10 Best Resorts In Chittorgarh

Imagine sitting comfortably, listening to historical sounds, and admiring traditional architecture. Visualize seeing India’s rich history and royal past from your window. Here are the top 10 resorts in Chittorgarh.

This city is known for its vast hilltop fortress and excellent resorts. These resorts blend new amenities with traditional charm, making a fascinating experience.

So, relax, and let us show you these stunning resorts in one of Rajasthan‘s top cities. Chittorgarh is a historical city in Rajasthan.

It’s famous for the story of Queen Rani Padmini. She committed mass self-immolation to protect her honor from an invading Sultan. 

Chittorgarh is a well-liked tourist destination with a deep history and culture that impresses its visitors.

So, plan a trip to Chittorgarh and experience your stay at one of the best resorts in Chittorgarh.

Best Resorts In Chittorgarh

1. Castle Bijaipur

 Castle Bijaipur

Stay at Castle Bijaipur in Chittorgarh for a castle-like experience without spending too much. The grand interiors will transport you back in time. 

Choose from Deluxe, Heritage Deluxe rooms, or Burj suites. Enjoy facilities like a pool, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, and library.

Castle Bijaipur Room Price

  • INR 4,000 per night

2. The Elegance Resort

The Elegance Resort

The Elegance Resort is a classy place with comfortable and spacious bedrooms. It has modern facilities like a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, and a business center. 

There are indoor games for kids and a spa with professional therapists.

The Elegance Resort Room Price

  • INR 3,000 per night

3. Lake Nahargarh Palace Chittorgarh – Resorts In Chittorgarh

Lake Nahargarh Palace Chittorgarh

The 4-star Nahargarh Resort is on a private lake with 80 acres of land. It was once owned by the royal family of Salumber & Parsoli and later by Maharaj Nahar Singh Ji of Ralavata. 

The resort offers rooms with views of the Aravalli Hills, Wi-Fi, a pool. The Neel Mahal restaurant at the resort serves various tasty dishes, including Rajasthani cuisine.

Lake Nahargarh Palace Room Price

  •  INR 4,100 per night

4. Kundan Leela Resort Chittorgarh

 Kundan Leela Resort Chittorgarh

Kundan Leela Resort offers updated rooms and amenities. It’s 80 kilometers from Maharana Pratap Airport and only seven kilometers from Chittor Fort.

The resort is currently improving its services after recent renovations. Once finished, consider booking a stay at this stylish resort.

Kundan Leela Resort Room Price

  • INR 1,800 per night

 5. RNB Chittorgarh – Resorts In Chittorgarh

 RNB Chittorgarh

RNB Chittorgarh is a favorite resort for business and holiday travelers in Chittorgarh. It offers good value for money and is near transport links for easy travel. 

The resort provides two room options, Deluxe and Premium, a restaurant, and a conference hall.

RNB Chittorgarh Room Price

  • INR 2,000 per night

6. Castle Narela

Castle Narela

Castle Narela, one of the top resorts in Chittorgarh, sits near Chittor Fort. Its grand design and special services offer guests a taste of Rajputana culture. 

It’s perfect for those who want to experience the charm of the past. Campfires, yoga, folk music, barbeques, and poolside dinners can be enjoyed. 

Castle Narela Room Price

  • INR 1,800 per night

7. Akola Garh

Akola Garh

Enjoy a stay at Akola Garh, a Chittorgarh resort on Mewar’s border. This beautiful place has a rooftop restaurant that offers many dishes, including local favorites.

They’re also planning to build a swimming pool. The resort provides safaris for an intimate view of the stunning desert scenery and local village life.

Akola Garh Room Price

  • INR 3,500 per night

8. Pangarh Lake Retreat – Resorts In Chittorgarh

Pangarh Lake Retreat

This is a unique resort in Chittorgarh. It has luxury Swiss tents beside Pangarh Lake, providing great lake views. 

The resort has outdoor and indoor restaurants, internet, special dinners (if requested), and village safaris.

Pangarh Lake Retreat Room Price

  • INR 4,500 per night

9. Menal Resort

 Menal Resort

Suppose you’re searching for a resort in Chittorgarh with fun outdoor activities. Consider Menal Resort. 

It’s situated between Udaipur and Ranthambore, boasting lovely gardens for relaxation. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a jungle safari to spot leopards.

Menal Resort Room Price

  • INR 2,500 per night

10. Padmavati Lake Resort – Resorts In Chittorgarh

Padmavati Lake Resort

Padmavati Lake Resort provides luxury Swiss tent stays for adventure-seeking travelers. Located in Chittorgarh, the resort is surrounded by greenery, perfect for exploration. 

Guests can enjoy bird-watching, cycling, forest camping, trekking, and village safaris.

Padmavati Lake Resort Room Price

  • INR 2,700 per night


Is it costly to stay at resorts in Chittorgarh? 

No, Chittorgarh has resorts for all budgets, from luxury to affordable.

How can I keep my family safe during our stay? 

Choose resorts with clear security measures, safe parking, and good safety reviews. 

Are there eco-friendly resorts? 

Yes, some Chittorgarh resorts focus on being green. Look for eco-friendly badges and policies. 

When is the best time to visit Chittorgarh for a resort stay? 

The winter months (October to March) are ideal due to the nice weather. 

Are there resorts with honeymoon packages? 

Yes, many Chittorgarh resorts offer special packages for honeymooners.

Final Thoughts

Chittorgarh offers a range of fantastic resorts to suit all preferences and budgets. From high-end places to smaller, intimate spots for a personal getaway.

These resorts provide comfort and a taste of Chittorgarh’s vibrant culture and history. With plenty of options, choosing a holiday destination is simple.

Reserve a room at a top resort in Chittorgarh today. Get ready to make lasting memories in this beautiful, historic city.

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