11 Places To Visit In Burdwan

Burdwan is a city located in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is an important cultural, commercial, and educational hub. Here we discuss the top 11 best places to visit in Burdwan.

It is home to several tourist attractions, making it an ideal destination. The city has something for everyone, from stunning religious sites to historical monuments. 

Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat to relax or an exciting adventure, this bustling city will not disappoint!

History Of Burdwan

Burdwan is a city located in the state of West Bengal, India. It has been an important center of trade and culture since ancient times. 

The history of this city dates back to the 3rd century BC when it was part of the Mauryan Empire under the rule of Ashoka. It became part of the Mughal Empire in the late 16th century and the East India Company in 1765.

Many important historical buildings were built during this time, like the Burdwan Rajbari Palace, which still stands as a reminder of its past glory. Maharaja Tej Chandra Bahadur built this palace in 1730. 

It is considered one of India’s most influential architecture from that time.

11 Best Places To Visit In Burdwan

Here are top 11 best places to visit in Burdwan:

1. 108 Shiv Mandir or Nava Kailash Temple

The 108 Shiv Mandir at Purba Bardhaman is one of the Hindu religious places in West Bengal. There are 108 Shiva temples, each with a Shiva linga. 

This temple, also known as the Nava Kailasha Temple, is one of Burdwan’s must-see Hindu tourist attractions. Many people from India come to this temple to worship Lord Shiva, especially during Shivratri.

2. Meghnad Saha Planetarium 

The Meghnad Saha Planetarium is famous in Bardhaman. Using instruments, a planetarium displays the stars’ and planets’ positions and motions. 

Typically, planetariums have dome-shaped roofs. Because the dome opens effortlessly, guests may look closely at the sun, moon, planets, and stars. 

One of India’s best-known planetariums is the Meghnad Saha Planetarium in Bardhaman. All these factors make this location one of Bardhaman’s top tourist destinations. 

You may also see educational and astronomy programs. For example, a planetarium may be an excellent learning environment. 

This is very beneficial for schoolchildren studying astronomy. Also, many kindergartens and schools have picnics for their students throughout the year to help them learn.

3. Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary

Bardhaman’s Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary is the most visited tourist destination in West Bengal. The Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary lies in the center of West Bengal. 

In 1960, it was declared a protected forest. The Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bardhaman. 

The number of deer in the refuge inspired the name “Deer Park.” In 1978, the park was renamed once again. 

The Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on 35.36 acres near Mouza Baburbag, Bardhaman City. Within the Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary lies the Ramnabagan Mini Zoo. 

The Divisional Forest Officer of the Bardhaman Division supervises this zoo. The main goal of the zoo was to teach people how to sustainably protect endangered wild species and the Gangetic Plains’ wildlife.

4. Dar-Ul Bahar & Hawa Mahal

The city’s most visited tourist attractions are the Hawa Mahal and Dar-ul-Bahar in Bardhaman. The palace of Darul Bahar is in the middle of Pakistan. 

It was built in the Roman Gothic style. So Hawa Mahal differs from its western twin, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the garden around it. 

There are several tourist attractions in Purba Bardhaman; you should see them all.

5. Curzon Gate – Places To Visit In Burdwan

Curzon Gate is a historical landmark and tourist attraction in Bardhaman. In 1903, it was built to honor Curzon’s trip to Burdwan at the request of Maharaja Bijoy Chaud Mahatab. 

Gate pillars are among the most magnificent sculptural works of the period. You must observe the lions at the gate, the cornice, and the three fairies above the cornice. 

The decoration is gradually deteriorating due to a need for more care. Also, be sure to see the Paschim Bardhaman tourist attractions.

6. Bardhaman Science And Centre

Bardhaman Science and Technology Centre is a pioneering research institute based in Bardhaman. The institution has conducted scientific and technical research for India’s growth since 1954.

Since it was established in 1954, the center has been actively engaged in scientific and technological research aimed at helping India’s development. 

Over the years, it has produced some of the most significant contributions to India’s progress, such as green energy solutions, agriculture and crop production technology, natural resource management, and disaster preparedness programs. 

The facility has chemistry, physics, biology, and environmental science labs and robust data analysis processing systems. Its scientific and technology library has about 10 million documents.

The center also offers excellent training programs that help individuals develop their skills in various scientific fields and keep abreast of recent developments.

7. Tomb of Sher Afghan – Places To Visit In Burdwan

The last Afghan jagirdars are buried in the Tomb of Sher Afghan, located close to the Rajbati. Sher Afghan was named Ali Quli Khan Istaju. 

As a jagirdar, he resided in Burdwan during the late Mughal Empire. Burdwan was regarded as a significant administrative hub. 

Kutubuddin, Subedar of Bengal, was also the younger brother of Jahangir. Akbar was crowned emperor. Also, attempt to learn about the tourist destinations close to Burdwan.

8. Damodar Riverside

Bardhaman is located on the banks of the Damodar River. On a bright day, tourists have two options: they may relax on the banks and have a picnic or hire a boat and enjoy the moderate waves. 

This location is one of the top tourist destinations in Bardhaman. However, if you are just at Bhardaman for a short time, you may choose to avoid the river. 

Damodar Riverside is one of the most popular weekend getaways near Burdwan.

9. Rajbari

The Rajbari, Maharaja’s Palace with gardens, and 108 Shiva Lingas in 18th-century temples show Bardhaman’s past. The University of Burdwan was established in 1960 and is linked with other institutions. The city was constituted as a municipality in 1865.

10. Golap Bagh

Golap Bagh translates as “rose garden.” It is among the most popular tourist attractions in Bardhaman. 

This Botanical and Zoological Garden was founded in 1884 by Maharaja Bijoy Chaud Mahatab. Numerous trees, including Sal, Deodar, and Arjun, line the walkways of Golap Bagh. 

This relieves the sweltering heat and creates a lovely location for leisure. These characteristics make Golap Bagh one of the most romantic sites in Burdwan.

11. Deer Park – Places To Visit In Burdwan

Burdwan’s Deer Park is a woodland preserve renowned for its high deer population. The presence of tigers and several colorful birds adds to the park’s allure. 

At the end of the reserve forest lies the last resting place of King Bijay Mahtab, who founded the Gardens of Rose and Golapbag. Guests may spend the night in the guest house located within the grounds if prior arrangements have been made.

How To Travel Safely In Burdwan?

Traveling to Burdwan is a great way to explore the unique culture and beauty of West Bengal. But it’s essential to travel in this area safely by following some basic rules and tips. 

To ensure a safe and hassle-free trip in Burdwan, here are several tips that travelers should keep in mind: 

First, be aware of your surroundings at all times. This means avoiding dark alleys or unfamiliar places. 

Secondly, make sure you use only registered taxis or public transportation for traveling around the city. Ask locals for trusted services if needed. 

Also, avoid large crowds as much as possible; this will minimize the chances of being affected by any infectious diseases or incidents due to large gatherings.

How Much Does The Average Hotel Cost In Burdwan?

Generally speaking, hotel prices in Burdwan are very reasonable. For example, a bare room with a double bed can be found for as little as Rs 1,000 per night, while more luxurious rooms cost around Rs 3,500 per night. 

These rates generally include breakfast. Mid-range hotels provide decent accommodations for Rs 2,000–2,500 per night. 

As with any destination, though, there are always exceptions to the rule regarding pricing.

Best Time To Visit Burdwan

The answer depends on what you’re searching for on your trip. For example, if you want to experience the cooler weather, visit during the winter, from November to February. 

The temperatures are pleasant during this period, with occasional rain showers, making it perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. If you prefer warmer climates, March to June is ideal, as it is sunny with moderate rainfall during these months. 

However, if you want to see some of the unique attractions Burdwan offers, October or July-August may be better months to visit.


In conclusion, Burdwan is an excellent place for anyone exploring West Bengal. With its unique mix of culture, art, and history, there is something for everyone in this city. 

Tourists may explore the city’s parks and gardens or ancient temples and monuments. They can also indulge in local cuisine made with fresh ingredients from local markets.

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