10 Best Places To Visit In Rajgir

Suppose you want to travel to a place with rich history, culture, and religious significance. Then, Rajgir is the perfect destination. Here are some top places to visit while you’re in Rajgir. 

This city in India has something for everyone and is worth a visit.

Rajgir is a city in the Indian state of Bihar. It was the old capital of the ancient civilization of Magadha.

Today, it is a popular tourist destination. In addition, Rajgir is known for its hot springs and historical sites.

History Of Rajgir

The ancient city of Rajgir was once the capital of the mighty Magadha Empire. Today, it is a popular place for Indian tourists to visit because of its religious and historical importance.

King Bimbisara of the Magadha Empire founded Rajgir in the sixth century BCE. Due to its advantageous position, it quickly became a political and economic hub.

Under Emperor Ashoka, Rajgir was one of the most vital cities in the world. It was here that Ashoka held his famous Buddhist council, which helped spread Buddhism throughout India and beyond.

Today, Rajgir is a peaceful city surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. People can learn about its long history by looking at its many temples and ruins.

Why Should You Visit Rajgir?

Rajgir, Bihar, is a small town located in the Ganges valley. It used to be the center of the powerful kingdom of Magadha. Now, it is a popular place for tourists to visit.

Here are a few reasons why you should visit Rajgir!

1. Rajgir was the capital of the powerful Magadha kingdom.

2. The city is home to many historical sites, including the ruins of Nalanda University.

3. Rajgir is in a beautiful setting, surrounded by hills and green fields.

4. The city has a pleasant climate, with cool winters and mild summers.

5. Rajgir is an excellent place for trekking and hiking.

6. There are many sulfur springs in Rajgir, which said to have medicinal properties.

10 Best Places To Visit In Rajgir

The following are the top 10 places to visit in Rajgir:

1. Vishwa Shanti Stupa – Places to visit in Rajgir

The Vishwa Shanti Stupa is a beautiful building in Gaya, India. It is also called the Peace Pagoda. 

The stupa built by Japanese Buddhists in 1989 and symbolized peace and harmony. The stupa surrounded by a beautiful garden with flowers and trees. 

People can climb to the top of the stupa to view the whole city. The Vishwa Shanti Stupa is a quiet place in the busy town of Gaya, and you should go there.

2. Venuvana

Nalanda was an old Buddhist monastery in India. It was once called “Venuvana,” the “forest of bamboo.” 

The Venuvana was near Rajgir. Venuvana found by the monk Sariputta, a close disciple of Buddha.

The Venuvana was known for its peaceful environment and beautiful surroundings. The monastery was home to many famous Buddhist monks and scholars, including Sariputta, Moggallana, and Mahakasyapa.

Venuvana was also a popular destination for pilgrims and travelers from Asia.

In recent years, the Venuvana has been restored to its former glory. The monastery is now open to guests and tourists from all over the world.

3. Vulture’s Peak or Griddhakuta

Vulture’s Peak, or Griddhakuta, is a mountain in Rajgir sacred to Buddhists. The hill is said to where the Buddha gave his first sermon. 

Every year, thousands of Buddhists make a pilgrimage to Vulture’s Peak to meditate and pay respect to the Buddha.

Vulture’s Peak offers extensive views of the landscape. The mountain’s name comes from the vultures that live there.

Pilgrims who make the journey to Vulture’s Peak say it is a profoundly spiritual experience. For many, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with the Buddha and his teachings.

4. Rajgir Ropeway

The Rajgir Ropeway links the historic city of Rajgir to adjacent mountain summits. Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation opened the ropeway in October 2016.

The project cost approximately Rs. 60 crores and took two years to complete. 

The ropeway spans 2.4 kilometers and consists of three sections: the lower, middle, and upper. It can hold up to 50 people at once, and it takes about 10 minutes to get from one end to another.

The ropeway offers beautiful views of Rajgir’s temples, monuments, and surrounding mountains.

5. Bimbisara’s Jail – Places to visit in Rajgir

In the old city of Rajgir, you can find the ruins of the prison where Bimbisara hold. The king’s enemies were locked up in this vast building. It is now a popular place for tourists to visit.

The jail is located on a hilltop overlooking the city. Bimbisara, who started the powerful Magadha empire, built it in the 5th century BC.

The jail was made of stone and had seven floors. It was one of the most sophisticated prisons of its time.

The jail has well preserved and is a fascinating site to visit. It is a reminder of how great the Magadha empire was and how Bimbisara started it.

6. Cyclopean Walls

Cyclopean walls are massive stone walls that were built in ancient times. 

The most famous Cyclopean walls are in Mycenae in Greece, which was used to fortify the city against invaders. 

These massive walls still stand today, a testimony to the skill and strength of their builders.

7. Sonabhandar

The Sonabhandar Caves, also known as the Rajgir Caves, are a group of rock-cut caves in Rajgir. The caves were cut into a sandstone hill between the 2nd and 1st centuries BCE.

The caves are best known for their intricate carvings and beautiful sculptures. The main cave has a giant statue of the Buddha seated in meditation. 

Other notable sculptures include depictions of animals, plants, and scenes from Buddhist mythology.

The Sonabhandar Caves are an important historical site and a popular tourist destination. They show how art was made in India in the past and how Buddhism spread to other parts of Asia.

8. Saptaparni Caves

The Saptaparni caves in Rajgir are a must-see for any history lover. According to some experts, this area is home to some of India’s oldest caverns.

This is because Buddhist monks used them to rest during the Mahabharata war.

The caverns are now accessible to the public and provide fascinating historical context. For example, visitors may see Buddha sculptures and wall carvings dating back centuries.

The Saptaparni caves are a truly unique experience that should notice.

9. Pawapuri

Pawapuri, also known as Apapuri, is a holy site for Jains. It is located in the Nalanda district of Bihar, India. 

The town named after Lord Mahavira, the 24th and last Tirthankara of Avasarpi. Pawapuri is one of the four main pilgrimage sites for Jains, along with Sammet Shikhar, Girnar, and Parasnath Hills.

The main attraction in Pawapuri is the Jal Mandir. A temple made entirely out of marble. 

His disciples built the temple in honor of Lord Mahavira after his death in 527 BCE. Lord Mahavira’s ashes reportedly submerged in a lotus pond around the shrine.

10. Maniar Matth

Maniar Matth, also known as the “sun temple,” is a Hindu temple dedicated to the sun god Surya. It is located in Rajgir, India. 

In the 11th century, King Bimbisara of the Pala Dynasty built the temple.

The Maniar Matth temple is one of Rajgir’s most popular tourist attractions. Thousands of Hindus visit the temple yearly to offer prayers and worship Surya. 

Weddings and other significant events are also often held at the temple.

How To Travel Safely In Rajgir? 

Rajgir, a city in India, is a popular tourist destination. There are, however, a few considerations to make while going there.

Here are some pointers for traveling securely in Rajgir:

1. Avoid traveling alone. Traveling in a group or with someone you know is always best.

2. Stay in well-lit and busy areas. Avoid walking alone at night or in deserted areas.

3. Keep your belongings safe and secure at all times. Please do not leave them unguarded in public places.

4. Be aware of your surroundings and who is around you. If you feel unsafe, please trust your instincts and move to a safer location or leave the area entirely.

5. Keep copies of essential documents (passport, visa, etc.

Is Rajgir A Costly Place To Visit?

Rajgir is a relatively inexpensive place to visit. Hotels and guesthouses are readily available and reasonably priced. 

There are also many affordable restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

So if you’re looking for an exciting and budget-friendly destination, Rajgir is worth considering!

How Much Does The Average Hotel Cost In Rajgir?

The average hotel cost in Rajgir is Rs. 1,500 per night. However, many budget hotels are available for as little as Rs. 500 per night. 

Rajgir is a beautiful town with many historical and religious sites to visit. Therefore, the average hotel room price in Rajgir is very reasonable, and there are many cheap places to stay.

Best Time To Visit Rajgir

One of the best times to visit Rajgir is during October and November. The weather is calm and pleasant, making it a great time to visit the many ancient ruins and temples.

Visitors can also enjoy various activities such as hiking, bird watching, and visiting hot springs.

February to March is another excellent time to visit Rajgir. This is when the region celebrates its annual Magh Mela festival. 

The festival commemorates the Hindu holy month of Magh and features a range of cultural performances and stalls selling traditional food and drink.

Whatever time of year you visit Rajgir, you’re sure to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.


In conclusion, Rajgir is an excellent travel destination because of its numerous historical and religious sites and natural beauty. With something for everyone, Rajgir is a place that should be noticed. So pack your belongings and get ready for a trip that you’ll never forget!

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