6 Places To Visit In Kolaghat

Kolaghat is an exciting destination with various attractions and activities to enjoy. Kolaghat is in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal, India. 

It gives visitors a unique chance to learn about the area’s rich culture. From ancient ruins and stunning landscapes to modern attractions and lively markets, there is something for everyone visiting this fascinating place.

Best Places To Visit In Kolaghat

1. Rupasi Rupnarayan Kuthi

On the banks of the Rupnarayan River is this high-end resort. It has been carefully made to make its guests feel at home. 

The resort at Kolaghat has a range of places to stay, from single rooms to cottages with two floors. All rooms have modern amenities, and most have a view of the beautiful fountain at the resort. 

This is why Rupasi Rupnarayan Kuthi is one of the best places to go in Kolaghat. From the rooms at this resort, guests can see a beautiful view of the river. 

The resort also has intercoms, so you can use one phone call to get to all the services. It is on Raja Rajendra Lal Mitra Road, 132A/ID, Kolkata. 

This resort has a swimming pool, a hookah lounge, a banquet hall, and a dinner with candles.

2. Prantik Retreat – Places To Visit In Kolaghat

It is an eco-friendly resort that is affordable and close to Kolkata. The resort’s pool and flower garden enhance its tranquility.

This resort is close to Kolaghat, and you can book a picnic or one package that includes a breeze. This hotel is one of the best places to visit in Kolaghat. 

You can stay at this resort for a more extended vacation and enjoy the beautiful scenery and friendly people. The address of Prantik Retreat is NH6, Barunda. 

A fishing pond is one of the things that this resort has to offer. In addition, there is a park, a pool, and outdoor activities for kids. The rooms have air conditioning, and you can rent a car there.

3. Nirala Resort – Places To Visit In Kolaghat

Nirala Resort is one of the best places to visit in Kolaghat and a great place to go on the weekend from Kolkata. The 20 acres of lush green at the resort make it easier for people to connect with nature.

All of the rooms at the resort have the essentials. This is a nice area to unwind and get away from everyone.

There are different ways to stay at the resort. For example, you can book a place to wait for the night or day. 

At the resort, you can even stay in a family suite or a private cottage. There are many exotic and native plants on this large property, which make it feel peaceful and quiet. 

There are swimming pools, duck ponds, a dormitory, cottages, and picnic supplies at Nirala Resort. Nirala Resort is one of the best places in Kolaghat for tourists.

4. The Roop River Resort

This is a great place to spend with family, on business, or for private events. There are three different types of rooms to meet everyone’s needs, and the resort’s rooftop restaurant serves tasty food. 

You can also book a picnic for your family at the resort. You can add buffet meals made by the restaurant’s chef to your order to fill up. 

Orphully Kolaghat is where you’ll find the Roop River Resort (Howrah).  

This resort has a swimming pool, a restaurant on the roof, and a shared kitchen.

5. Kolaghat Thermal Power Station

The South Eastern Railway station in Kolkata is about 55 km from Kolaghat. The KTPS is a coal-fired thermal power plant with six units producing 210 MW. 

About 210 MWx3 (Stage-1) and 210 MWx3 (Stage-2) are installed at Kolaghat Thermal Power Station (Stage-2). At this power plant, there are a total of six ash ponds. 

The government has given KTPS many vital awards. This thermal power facility is one of Kolaghat’s top attractions. So, you should go to this fantastic place.

6. Holiday Inn Resort

This resort is ideal for unwinding after a long day. Everyone can find something they like. 

The resort’s 92 rooms and suites have been carefully designed so couples and families can have a relaxing and fun stay. Every room has a balcony or patio where you can see the beautiful lake and garden in the middle of the resort. 

Holiday Inn Resort is on NH-6, near Bombay Road, Birshibpur, Uluberia, and Howrah, right across from the Bharat Gas Factory. The Holiday Inn Resort offers a spa and fitness facility with a pool, a discotheque, a play area for youngsters, an activity center, a restaurant with cuisine from various countries, a bar, and an activity center.


In conclusion, Kolaghat is a beautiful destination for travelers looking to experience the beauty and tranquility of nature. It offers stunning views, plenty of outdoor activities, and various cultural attractions, making it an ideal place to visit. 

Kolaghat offers both pleasant and exciting weekend getaways. So go ahead and plan your next trip to this charming town in West Bengal – it’s sure to be worth the journey!

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