10 Best Resorts In Gwalior

Explore the captivating city of Gwalior, known for its cultural and historical richness. Enhance your stay with our selection of the best resorts in Gwalior.

These offer a blend of luxury and tradition for an unforgettable experience. We’ll check out the stunning structures and welcoming staff for which these resorts are famous.

Suppose you’re planning a trip or searching for the perfect vacation spot. Get ready as we guide you through Gwalior’s finest resorts.

Gwalior is a city in the middle of Madhya Pradesh, India. It’s full of history, culture, and fantastic architecture.

So, plan a trip to Gwalior and experience your stay at one of the best resorts in Gwalior.

Best Resorts In Gwalior

1.Taj Usha Kiran Palace

The Taj Usha Kiran Palace stands out in the Taj legacy. It is known for its royal elegance and unmatched luxury. 

The 135-year-old building is architecturally stunning and impresses visitors with its expansive grounds, temples, and historical sites. Its abundance makes it one of the top resorts in Gwalior.

Taj Usha Kiran Palace Room Price

  • INR 6500 to INR 30,000

2. Deo Bagh Resort

The Deo Bagh Resort in Neemrana is an excellent example of heritage. It’s the only garden hotel in Gwalior and was built in the 17th Century. 

The hotel has 15 rooms that overlook a unique garden called Naubagh, which is very peaceful. It’s the perfect place for a quiet weekend in Gwalior.

Deo Bagh Resort Room Price

  • INR 4000 (Samarjit Vilas) to INR 5600 (Rohini Raja Mahal)

3. Raddison Gwalior

Radisson Gwalior symbolizes comfort and luxury, attracting both leisure and business travelers. The resort prioritizes guest comfort and offers exceptional hospitality in a modern setting.

Raddison Gwalior Room Price

  • INR 4085 (Superior Room) to INR 19,825 (One-bedroom Suite)

4. Clarks Inn Suites

Clarks Inn Suites is a renowned four-star hotel that aims to provide top-notch service. It caters to the needs of budget-minded guests.

Clarks Inn Suites Room Price

  • INR 3800 (Deluxe Rooms) to INR 9300 (Royale Suites)

5. Gwalior Regency

Gwalior Regency is a popular choice among the best resorts in Gwalior. It offers excellent service and modern facilities to meet guest needs. 

This property is perfect for the city traveler looking to escape the hustle and enjoy some relaxation.

Gwalior Regency Room Price

  • INR 2602 (Grand Deluxe Room) to INR 5242 (Grand Suite)

6. Ramaya Gwalior

Ramaya Gwalior meets international standards, offering perfect comfort and hospitality for leisure and business tourists. The resort’s luxuries and comforts promise top-notch quality. 

The hotel’s panoramic view is stunning, with vast greenery surrounding the building.

Ramaya Gwalior Room Price

  • INR 3540 (Executive Room) to INR 5900 (Platinum Suite).

7. Central Park

Central Park is a top choice in Gwalior for picnics, gatherings, and business trips because of its affordable prices. This budget-friendly hotel focuses on friendly service and meets the unique needs of each guest. 

It’s known for its luxury and excellent service, making it popular with business travelers.

Central Park Room Price

  • INR 2300 (Executive Room) to INR 8000 (Suite Rooms)

8. Orchha Resort

The Orchha Resort provides top-notch service and a peaceful environment for your holiday. It combines modern and luxurious settings for a refreshing break.

The wind from the Betwa River energizes and calms guests, ensuring a refreshing stay.

Orchha Resort Room Price

  • INR 2800 (Single Room) to INR 6000 (Deluxe Double Room).

9. Amar Mahal

Amar Mahal Orchha is a beautiful building set against green hills. It’s a refreshing place that celebrates the grand Bundela era. 

This resort near Gwalior is popular because of its peaceful atmosphere and unique architecture. Amar Mahal Orchha combines luxury and adventure, promising a great stay.

Amar Mahal Room Price

  • INR 5000 (Deluxe Single Room) to INR 9900 (Suite)

10.Resorts Rajmahal Orchha

The Resorts Rajmahal Orchha provides a luxurious and grand experience away from Gwalior’s busy life. It’s an ideal place for a fun weekend getaway. 

You’ll love the resort’s friendly service and beautiful scenery. The large, elegant property ensures a pleasant stay.

Resorts Rajmahal Orchha Room Price

  • INR 5060 (Deluxe Rooms) to INR 9660 (Suites)


Q1: Does Gwalior have resorts or just hotels?

A1: Gwalior is famous for its historic hotels rather than resorts. But, some heritage hotels provide a luxurious stay in beautiful settings. 

Q2: Where are the best places to stay in Gwalior?

A2: Lashkar, Jayendraganj, Tansen Nagar, and Manik Vilas Colony are popular places to stay in Gwalior. These areas have many hotels, including heritage ones. 

Q3: Are there any resorts in Gwalior with modern facilities?

A3: Gwalior has few traditional resorts, but heritage hotels like Usha Kiran Palace Hotel & Towers and Neemrana’s – Deo Bagh offer modern facilities with a touch of history.

Q4: How do I book a place to stay in Gwalior?

A4: You can book a place to stay in Gwalior through online travel or hotel booking sites. You can also call the hotels directly. 

Q5: Does Gwalior have affordable places to stay?

A5: Yes, Gwalior has many affordable places to stay. One example is Hotel Grace, which offers a comfortable stay at a reasonable price.

Q6: Are there any resorts near Gwalior’s historical sites?

A6: Some hotels and heritage properties are near historical sites like the Gwalior Fort. Usha Kiran Palace Hotel & Towers, a former palace, is one of them.

Q7: Can I get a place suitable for families in Gwalior?

A7: Yes, many places in Gwalior are suitable for families. But it’s good to ask about family-friendly services before choosing a home.

Q8: Should I reserve a place in Gwalior ahead of time?

A8: Book early, particularly during peak tourist seasons or if you prefer renowned historic properties. This guarantees your accommodation and may even offer you a better deal.

Final Thoughts

Gwalior’s resorts give you a comfortable and peaceful stay with a touch of Indian culture. They offer great services, beautiful views, and a peek into India’s history.

These resorts are perfect for a quiet getaway or a historical exploration. Staying here will make your trip to this vibrant city even better.

So, start planning your Gwalior trip now and immerse yourself in the city’s beauty!

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