5 Places To Visit In Srikakulam

Srikakulam is a town in Andhra Pradesh. Nagavali, Vamsadhara, Champavathi, and Bahuda are vital rivers that feed this town. Here is a review of a few places to visit in Srikakulam.

This place is surrounded by water for 193 kilometers and has high humidity. This quiet location receives a lot of rain from July to October during the annual monsoon. 

Srikakulam has a lot of wildlife and a wide range of plants and animals. Sal trees and hilly Savannahs decorate the pure area, home to animals like foxes, wild cats, dogs, and jackals. 

This peaceful and quiet city has a lot to offer hungry travelers.

History Of Srikakulam

Srikakulam is a city in Andhra Pradesh on the northeastern shore of the Bay of Bengal. Srikakulam has been controlled by many dynasties from ancient times.  

The region was once part of the Kalinga Kingdom. Then it became part of the Mauryan Empire under Emperor Ashoka.

Many Hindu empires governed Srikakulam in medieval periods, including the Eastern Ganga, Reddy, and Vijayanagara. Mughals and British colonialists then conquered it during India’s expansion.

Today, Srikakulam is known for its rich cultural heritage that reflects its diverse history.

Places To Visit In Srikakulam

1. Arasavalli

Arasavilli is in the district of Srikakulam. It is about 1.6 kilometers from the central city. 

It is home to one of the few famous and old Sun Temples still standing in the country. Lord Devendra is credited with putting up the statue of the Sun God in the temple. 

The temple was erected such that the sun hits the statue’s feet twice a year at daybreak between February and June. Thus, believers consider Sundays throughout Magham’s five months holy. 

There are five statues of lords in the temple. Each is made from a piece of black rock and is a work of art. 

The Indian train network makes it easy to get to Arsavilli.

2. Kaviti

Kaviti is about 130 kilometers from the district offices of Srikakulam. It is famous for tourists and locals because of its calm coastal belt. 

The most important temples in the area are the Sri Sitharamswamy temple and the Chintamani Ammavaru. Whether lying on the beach or walking through the cloisters, the seashore will bring you pleasure and beauty. 

Here, you can find a lot of coconut, pineapple, and cashew nuts.

3. Baruva – Places To Visit In Srikakulam

Baruva is about 109 kilometers away from the town of Srikakulam. The most well-known temples in the area are Janardhana Swamy and Sri Kotilingeswara Swamy. 

This place is well-known for its Coir Industry and its tall coconut palms. Baruva is also a busy port on the sea. 

In Baruva, Mahendra Tanya flows into the sea, giving it a center of prayer and bathing. But, unfortunately, it has so many rice fields that they must be tallied.

4. Kalingapatnam

Kalingapatnam is 25 miles away from Srikakulam town. It was a tiny port in a famous beach town under the East India Company. 

The River Vamsadhara runs into the Bay of Bengal along the shore, making it important. Darga Shariff, which means “tomb of religious people,” is also in this area. 

It also has a Buddhist stupa and a beautiful lighthouse.

5. Srikurmam

The village of Srikurmam is about 14.5 kilometers from the town of Srikakulam. The Vishnu temple in Srikurmam is a famous pilgrimage site with a modern building style. 

It is made up of many inscriptions that were written between the 11th and 19th centuries AD. These inscriptions show the decrees of many powers that ruled the area at the time. 

During the Dolostavam holiday, more than 40,000 people come to the area.

Best Time To Visit Srikakulam

Perhaps you want pleasant weather. Then, December to February is the best time to visit Srikakulam. 

During these months, the temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C. So it is ideal for outdoor activities such as sightseeing or beach hopping. 

This time of year is also ideal for visiting temples and other historical sites. 

Suppose you love nature and want to witness lush greenery and blooming flowers. Then monsoons (June – September) are the best time to visit Srikakulam.


In conclusion, Srikakulam is a place full of wonders and surprises. There is something for everyone in this city, from the magnificent hills beautiful beaches, and grand historical monuments. 

Srikakulam offers both adventure and relaxation. Srikakulam’s exciting tales, great food, and friendly people make it one of India’s top tourist attractions.

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