15 Best Places To Visit In Bihar

Many different names are known for Bihar. The state is proud to be one of the world’s earliest democracies. Here are top 15 best places to visit in Bihar.

This place was called Lichhavi. Bihar is where the world’s first university was set up. The word “monastery” is where the name “Bihar” comes from. 

In keeping with its name and culture, the state features several religious monasteries and monuments. The largest Indian empires rose and collapsed here.

Along with Kosi and Gandak, the Ganga helps the landlocked state’s plains produce agriculture. The top 15 Bihar attractions are given below. Bihar has a great history and is a lovely destination to visit.

History Of Bihar

Bihar is the 12th largest state in India. There is a lot of history and old civilizations in this place.

It has been the birthplace of many modern Indian religions. But its history dates back to 1000 BC when it was known as Magadha. 

Bihar played an essential role in developing Buddhism and Jainism, which originated here. It was also home to many powerful ancient empires, such as the Maurya and Gupta dynasties. 

Bihar’s colorful temples and ancient sites showcase its rich cultural legacy and religious diversity. The 5th-century Nalanda University is one of the world’s oldest.

Its arts, crafts, music, and dancing are centuries old.

Why Should You Visit Bihar?

Bihar – the land of culture and history, is one of India’s most sought-after tourist destinations. From historical monuments to architectural marvels, Bihar has something for every traveler. 

Bihar should be on your list if you’re adventurous or wish to discover India’s culture.

Bihar has something for everyone, from Nalanda University and Mahabodhi Temple to street food sellers. These historic ruins depict a bygone era’s magnificence.

Hindus and Buddhists visit its pilgrimage sites. Bihar’s peacefulness, distant from city life yet easily accessible, sets it distinct from other Indian states.

15 Best Places To Visit In Bihar

Here are top 15 best places to visit in Bihar:

1. Gaya – Places To Visit In Bihar

Gaya is a busy city on the bank of the Phalgu River. It is one of the top locations in Bihar because of its religion.

There is a belief that Lord Buddha reached enlightenment under this Bodhi tree. This makes this place even more interesting for both tourists and Buddhists. 

Hiuen Tsang visited the city due to its Hindu temples, Buddhist sites, and Mauryan architecture. Popular tourist locations include Bodhgaya, the Bodhi Tree, the Barabar Caves, the Magla Gauri Shrine, the Bhutan Monastery, and Muchalinda Lake.

2. Patna

Patna once called Patliputra and on the banks of the Ganga, is the biggest city in Bihar. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Bihar. It is where the last Guru of the Sikhs, Shri Guru Gobind Singh JI, was born. 

This is the main reason why people come here. The city also did well when the Mauryans, Guptas, Palas, Shungas, and Haryankas were in charge. 

Patna is trying to keep up with the modern world, so you can expect to find everything from high-end cafes and malls to luxury hotels. You can visit places like Gurudwara Pahila Bara, Takht Shri Patna Sahib, Qila House, Agam, Kuan, and many more.

3. Nalanda – Places To Visit In Bihar

Nalanda is an important city that makes Bihar’s tourism shine. It is home to India’s oldest university, which makes it a great place to visit. 

Buddhists and Jains visit Bihar because it’s where Mahavira, the most renowned Jains Tirthankara, resided for 14 monsoons and where Buddha instructed his disciples amid mango orchards. Even Huen Tsang, a famous Chinese traveler, spent almost two years living in Nalanda. 

Even now, Bihar’s Nalanda is exciting because it still has ruins from the Golden Age. The most popular places to visit in Nalanda are Silao, the Nalanda Multimedia Museum, the Rajgir Dance Festival in October, Surajpur Baragaon, and so on.

4. Vaishali

Vaishali was once the capital city of the Licchavi people. It is where the last Jain Tirthankara, Lord Mahavira, was born. 

The place is also vital because Lord Buddha gave his last sermon there. This means that Jain and Buddhist followers should go to this city. 

One can also find the well-known Ashokan Pillar, which adds to the beauty of this beautiful tourist spot in Bihar.

5. Munger

Munger has a long and exciting history. It was the center of the Aryans and the capital of Mir Kasim. 

It is now home to the Bihar School of Yoga, which makes it an excellent place for people who love yoga. People visit this fantastic location from all over the globe. It’s one of India’s best places for yoga, sightseeing, and yoga.

Sita Kund, Shri Krishan Vatika, Manpatthar, Goenka Shivalaya, Ucheswarnath, and other noteworthy locations are a few of Munger’s must-see attractions.

6. Navlakha Palace of Rajnagar

The main attraction in Rajnagar is the Navlakha Palace, which Maharaja Rameshwar Singh built. It is near Madhubani and adds charm to the city. 

Despite the devastation from the 1934 earthquake, this palace’s architecture is impossible to resist. You must go to this palace to get the most out of Bihar’s tourist spots.

7. Rajgir’s World Peace Pagoda

The Peace Pagoda also called the Vishwa Shanti Stupa, is one of the famous places tourists visit in Bihar. 

It has four pillars that show the birth, teachings, enlightenment, and death of Lord Buddha as he went around the world, spreading a message of peace and nonviolence. 

The Japanese architecture of the World Peace Pagoda in Rajgir is another big draw for tourists.

8. Madhubani

Madhubani is an ancient city recognized for its art and culture. This little city is known among art enthusiasts because of its exquisite tribal paintings.

Madhubani is Bihar’s most famous tourist destination due to its numerous temples and vibrant artwork.

9. Jalmandir, Pawapuri

Jalmandir is another place of worship for Jains. It is where Lord Mahavira died in 500 BCE. 

This city, also called Apapuri, is known as a town without sins. History says that Lord Mahavira’s ashes were so popular with his followers that a lot of soil washed away from around his funeral pyre, making a pond here. 

Later, a white marble temple was built that had much to do with how the Jains felt about their religion.

10. Vulture Peak

Griddhakuta Peak is another name for Vulture Peak. It got its name from how it looks and how high it is. This place is in Rajgir. 

It is where Lord Buddha gave many sermons, including the one about the Lotus Sutra, which led Mauryan King Bimbisara to become a Buddhist. This place, also called the Holy Eagle Peak, is Lord Buddha’s favorite place to rest. 

There are also a few caves here, making the trip to this peak, with great views, more exciting.

11. Sher Shah Suri Tomb

This tomb, built in 1545 AD in honor of Emperor Sher Shah Suri, is the best example of Indo-Islamic architecture. The beautiful architecture and lake around it only adds to its charm. One of the most exciting spots in all of Bihar.

12. Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

The Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary has the largest freshwater Oxbow lake in Asia. It is also a place where 60 species of migratory birds breed. 

The Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is a large area of 68 square kilometers in Begusarai. This beautiful sanctuary in Bihar is a must-see if you like to watch birds.

13. Kesaria Stupa

Kesaria Stupa is one of the best places in Bihar because it is both the biggest and the tallest Buddha Stupa. It was built by Raja Chakravarti sometime between 200 AD and 750 AD. Its height of 104 feet gives visitors a beautiful view.

14. Barabar Caves – Places To Visit In Bihar

The Barabar Caves are the oldest rock-cut caves in India. They date back to the time of the Mauryan Empire. 

The twin hills of Barabar and Nagarjuna are home to these beautiful caves. It is thought that the Ajivika Sect used these caves.

 Also, there are signs of Jainism and Buddhism in the art in these caves. There are four caves in Barabar. Three of them are in the Nagarjuna Hills. 

The inscriptions on the walls and ceilings of these caves make them stand out.

15. Thai Monastery – Places To Visit In Bihar

The Thai Monastery is another fantastic piece of Bihar. It adds to the beauty of Bodhgaya. 

Since it opened in 1957, Buddhist monks have made it a point to go there. As a result, both the Thai government and Indian Buddhist monks can take credit for building it. 

It is one of the major attractions in Bihar since it showcases Thai architecture, culture, and customs.

How To Travel Safely In Bihar? 

Are you looking for an adventure in India? Bihar is a great place to start! 

Many historical and spiritual sites await exploration, from the ancient Nalanda University to the Bodhi Tree. But before you head out, planning and traveling safely are essential. 

Here are some suggestions for safeguarding your health while you’re there.

Before you go, research local laws and customs to know what kind of behavior is expected of visitors. Bihar has its unique culture, so it’s wise to read up on cultural norms before arriving. 

Additionally, make sure any vaccinations or other medical requirements are up-to-date. 

Finally, your belongings must always be secure; keep them close by and don’t leave them unattended in public places.

Is Bihar A Costly Place To Visit?

Bihar is a beautiful state located in the eastern part of India. It has numerous tourist attractions, from ancient historical monuments to modern cities. 

But in Bihar, a costly place to visit? The answer may surprise you!

Bihar offers tourists an abundance of things to see and do at surprisingly low prices. From the majestic Nalanda University ruins to the imposing Ganga Aarti, visitors can explore some of India’s most intriguing sights without breaking the bank. 

Furthermore, plenty of restaurants serve delicious local cuisine at pocket-friendly prices – perfect for budget travelers! Accommodation can also be found for as little as INR 500 per night in Patna or Bodhgaya. 

The stunning natural beauty that Bihar offers will make anyone stop and marvel at its splendor – something that money cannot buy!

How Much Does The Average Hotel Cost In Bihar?

Many variables affect the average hotel cost in Bihar. A basic economy-class hotel costs between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 2,500 per night.

Luxury 4-5-star resorts and hotels cost Rs. 3,000–5,000 per night.

You’ll discover luxurious and cheap accommodations in Bihar.

Best Time To Visit Bihar

The best time to visit Bihar is from October until March when the weather is pleasant and inviting.

October and November are ideal, as they provide an excellent opportunity to experience all that Bihar offers. Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are beautiful places where people can see rare animals like tigers, elephants, and leopards. 

In addition, visitors can explore ancient temples built centuries ago and marvel at their grandeur.


In conclusion, Bihar is worth visiting for its vast cultural, historical, and religious attractions. From the ancient city of Patna to the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, Bihar offers something for everyone. 

The beautiful temples in Rajgir, Nalanda, and Pawapuri will leave you in awe of this ancient land’s incredible architecture and history. So whether you are looking for a spiritual journey or an educational adventure, Bihar can provide all that and more.

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