pilgrims come together to celebrate.

  • Location: Tarakpur, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001
  • Timing: 6:00am – 10:00pm
  • Entry fees: Free

9. Kapurbawdi Lake

Kapurbawdi Lake is a peaceful tourist spot in Ahmednagar. Nizam Shah built it near Baneshwar Temple. 

The lake is excellent for relaxing with friends or having a peaceful picnic. The Sahyadri hills surround it, and it is a natural retreat where you can enjoy the country’s beauty. 

You can also go birdwatching and boating on the lake. The Samadhi of Reverend Tilak, a famous Marathi poet, is on the lake’s banks.

  • Location: Burhannagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra- 414001
  • Timing: Open 24 hours
  • Entry fees: Free

10. Randha Falls – Places To Visit In Ahmednagar For Couples

Randha Falls is a beautiful tourist spot in Ahmednagar, located 10 km away from Bhandardara Bus Stop. The waterfall is formed over River Pravara and drops from a height of 170 feet into a deep gorge. 

The best time to visit is during the monsoon season when the waterfall is at its fullest. The rainwater makes the waterfall even more impressive as it flows down the rocky mountain. 

It is truly a breathtaking sight for any visitor.

  • Location: Rajur- Bhandardara Road, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra- 414001
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (6:00 am – 6:00 pm)
  • Entry fees: INR 50 per person


1. Is Ahmednagar suitable for a weekend getaway for couples?

Absolutely! Ahmednagar’s diverse attractions make it an ideal destination for a romantic weekend escape.

2. What is the best time to visit Ahmednagar for couples?

The months between October and March offer pleasant weather, making it an excellent time for couples to visit.

3. Are there any adventure activities for couples in Ahmednagar?

You can trek in the nearby hills, adding an adventurous touch to your romantic trip.

4. How do I reach Bhandardara from Ahmednagar?

Bhandardara is approximately 70 kilometers from Ahmednagar, and you can easily reach it by road.

5. Are there accommodation options that offer privacy for couples?

Yes, Ahmednagar has a range of hotels and resorts that provide private and comfortable stays for couples.


Ahmednagar is an excellent place for couples who want history, spirituality, and natural beauty. The city has historical monuments, peaceful sites, and beautiful landscapes. 

You can explore the old forts, visit spiritual sites, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Ahmednagar offers many experiences to strengthen your bond. 

There are also gardens, lakes, and hilltop views for romantic moments. You may want a romantic trip with history, spirituality, and nature. 

Ahmednagar is the place for you. You will make memories that will always be special.

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