12 Places To Visit In Hubli For Couples

Welcome to Hubli, a romantic haven nestled in the heart of Karnataka, India. If you’re searching for the perfect destination to create unforgettable memories with your partner, look no further. This guide will take you on a romantic journey through the top places to visit in Hubli for couples. 

Hubli offers many enchanting places that cater to every couple’s desires, from nature lovers to history enthusiasts.

Imagine strolling hand in hand along the serene Unkal Lake or embracing the breathtaking views from Nrupatunga Betta. 

Discover the spiritual ambiance at Chandramouleshwara Temple or indulge in a culinary adventure through the bustling streets of Hubli-Dharwad.

Hubli has it all, whether you seek tranquility, adventure, or cultural experiences. So, grab your loved one’s hand, and let’s embark on an enchanting escapade in this picturesque city.

Places To Visit In Hubli For Couples

1. Unkal Lake

Unkal Lake is a beautiful artificial lake. It provides a serene environment for couples to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

The lake is surrounded by lush grass and has fishing facilities. It becomes a lovely spot with beautiful views and a calm atmosphere at sunset.

2. Nrupatunga Betta

Nrupatunga Betta also known as Nrupatunga Hill. It is a historical site that offers panoramic views of the city. 

Couples can enjoy a short trek to reach the hilltop and witness a beautiful sunset together. The cool breeze and the enchanting view make it a perfect place for couples to spend quality time.

3. Chandramouleshwara Temple

Chandramouleshwara Temple is a magnificent 900-year-old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is not only a spiritual attraction but also a mesmerizing architectural marvel. 

Couples may pray and appreciate temple carvings and sculptures.

4. Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden – Places To Visit In Hubli For Couples

Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden is a vibrant and colorful garden. Here couples can take a stroll amidst various flowers and plants. 

The garden has several events and exhibitions, making it an excellent spot for couples to enjoy cultural experiences together.

5. Siddharoodha Math

Siddharoodha Math is a sacred shrine dedicated to the saint Siddharoodha Swamy. Couples can explore the spiritual atmosphere and learn about the saint’s teachings. 

The calm and peaceful ambiance of the math provides an opportunity for couples to reflect and connect on a deeper level.

6. Urban Oasis Mall

Urban Oasis Mall is a must-visit destination for couples who enjoy shopping and entertainment. This mall is an excellent place for couples to have fun and relax. 

They can shop at well-known stores and see the latest movie at the theater.

7. Bhavanishankar Temple – Places To Visit In Hubli For Couples

The building of the Bhavani Shankar Temple is a unique mix of Hindu and Islamic styles, which makes it an exciting place to go. The temple is a peaceful place where lovers can spend quiet time together.

8. Unakal Lake Musical Fountain – Places To Visit In Hubli For Couples

Unakal Lake Musical Fountain is a captivating sight to behold. The fountain dances to melodic tunes during the evening. 

Couples can sit by the lakeside, enjoy the fountain show, and experience the enchanting ambiance.

9. Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple

Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple is located near a beautiful lake. It is an ideal spot for a relaxing and enjoyable picnic. 

Couples can pack a picnic basket, unwind by the lake, and seek blessings at the temple.

10. Fun World Amusement Park

Fun World Amusement Park is a place for couples seeking adventure and excitement. With thrilling rides and fun-filled activities, it promises a day full of laughter and joy.

11. Eco Park

Eco Park is a nature lover’s paradise. It offers lush greenery and a tranquil environment. 

Couples can indulge in a nature walk, enjoy a boat ride, or sit and appreciate the beauty of this eco-friendly park.

12. Moorusavira Math – Places To Visit In Hubli For Couples

Moorusavira Math is a revered site dedicated to the saint Moorusavira. Couples can explore the math’s spiritual heritage, enjoy the serene ambiance, and learn about the saint’s teachings.


Hubli has much to offer couples, from calm lakes and gorgeous gardens to historic places and spiritual areas. Hubli provides something for couples wishing to make memories, whether they choose peace, adventure, or culture.

So, plan your romantic getaway to Hubli and indulge in the rich experiences it has to offer.


Q: What is the best time to visit Hubli for couples? 

A: Hubli is pleasant throughout the year. But the winter months from October to February are ideal for couples due to the nice weather.

Q: Are there any good resorts for couples in Hubli? 

A: Hubli has several resorts that offer a perfect blend of luxury and comfort for couples.

Q: Is photography allowed at Nrupatunga Betta? 

A: Photography is allowed, and it’s a great spot to capture beautiful moments together.

Q: Can we have a picnic at Unkal Lake? 

A: Unkal Lake is an excellent place for a relaxing picnic with your loved one.

Q: Are there any adventure activities in Hubli? 

A: Yes, Fun World Amusement Park offers various thrilling rides and activities for adventure enthusiasts.

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