Places To Visit In Chail

Chail is a popular tourist destination located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. There are many lovely places to visit in Chail, nestled in the middle of nature. 

Tourists may rest, relax, and feel at peace at Chail’s magnificent spots. Chail gets a lot of tourists from all over India and the world all year. 

Chail has lovely lakes, palaces, temples, animal areas, and camping. So whether you seek love, solitude, calm, or religion, Chail’s engaging activities won’t disappoint. 

Sadhupul Lake boasts magnificent greenery and pure water, while the Chail Palace has a rustic charm. Chail Sanctuary has gorgeous animals, and Kali ka Tibba encourages the faith.

Places To Visit In Chail

1. Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the less well-known wildlife reserves in the country. However, it used to be where the Maharaja of Patiala went shooting. 

It’s 63 km from Shimla, and it’s one of the best-protected wildlife preserves. 

It has a wide variety of plants and animals. Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Himalayas at 7152 feet. 

It has a pleasant temperature, beautiful views, and a lot of greenery. Nature lovers and people who like to watch birds will love the refuge.

There are many animals and plants in the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the most famous animals in the park are the European red deer, wild bear, goral, spotted deer, common langur, Himalayan black bear, Indian porcupine, etc. 

Native Pine and Deodar trees are among the plants that live there.

2. Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel was built by Bhupinder Singh, the Maharaja of Patiala, and was once his home. Heritage Hotels later bought it. 

It says it is one of the best historic hotels. Its vast 75-acre grounds are a great example of the elegance and beauty of the past. 

Enjoy the old-world charm of this magnificent site with lush flora, panoramic vistas, and a tranquil atmosphere. The Palace Hotel in Chail is a great place to stay and explore. 

Each guest room is pleasant, with wall-to-wall carpeting, antique furniture, period décor, and a fireplace. However, don’t let the palace’s charming antiqueness mislead you. 

This hotel has every contemporary convenience you could imagine so that it can accommodate all of your wants and fancies.

3. Cricket Ground – Places To Visit In Chail

One of the most interesting historical sites in Chail is the Cricket Ground. It was built by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, who used the city as a summer retreat. 

The king used to be crazy about cricket and loved to play here when he came to Chail in the summer. This cricket field is about 2,444 meters above sea level. 

It was built by flattening out a huge hilltop. The Indian Army oversees this pitch because it is in the Cantonment area. 

People may go around this location and admire the hilltop cricket pitch even if they can’t get on it.  

4. Kali ka Tibba

Kali Ka Tibba is on top of Peak Blossom, making a beautiful picture. This quiet place is a shrine to the goddess Kali. 

It is a great place to escape the crowds of tourists and find peace. 

Trekking up to this peaceful spot is fun, and you might see different kinds of animals along the way. Angling and horse riding are also very common near Kali ka Tibba.

From Kali ka Tibba, there are excellent views of the Shivalik mountain Range and the Choor Chandni Peak.

5. Shopping In Chail – Places To Visit In Chail

People purchase woolen garments, jams, and jellies in Chail from hand-picked, farm-fresh fruits. But, unfortunately, Chail only has a few places to go shopping. 

There are local markets, with Chail Bazaar being the most famous and possibly only one. It contains rows of tiny stores selling woolen garments, toys, pickles, squashes, beverages, and jams at cheap rates and open to continual bargaining.

Tourists can buy Pashmina blankets, Kinnauri mufflers, Himachali caps, scarves, sweaters, gloves, socks, homemade shoes, and Himachali hats. Aside from woolen clothes, some genuine rugs and carpets can be used to decorate your home and give it a unique touch.

Chail is also known for its beautiful silver, metal, and jewelry with stones.

6. Sidh Baba Ka Mandir

Sidh Baba Ka Mandir, dedicated to a Hindu saint named Sidh Baba, is a well-known sacred attraction in Chail. This shrine is on the top of a hill between Rajgarh and Pandhawa.

There is a lot of history about how this building was built. According to one, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, the former Patiala ruler, planned and began constructing a residence here. 

Sidh Baba informed the king in his nightmares that he meditated in this pot and burned it. He also said this hill is holy and can’t be used for living. 

Because of his dream, the king honored the saint by building the Sidh Baba Ka Mandir. Thus, many followers visit the shrine, which is tranquil and surrounded by lofty hills and lush green woodlands.

7. Himalayan Nature Park

The Himalayan Nature Park is one of Chail’s most popular places for tourists. It opened in 1992. 

This wildlife park covers about 90 hectares and has 140 animals and plants. Here, it’s simple to see well-known creatures such as the Snow Leopard, Ghoral, Black Bear, Sambar, Yak, Brown Bear, Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Tibetan Wolf, and Himalayan Thar. 

Visitors to the Himalayan Nature Park can do more than look at the animals in the zoo. They can also try horseback rides within the park.

8. Gurudwara Sahib

The Maharaj of Patiala built this holy place of prayer. It has a calm and quiet feel and is surrounded by beautiful greenery. 

Built-in a building that looks like a church to show how different religions unite. Since there aren’t many Sikhs in the neighborhood and The Military School Chail doesn’t travel there, the gurudwara has deteriorated. 

This beautiful building is on top of the Pandhawa Hills. It is yellow and has a big green field in front. 

This gives it a country feel and shows that the British were there then.

9. Sadhupul Lake

Sadhupul Lake is the place to go if you want to do something unusual. This beautiful lake is perfect for spending an evening with your significant other or family. 

The cool breeze and sound of water running make the atmosphere very quiet. The restaurant on Sadhupul Lake, where wooden tables and chairs are spread across the water, is well-known. 

You can dip your legs in the water and eat a great meal when the water is low. However, the chairs and tables are moved back when the river is flowing fast.


In conclusion, Chail is a beautiful and peaceful place, perfect for a quick getaway from the busy city life. It offers breathtaking views of nature, superb food, and great adventure activities to satisfy everyone in your group. 

Whether looking for a relaxing weekend or an adventurous holiday, Chail has something for everyone. So don’t wait any longer! 

Pack your backpacks and head to this charming hill station to experience its beauty and make lasting memories.

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