10 Best Places to Visit in Ooty for Couples

Ooty, recognized as the “Queen of Hill Stations,” is a stunning destination in southern India. From mesmerizing waterfalls to picturesque parks, here’s a outline of the 10 best places to visit for couples in Ooty.

For couples looking to have an idyllic romantic getaway, Ooty offers plenty to explore. It is a popular honeymoon spot with its lush green tea gardens and breathtaking views of valleys and hills. 

Top 10 Places To Visit In Ooty For Couples

1. Ooty Lake

For many good reasons, Ooty Lake is one of the most popular places for couples to visit in Ooty. The lake is surrounded by the green Nilgiri mountains, giving visitors a beautiful and peaceful setting. 

At first, this artificial lake was built so people could fish and enjoy the view of the Nilgiri hills. But now, this is one of the most popular places for couples in Ooty, where many other things also happen. 

There are many fun things here, like bike riding, boating, staying on a houseboat, and shopping around the lake.

2. Botanical Garden

You can’t leave out the Botanical Garden from a list of the best places for couples to visit in Ooty. The site belongs on this list because it has a unique mix of flowers, ferns, and trees. 

It makes people feel good and gives them peace when they walk or sit in the park (avoid the early mornings). The whole garden is 55 acres and is split into three parts. 

The whole garden is well taken care of and has artificial ponds to make it look nicer. You can go to the Botanical Garden with your partner and walk around the park. 

More than 600 different kinds of flowers are grown here. This is a paradise for people who love nature. 

There are strong chances that your significant other will adore being here. So spend some time here and enjoy the beauty of one of Ooty’s most romantic spots.

3. Emerald Dam – Places to Visit in Ooty for Couples

Ooty is one of the best places in South India for a honeymoon. It has some fantastic places, like the beautiful Emerald Dam and lake. 

This place will be like heaven if you go on a honeymoon to Ooty during the monsoon. The lake will be full of water, and everything will start to move. 

This is one of the best spots in this hill station, and you can’t deny that the sunsets from the dam are beautiful.

4. Pykara Falls And Lake

Pykara is a sacred village in Ooty, and Todas puts a lot of value on it. On their honeymoon in Ooty, couples often come to this village to do some sightseeing. 

The main things to see here are the river, lake, and waterfall that give the village its name. Couples who just got married come to the town to enjoy its atmosphere, beauty, and quiet. 

It is also a clean area yet to be developed as much as other places. If you are on a honeymoon trip in Ooty and want to go to a beautiful place, don’t miss out on the fun at Pykara. 

Hike up to the waterfall, walk along the river, and sit by the lake to enjoy the stunning view with your partner.

5. Catherine Falls – Places to Visit in Ooty for Couples

Imagine going to a place like this on your honeymoon trip to Ooty. You can go to Catherine Falls to find something like this. 

This waterfall is enormous because it has two cascades on each side. Nonetheless, when you and your partner arrive at the majestic Catherine Falls after a 3 km hike, you will be greeted by an incredible view. 

This is why it’s one of the most romantic places for newlyweds in Ooty.

6. Doddabetta Peak

Not all couples want to go on their honeymoon to a place in South India that is calm or relaxing. However, some people love the excitement. 

Doddabetta Peak is exciting for couples who like to try new things. It has a great hiking trail that goes through tea fields and then into forests. 

When you go to the top of the peak, you’ll be able to see a beautiful view. This is one of the lovely places in Ooty for couples, located about 10 kilometers from the city. 

It’s a fun hike because there’s a lot of attractive plant and animal life along the way. However, if the beauty is too much for your eyes to take in and you want a better look, you can go to the telescope house on the summit. 

Two telescopes in the house can help you see the valley.

7. Glenmorgan – Places to Visit in Ooty for Couples

Glenmorgan is one of the most romantic places for a honeymoon in Ooty. It’s a good place for newlyweds to go. 

For couples on their honeymoon, this is a place they can’t miss because of how beautiful it is all over the village. This village, just outside Ooty, has everything you could want to set the tone for your honeymoon. 

This fantastic place has sparkling lakes, beautiful homes, eucalyptus forests, and many other things that will make your honeymoon trip to Ooty great. Glenmorgan is the place you shouldn’t miss if you want a happy or stressful honeymoon.

8. Tiger Hill

In and around Ooty city, there are some small but beautiful towns and villages. In addition, there are hills, peaks, waterfalls, and more in Ooty and nearby places. 

Tiger Hill, in Ooty, is a great place for honeymooners because it is both charming and mesmerizing. This place has a touch of romance, peace, and quiet, and it also has trekking trails for couples who like to try new things. 

Still, Tiger Hill is another great place for honeymooners to visit.

9. Ooty Thread Garden

Even though Ooty is one of the best places in India for a honeymoon, the Ooty Thread Garden takes it to a whole new level. This place is unique because it has a great variety of plants and flowers worldwide. 

The park’s plants and flowers are grown here, and you will only find them sometimes anywhere else. It took almost 12 years to design and build this garden to be open to the public. 

Take advantage of the Ooty Thread Garden if you go to Ooty with a partner.

10. Rose Garden

Roses and relationships both have long histories, right? You could give her a rose when you first met her or during Valentine’s Week. But, no matter what they are, roses and romance both have some strings attached. 

If you want to do the same thing on your honeymoon in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, visit the beautiful rose garden.


In conclusion, Ooty is a beautiful hill station that offers something for everyone, especially couples. With its pleasant weather and mesmerizing landscapes, there is no shortage of romantic activities and places to visit. 

From the many viewpoints of Dodabetta Peak to the unique tea plantations, from the marvelous botanical gardens to the picturesque Ooty Lake, it’s easy to see why this place is a popular tourist destination for couples.

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