Places To Visit In Udaipur In Evening

Udaipur, the city of lakes and palaces in Rajasthan, is known for its majestic beauty and rich cultural heritage. But if you’re looking to explore Udaipur in the evening, there are plenty of places to visit that will fill your evening with charm and delight.

Its picturesque landscape and fascinating historical monuments make it a popular tourist destination. Udaipur has something for everyone, from serene lakeside attractions to bustling night markets.

Places To Visit In Udaipur In Evening

1. Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar Lake is considered one of Udaipur‘s most beautiful places. It is in the northern part of the beautiful Lake Pichola. 

In the 1680s, Maharaja Fateh Singh built this beautiful lake, best known for its famous boat rides. But the sunset view here also looks fantastic and, at the very least, hypnotic. 

Additionally, it is one of those locations where you may go fast fishing with your loved ones or pals.

2. Doodh Talai Musical Garden

The Dudh Talai Musical Garden is a unique rock garden in the middle of Dudh Talai. It is also known as the Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Garden. 

It is more popular with tourists because of how beautiful it is and how accurate the view of the sunset is. However, you can still have a small lunch with your family here for fun and exciting times together.

3. City Palace

Do you want to have an exciting and expensive night in Udaipur? Then, make sure you and your tour friends choose to go to the hard-to-find City Palace of the city. 

The marvel wonder looks like a real treat for your eyes because of how it is decorated and lit. Also, there are several churches inside the house that every Indian must see.

4. Ambrai Ghat Places To Visit In Udaipur In Evening

Suppose you’re looking for exciting things to do in Udaipur at night. You can also have a romantic date night at Ambrai Ghat. 

The diner here has a good view of the city and serves many different kinds of Indian food. You can also enjoy the smell of the Ambrai Ghat if you come here at night.

5. Badi Lake

Badi Lake is the first place that comes to mind when people talk about the best places to go in Udaipur at night. But ultimately, it’s a great place to take a short walk with your partner and enjoy the cool breeze. 

Around the lake are also three beautiful chhatris, which add to its beauty. You can also take a boat ride on the body of water to make your vacation even more fun.

6. Pichola Lake

In all honesty, boat riding is one of the most popular things in Udaipur at night. And if you want a luxurious experience, we suggest you visit the beautiful Pichola Lake. 

The beauty of the same place goes up a lot at night when it’s lit up. So, you can also go for a short walk with your loved ones to make the night a little more special.

7. Sahelion Ki Bari Places To Visit In Udaipur In Evening

Sahelion Ki Bari is a beautiful park in the northern part of the city. It is best known for its exotic view and atmosphere. 

Many shops and ponds are here, making the scene much more pleasant. The beautiful lighting and museum are also why everyone thinks this is one of the best places to visit in Udaipur at night.

8. Neemach Mata

At the very least, the peaceful temple of Neemach Mata would be a good choice for you. The shrine is mostly for Neemach Mata Devi, but there is also an image of Lord Ganesha there. 

Another thing that makes the Neemach Mata Temple one of the best places to visit in Udaipur at night is its beautiful view of the area around it.

9. Bagore Ki Haveli

The Bagore Ki Haveli is, as its name suggests, a house. It is right next to Lake Pichola, which is a lively place. 

There are about 138 rooms in it, each with beautiful mirror work and exact details. The beautiful haveli also has several jewelry boxes and glass sculptures that show how well India used to be able to make things. It is one of the best spots to visit at night in Udaipur.

10. Jain Temples

The Jain Temples are one of the best parts of the city of Udaipur. Each of these holy places is at least a few thousand years old, and as a result, it has the unique, intricate style of Indian craftsmanship.

One of the must-see buildings in the lineage is the Chaumukha Temple, which is dedicated to Tirthankara, the first Jain. So if you want to see the natural beauty of the palaces, go to these places to visit in Udaipur at night.

11. Sajjangarh Palace

At night, the grand Sajjangarh Palace in Udaipur is lit with different kinds of lighting, making it a beautiful sight. Moreover, seeing the city from above is among the top things to do in Udaipur at night. 

Also, bring a camera to take some great photos of you and your travel companions to make the trip even more memorable.

12. Hathi Pol Bazaar

Shopping at Hathi Pol Bazaar is one of the most popular things in Udaipur at night. Here, you can buy a wide range of handmade things that show off the traditional beauty of Rajasthan. 

Aside from that, the shops in the market also sell a variety of local and western dresses at a fair price. In addition, the Hathi Pol Bazaar is considered one of the best places to go at night in Udaipur. 

It also has several tiny paintings and other artworks that can be bought as gifts.

13. Moti Magri

Moti Magri is a small hill near Udaipur that looks out over the beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake. Because of this, it is considered one of the city’s best places to take pictures. 

If you go up the hill, you can also enjoy the beauty of a metal figure of Maharana Pratap sitting on Chetak. If you love history and want to see some historical places in Udaipur at night, you should put Moti Magri at the top.

14. Panera Bar

In contrast to other bars in Udaipur, Panera Bar is all about relaxing on opulent couches while being given a variety of beverages like a real Maharaja. 

The pub, widely regarded as one of the most well-liked locations to visit in Udaipur at night, has a lovely environment and should be the perfect choice for individuals who wish to drink quietly. In addition, the location’s lavish paintings and regal portraits are even more appealing and tempting for night owls.

15. Bamboo Beats

An exclusive Disc n Pub, Bamboo Beats is often busy with revelers. However, its attractiveness is increased by its isolation from busy city life. 

In addition to music, this location has many cocktails that help you get in the mood to dance till the early hours of the morning. The pub’s pricing range is also much more reasonable than other pubs in Udaipur.


In conclusion, Udaipur has something for everyone regarding evening activities. So whether you are looking for a romantic setting, a fun outdoor adventure, or an educational experience, there is something for you in Udaipur. 

Take some time to explore the City of Lakes and discover all it has to offer. Don’t forget to take pictures along the way – the memories will last a lifetime!

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