Places To Visit In Bharatpur

The city of Bharatpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan was once thought impossible to take over. It is in the Braj area and is made up of 50 wards. Bharatpur is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Rajasthan

Its average height is 600 feet, also called “Lohagarh” and the “Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan.”

It is also home to many different kinds of plants and animals. Look at all the beautiful places in Bharatpur that make the trip worth it.

Places To Visit In Bharatpur

1. Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park, also called Keoladeo Ghana National Park or Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. It is known for its birds and has many of them, especially in the winter. 

Keoladeo National Park is one of the best places in Bharatpur, with a lot to offer. It is an artificial swamp made into a protected refuge in 1971. 

It is also one of the National Parks of India. This park has 366 kinds of birds, 379 types of flowers, 50 kinds of fish, 13 kinds of snakes, 5 kinds of lizards, 7 kinds of amphibians, 7 kinds of turtles, and a whole lot of other types of animals. 

We might have given you the best Rajasthan travel advice by telling you to visit this national park.

2. Government Museum Bharatpur

The Government Museum of Bharatpur is in the Lohagarh Fort. It shows much about the area’s culture and has many past items linked to art, history, and old customs. 

Stone figures, writings, clay items, metal items, money, weapons, and local art are some of the most exciting things in the museum. It also has an art gallery where people can see ancient art kept on the leaves of the peepal tree, mica, and old limp papers. 

3. Bharatpur Palace and Museum

The Bharatpur Palace is a beautiful building that combines Mughal and Rajput styles. It is one of Bharatpur’s most famous tourist spots. 

The floor has a rich design, and the walls are all painted, which makes it look even more elegant. 

The Kamra Khas is a museum inside this palace. It has a lot of old things, like over 581 stone figures, 861 pieces of local art and crafts, and old books that talk about Bharatpur’s history, culture, and customs.

4. Bankey Bihari Temple

It was built in Bharatpur when the Mughals were in charge. It is a lovely temple inside the Lohagarh Fort. 

Inside the temple, relaxing gongs make it a calm and peaceful place to relax and recharge. As a critical part of sightseeing in Bharatpur, it creates a calm and happy environment. 

It has a lot of statues that honor his strength and goodness, making it one of the best places to visit in Bharatpur.

5. Lohagarh Fort

The Lohagarh Fort is also called the Iron Fort. It is one of the most influential buildings in Rajasthan and one of the most exciting places to visit in Bharatpur. 

It is the biggest, and visitors visiting Bharatpur must see it. The fact that the Government Museum is inside this fort makes it an even more popular place to stay. The Fort is also a well-known place to look out over the area.

6. Laxman Mandir

The Laxman Mandir is a great place to see the sights in Bharatpur. It has finely carved doors, decorated walls, giant towers, and gigantic statues. 

The history and culture written on the walls of this building are critical and worth a lot. The temple was built to honor Laxman, who was Lord Ram’s brother. 

Inside are figures of Hanuman, Urmila (Laxman’s wife), Shatrughan, and Bharath, made from a unique mix of eight metals called “Ashtadhatu.”

7. Ganga Mandir

Ganga Mandir was constructed in 1845 and is a popular tourist attraction due to its fascinating history. It was built about 90 years ago, and when it was done, it was one of the most impressive buildings in the middle of this busy city. 

It is among the top attractions in Bharatpur. This mandir has a figure of King Bhageeratha that is 4 feet tall and is a wonder in and of itself.

8. Deeg

Deeg is a small but exciting town with tourist sites like the Palace Complex and well-known events like the 3-day Deeg festival every September. 

Because of this, it is an integral part of seeing Bharatpur. Also, you should go to the Deeg Fort, also known as the “Water Palace.” Its detailed design gives the area a whole new look.

9. Dholpur Palace

The beautiful Dholpur Palace, also called Raj Niwas Palace, is a sight that will stay with you forever. It was established at the beginning of the 19th century, and its bright red sandstone makes it stand out even far away. 

Even though this palace’s design is complicated, it gives the building meaning and makes it more interesting. So, it’s one of the best places to visit in Bharatpur. 

10. Band Baretha

Band Baretha is a big town with a lot of historical importance. It is in the district of Bharatpur. 

The Old Fort and the Barah Khambon Ki Chhatri, two of this town’s most well-known structures, are remnants of the long-gone Mughal Empire. Besides that, the dam on the Kakund River is a great place to have lunch. 

It is one of Bharatpur’s most important tourist spots for people who want to learn about the city’s long past. Near Band Baretha, you can find the best hotels in Rajasthan that keep the bank intact.

11. Gopal Bhawan

Gopal Bhawan is an exciting place to visit in Bharatpur. It was built in 1760. 

Beautiful grounds surround the door to this beautifully built building, and the back of the building looks out over the Goal Sagar. The building has a marble arch on a raised platform, a dining hall with two rows of pillars showing detailed work, and an extensive collection of souvenirs and Victorian furniture. 

This Bhawan is a one-of-a-kind building that gives off a Royal vibe from every corner.

12. Chawad Devi Temple

The Chawad Devi Temple is a great place to visit because it shows Bharatpur’s history, traditions, and culture in the best way possible. In addition, this Temple is a good place for people who want to be alone and relax. 

This temple is rarely full of people, giving tourists much time to enjoy peace. The perfect time to visit this temple is in the morning when it is hushed.

13. Seetharam Temple

Seetharam Temple is one of the best places to visit in Bharatpur. It may be small, but it is a feast for the eyes and mind. 

Those who want peace should go to this temple, which smells like peace from every direction. Seetharam Temple is a great place to meditate because it has natural and artificial wonders that work well together. 

You can only hear birds singing or monkeys squeaking in this holy place.

14. Kaman

People in the area know Kaman as Kamaban. The place is well-known in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, because Lord Krishna spent his early years there. 

It is in the northern part of Bharatpur. The remains of Chaurasi Khamba, a mosque with 84 columns, are the main thing to see at the temple. As a part of Banyatara, this area is very popular with tourists. 


In conclusion, Bharatpur is an excellent place to visit for those who appreciate wildlife, history, and cultural experiences. There are many historical monuments to explore and admire, while bird watching and visiting the national park provide unique opportunities. 

It also boasts beautiful heritage sites like Lohagarh Fort and Deeg Palace, adding to the city’s grandeur. In addition, the vibrant local markets offer a chance to take home some typical Rajasthani souvenirs and other items.

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