8 Places To Visit In Panvel For couples

Suppose you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway near Mumbai. Panvel is the perfect destination for you. But finding the best places to visit in Panvel for couples is difficult.

In the Raigad district of Maharashtra, Panvel offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and historical attractions. From serene beaches to ancient forts, this charming town has something to offer every type of couple. 

Panvel has beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Whether you love nature, history, or adventure, Panvel has something for you. 

So prepare to visit the most incredible spots in Panvel for couples to spend quality time together by packing your baggage.

Places To Visit In Panvel For couples

1. Karnala Bird Sanctuary

If you love nature, this bird sanctuary is the best place to visit in Panvel. It has many different types of plants and over 200 species of birds, both native and migratory. 

Trails provide views of Malabar Larks, Small Sunbirds, Nilgiri Woodpigeons, and Slaty Legged Crakes. The refuge attracts approximately 30 migratory species, including the Bluethroat, Ashy Minivet, and Red-breasted Flycatcher. 

You can also see colorful butterflies as you walk through the beautiful wilderness. During the rainy season, small streams of water make the sanctuary even more attractive. 

The sanctuary also has the ancient Karnala Fort from the 12th century, a must-see.

  • Location: Karnala Village in Raigad District, Maharashtra.
  • Best time: July to August and October to February.
  • Timings: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • Price: Rs. 35 per person, and the camera charges are Rs. 100.

2. Karnala Fort

This 12th-century Funnel Fort monument is in the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The fort has a unique shape and is historically significant.

It has been controlled by Gujarat forces, Portuguese, Shivaji Maharaj, and the British. Surrounded by hills and dense foliage, it is a popular place for trekking. 

As you trek through the forest, you can see birds like Racket-tailed Drongo, Magpie Robin, and Malabar Whistling Thrush. At the summit, about 1500 ft above sea level, there is a 125-foot-high watchtower, although it is now in ruins. 

The fort’s walls and gates have beautiful Persian, Marathi, and Mughal-era inscriptions. There is also an old Bhavani Temple at the bottom of the defense that you should visit.

  • Location: The fort is inside Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Karnala Village, Raigad District, Maharashtra.
  • Best Time: October- April.
  • Timings: 7:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m, daily
  • Price: per adult: Rs. 30, Camera charges: Rs. 100.

3. Beth El Synagogue Panvel – Places To Visit In Panvel For couples

The synagogue in Panvel is a famous 18th-century Jewish worship place. It is important for preserving Jewish traditions. 

Inside are antique lamps, wooden benches, high ceilings, marble slabs, and Mangalore tiles. The rabbi reads the Torah in Hebrew, the native language of Jews. 

There is also an old cemetery nearby with tombstones from the 18th century.

  • Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mominpada, Old Panvel
  • Best Time: Any time of the year
  • Timings: Open every day
  • Price: No entry fee

4. Ballaleshwar Mandir – Places To Visit In Panvel For couples

Ballaleshwar Temple, built over 400 years ago, is an important Hindu religious site. It is the only temple in the country dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is named after his devotee, Ballaleshwar. 

The temple is part of the eight Ashtavinayak Temples in Maharashtra. Its unique architecture ensures that the sun’s rays directly fall on the main idol daily. 

The temple features two sanctums, eight pillars for each of the eight directions, an idol of Lord Ballaleshwar in the form of a mountain, and representations of Riddhi and Siddhi.

Visitors can also see the churning wheel used in the temple’s construction, European bells, and bathing utensils like Ghanghal, Chaurang, and Zumber. There are also beautiful lakes nearby. 

The temple is lively during Holi, Shravan, Magh, and Bhadrapad festivals.

  • Location: Near Dhootpapeshwar, HOC Colony, Panvel
  • Best Time: Anytime
  • Timings: Every day 5:30 am – 10:00 pm.
  • Price: There is no entry fee.

5. Shivganga Waterpark And Resort

Shivganga Waterpark and Resort is a great place to visit for a fun-filled day with your family. You can enjoy exciting rides like Swing Chair, Breakdance, Sun Moon, Wavepool, and Tube slide. 

There is also a waterpark where you can cool off and have fun with rain dancing or relaxing in the large swimming pool. The resort also has a beautiful garden with grass sculptures and colorful flowers. 

Inside the waterpark is a famous Shiv Temple that attracts visitors from all over Maharashtra. If you want to escape the city chaos, the resort offers luxurious rooms to enjoy your time here.

  • Location: Shiv Mandir, Somatne, Panvel, Mumbai.
  • Best Time: Any time of the year
  • Timing: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, daily
  • Price: Rs. 1003/- per person

6. Khandeshwar Shiva Temple

This temple is important in Hindu worship and has been respected for many years. People from all over Maharashtra come to ask for blessings and give thanks. 

The temple is made of stone and has beautiful architecture. It is near Khandeshwar Lake and is surrounded by greenery. 

It is a great place to visit in Panvel for a day with the family away from the busy city life.

  • Location: Khandeshwar Lake Road, New Panvel East
  • Best Time: Any time of the year
  • Timings: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, daily
  • Price: No entry fee

7. Adai Waterfalls – Places To Visit In Panvel For couples

Adai Waterfalls is a peaceful place to escape from crowded cities. It’s a great spot to visit in Panvel. 

You can spend the day surrounded by the sounds of rushing water, green plants, and birds singing. You can reach the falls after a short hike, which is enjoyable. 

After the climb, you may unwind and cool down in the pool at the base of the falls. The temperatures here are a few degrees lower than the rest of the city because of the plants. 

The waterfalls are most impressive during the rainy season, covered in mist and the smell of wet mud.

  • Location: Adai, New Panvel, Maharashtra.
  • Best Time: July to August.
  • Timings: Accessible at all times.
  • Price: There is no entry fee.

8. Kalavantin Durg

Kalavantin Durg is a watchtower near Prabalgad Fort. It was used to protect the fort in the 18th century. 

The tower is about 2000 ft above sea level and is a popular place for trekking. The trek to the tower is considered very dangerous because of the steep slope and rocky terrain. 

There are no guardrails to hold onto while climbing. It is known as one of the most dangerous fortresses in the country. 

At the top, you’ll see lovely views of the Sahyadri mountains, covered in mist and greenery. Trek with experienced people and avoid going in the rain when the steps can be slippery.

  • Location: Prabalmachi, Raigad District, Maharashtra
  • Best Time: October-May
  • Timing: 5:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Price: Trek cost per person: Rs. 820


Is Panvel a good place for couples looking for a romantic trip?

Definitely! Panvel has adventure, history, and natural beauty, making it perfect for couples. 

When is the best time to visit Panvel?

The winter months have pleasant weather from October to February, making it ideal for a romantic getaway. 

Are there places to stay for couples in Panvel?

Yes, Panvel has various accommodations, from cheap to luxurious, ensuring a comfortable stay for couples. 

Are the hiking trails suitable for beginners?

Many hiking trails in Panvel are beginner-friendly, but choosing courses that match your fitness level is best. 

Can we do water activities near Panvel?

While Panvel doesn’t have water activities, nearby places like Mandwa Beach offer opportunities for water fun.

Final Thoughts

Panvel offers a plethora of romantic spots for couples to explore. From the serene Karnala Bird Sanctuary to the breathtaking Matheran Hill Station, there is something for every couple’s taste. 

The historic Kalavantin Durg and the tranquil Gadeshwar Dam provide unique experiences that will create lasting memories. And with its proximity to Mumbai, Panvel is an easily accessible destination for a romantic getaway. 

So why wait? Plan your next trip to Panvel and bask in the beauty and romance it offers!

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