Places To Visit In Ramnagar

Ramnagar is in the Kumaon forest in Uttarakhand. It is known as the “Gateway to Corbett” and has beautiful views. There are also a lot of beautiful and peaceful places to visit in Ramnagar.

The beautiful Himalayas and the lush greenery of the Jim Corbett national park surround it. In addition to Jim Corbett, Ramnagar has a lot of exciting places to visit, such as Nainital, Bhimtal, Sattal, Kyari, and more. 

All of these places are close to Ramnagar. So, once you’ve seen these places, you can return to the city. For example, in Ramnagar, you can see what the people of Uttarakhand do for a living. 

There are a few small restaurants where you can get real Kumaon food from India.

Places to Visit in Ramnagar

1. Corbett Waterfall

The Corbet waterfall is one of the most beautiful places to visit near Ramnagar. The fall is about 65.6 feet high, and the view around it is breathtakingly beautiful. 

The waterfall is close to the Kempty waterfalls of Mussoorie. Therefore, seeing both beautiful places on the same trip will be easy. 

If you go there, you will be amazed by how beautiful the place is because it is next to a forest. Many people like to walk there from the nearest town, and others love to see the different kinds of birds that live there. 

Because the area is so quiet, most people like to have lunch with their families there. So from Ramnagar, you will be fine getting to this fall.

2. Corbett Museum

One of the most famous places near Ramnagar is the Corbett Museum. There, you can learn everything you didn’t know about the famous Jim Corbett national park. 

Even the building where the museum is housed is unique because it used to be Jim Corbett’s home. So you will learn much about the park and see some important things about Jim Corbett. 

The museum is in the area of Uttarakhand known as Kaladhungi. Most people go there after visiting the national park. Remember to pick up a gift at the joint shop there if you go there.

3. Hanuman Dham

Hanuman Dham is close to Ramnagar and is a beautiful piece of architecture. Since the temple is devoted to Lord Hanuman, it is vital to the Hindu people of India. 

But even if you’re not religious, you should go to this temple to see its excellent design and beautiful paintings, even if you’re not spiritual. Then, finding a taxi to take you from your Ramnagar hotel will be easy. 

You can also go hiking there for a fantastic adventure. There is a place to relax at the temple, and many people do so there.

4. Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett national park is the first place that comes to mind when considering the best places to visit near Ramnagar. People from all over the country know about the park, and many tourists visit it every year. 

People in India know that Bengal tigers live in the wildlife reserve. The park is the pride of India because it has large areas of lush grass and is home to many plant and animal species. 

Along with tigers, it is home to various other creatures and birds, including black bears, sloth bears, five varieties of deer, Indian pittas, and fish eagles. There are almost 650 different kinds of birds, so if you like birds, this is a great place to be. 

The park has many different zones, such as the Bijrani zone, the Jhirna safari zone, the Dhela safari zone, and more. In Jim Corbett national park, one of the best things to do is to go on an exciting adventure that will make you feel alive from head to toe. 

Between November and February is the best time to go to the park. This is because all the tourist spots are now easy to get to, and the weather is perfect for a trip where you can get close to nature. 

On top of all this, the park has some lovely places to stay in the middle of nature. 

5. Mukteshwar

View of the Himalayas from Tiffin Top, Nainital

When people talk about places to visit near Ramnagar, Mukhteshwar is the first place that comes to mind. It is a secret gem in Uttarakhand, a beautiful place. 

More and more people are going there because the view is breathtakingly beautiful. Since the town is close to Nainital, another famous hill station in Uttarakhand, most tourists go there when they go to Nainital. 

Hindus hold the village in high regard because they think it is where Lord Shiva killed a monster and gave him “Mukti.” So the said event is where the name of the place came from. 

Mukteshwar has more to see than just the holy Shiva temple that has been there for 350 years. Chauli ki Jaali, Nanda Devi Point, Sitla, and other locations are among these. 

But the place is becoming one of India’s most famous hill towns because it has beautiful views of the Himalayas and is covered in thick snow in the winter. From Ramnagar, it’s easy to get there. You can rent a car in Ramnagar and get there quickly. 

Mukteshwar is, without question, one of the best places to visit near Ramnagar.

6. Ranikhet

One of the most excellent places to go in Uttarakhand near Ramnagar is Ranikhet. All around the area are views of the snow-capped Himalayas and thick evergreen woods with lots of beauty. 

Besides the beautiful views, Ranikhet is also known for its exciting past. It is said to be Queen Padmini’s summer home. 

Even though there is no queen house anywhere in the Ranikhet area, the story is why the place is called “Ranikhet.” The town is at a height of 6000 feet, which makes the place pretty cold. 

Because of this, the weather is pleasant all year long. If you play golf, Ranikhet will be exciting because it has one of the best golf courses in India. 

Many people from all over India go there for the golf events that happen there. This is because Ranikhet gets snow in the winter, just like most hill towns in Uttarakhand. 

You will be fine getting there from Ramnagar.

7. Nainital

Nainital is beautiful and well-known not just in India but worldwide. India is proud of how stunningly beautiful it is. 

Nainital is also called the “Land of Lakes” because there are many beautiful lakes. 

It’s also one of the most popular places to visit near Ramnagar. Beautiful lakes and impressive mountains surround the famous hill station. 

Aside from its natural beauty, Nainital is one of the 51 “Shakti Peeths” in India, and people think Sati’s eyes fell there. Because of this, the town is significant to Hindu visitors. 

Nainital is at an elevation of 8605 feet, and the weather there is pretty nice all year. Because of this, it is one of India’s most popular summer holiday spots. 

As you’ve already read, there are several lakes in Nainital. Malwatal, Bhimtal, Sattal, and Naukuchiatal are some of the most well-known. 

Khurpatal, among others. You can take boat rides over to these lakes to see them. From the boat, you will be able to enjoy the view of the area even more.

8. Haldwani

One of the most significant towns in Uttarakhand, Haldwani is also one of the most important places there. 

People don’t think of the place as a vacation spot in Uttarakhand. But if you go there, you can see how people live there. 

Some places to see in Haldwani are the Gaula Barrage, the Kali Chaur temple, the Gaula River, and more. The town is mainly used for business. 

But the area around the beautiful town is quite lovely. Beautiful mountains surround the city, and the weather is nice enough to make getting around and seeing everything easy. 

9. Almora

Almora is one of the most significant locations in Uttarakhand to see the majestic Himalayas. When you visit the Himalayas, you will be in awe of its snow-capped peaks. 

There is no way that anyone has ever seen something so beautiful and unique. Aside from its beautiful natural surroundings, the town is also important in India’s culture. 

Since the British built most of the city, you can see the colonial design in the buildings very fast. So, please put it on your list of places to visit near Ramnagar on your next vacation. 

Also, Koshi and Suyal, two famous rivers, flow through the area. These two rivers make the town even more beautiful. Moreover, Almora has much to see, such as Zero Points, Jageshwar, Kasar Devi, Chitai Temple, Katarman Sun Temple, and many others. 

From Ramnagar, you can easily rent a car and drive to Almora.


In conclusion, Ramnagar is a charming destination with something for every type of traveler. From awe-inspiring hilltop forts to majestic wildlife reserves, there are plenty of places to explore in this part of Uttarakhand. 

The local culture and cuisine will make your trip even more memorable. 

With so many exciting sights and attractions, Ramnagar is worth visiting. So why wait? Make your plans today and explore the beauty of Ramnagar!

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