12 places to visit near jaipur for 2 days

Near Jaipur, there are many great places to visit over the weekend or for 2 days. These places are just a short distance from Jaipur and have a lot to offer in terms of things to see and do. 

Suppose you want to get away from Jaipur for the weekend but need to know where to go or what to do. This outline of the 12 best places to visit near Jaipur in two days should give you a good idea. 

The best time to go is between October and February when the weather is not too hot or cold.

Places To Visit Near Jaipur For 2 Days

1. Sariska Tiger Reserve and National Park

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, the Alwar district is home to the beautiful Sariska Tiger Reserve and National Park. It measured approximately 866 square kilometers and was declared a national park in 1979. 

The reserve is best known for its tigers. But it is also home to many other kinds of animals, birds, and plants because of its diverse ecosystem. 

The area has long been recognized as an essential wildlife habitat. The Mughal rulers of India used it as their favorite hunting ground from the 15th century on. 

Dramatic landscape features such as rocky terrain, hillocks, and plateaus provide an idyllic backdrop to explore this unique park.

2. Ajmer

Ajmer is a town with a long history. The Aravalli Mountain Range and Ana Sagar Lake surround it. 

It has a few old temples and the shrine of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti, which is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Islam. Visit this place if you like visiting buildings and religious sites.

 Visit during the month of Ramadan for the best cultural experience. It’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. October and January are the best months to go.

3. Pushkar

Pushkar is a place where many Hindus go to pray. All around Pushkar are temples and sacred Ghats, making it a must-see location for anyone interested in spiritual temples. 

Pushkar is also a great place to try Rajasthani food from the area. In Pushkar, you can find some of the best types of Rajasthani food. 

You can also shop in the town. You can buy nice things in the area, like leather, rose products, and handmade items.

4. Nawalgarh

Nawalgarh is an ancient city in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, India. It is famous for its enormous havelis (mansions) and frescoes.

The town has a long history that goes back to the 16th century. It has been home to many different cultures over the years.

This city is often referred to as the “open air art gallery” due to its abundance of painted structures. 

The town boasts a variety of historical buildings, including temples, step wells, cenotaphs, and forts. Tourists can explore the vibrant streets, take in cultural performances at local festivals, or enjoy a camel ride through some of the surrounding deserts.

5. Alwar Places To Visit Near Jaipur For 2 Days

Alwar is less popular as a tourist destination than Ajmer and Pushkar. However, this is a great place to go from Jaipur if you like to relax and don’t like being around many people. 

Even though Alwar isn’t very well known, there are some great places to visit. Alwar is great if you like taking pictures of old buildings and visiting historical sites. Between October and February is the best time to go.

6. Neemrana

The Neemrana Palace used to be a fort. But now it is a high-end hotel. 

People from both Jaipur and Delhi like to visit this place. The place is a luxury resort and an excellent place for adventure sports. 

You can go ziplining, rock climbing, and other exciting adventure sports at the Neemrana Palace.

7. Ranthambore Reserve Places To Visit Near Jaipur For 2 Days

The best place in Rajasthan to see tigers is in the Ranthambore Reserve. Around the Ranthambore Fort, which is also worth seeing, this reserve is home to Sambal deer and wild jackals, among other animals. 

The reserve used to be a place for the royal family to hunt. There are tombs called Chhatris that are covered with vines and a few temples. 

The safari rides last about three hours, and you can look at different things in reserve. Unfortunately, when it rains a lot, the reserve is closed.

8. Bharatpur

Bharatpur is an excellent place to go for a weekend trip from Jaipur. It has a few places to see, including the Keoladeo National Park, a great place to watch birds. 

The Brij festival, which happens a few days before the Holi festival, is the best time to go.

9. Fatehpur

This same-named place in Shekhawati is separate from Fatehpur Sikri. It has a rich culture and history. 

Fatehpur is a great place to visit if you like art, culture, and sightseeing. The city has many havelis, temples, and a cultural center full of Rajasthani art.

10. Mandawa Places To Visit Near Jaipur For 2 Days

Mandawa is a town in Rajasthan that is an excellent place to learn about the state’s rich cultural history. It is about 180 kilometers from Pink City.

It is full of palaces and old buildings that are fun to look at. 

When you’re in this town, you have to walk around the town to see the art galleries out in the open. The best paintings you will see in Rajasthan are on the walls. 

People who like to shop can go to the main bazaar. Some beautiful old shops there sell leather goods, paintings, and carved wooden furniture.

11. Churu

This town near Jaipur has an old-world feel to it. You can go on desert and Jeep safaris in Churu, which is in the desert part of Rajasthan. 

You can also learn about the town’s history by walking down the streets and looking at the beautiful buildings and structures.

12. Agra

The Taj Mahal is the first thing that comes to mind when considering Agra. But Agra is more than just the Taj Mahal. 

In the old town, there are a lot of places to visit. You have, for example, the Agra Fort, Akbar’s Tomb, and the Itimad-ud-Daulah. Agra is also an excellent place to buy marble.


In conclusion, Jaipur is an ideal city for a two-day getaway. Jaipur’s many tourist attractions and activities make it a distinctive vacation destination.

This busy city has something for everyone, from stunning palaces to fascinating animals. In addition, villages and surrounding towns provide a look into traditional Indian culture and architecture.

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