10 Resorts In Kotagiri For Family

Kotagiri has a range of resorts for every family vacation. This includes high-end luxury resorts with top amenities and cozy homestays for a local experience. This article will show you some of the best and most scenic resorts in Kotagiri for family

Kotagiri, located in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiri Hills, is a lovely hill station with green forests and tea plantations. Kotagiri Resorts provides activities like trekking, sightseeing, and bird-watching, along with excellent service and a cozy atmosphere. 

Enjoy the peaceful beauty of this hill station by staying at some of Kotagiri’s top resorts. These places will make your holiday truly memorable. 

Prepare for a stay that combines relaxation with exciting adventure!

Resorts In Kotagiri For Family

1. Golf Dale Holiday Resort

Resorts In Kotagiri For Family

Take a break at Golf Dale Holiday Resort, a beautiful place surrounded by nature. Enjoy a calm walk in their lovely garden. 

Their extensive family rooms can hold many people. They have a lovely coffee shop that book lovers will enjoy. 

They offer services like car rental. This resot also has fun activities like live music, shows, badminton, and tennis. 

Nearby, you can visit Ooty Doddabetta Peak, Ooty Botanical Gardens, and Ooty Rose Garden.

Golf Dale Holiday Resort Room Price

  • ₹ 7,800 Onwards

2. Teanest Nightingale by Nature Resorts

Teanest Nightingale by Nature Resorts

Teanest Nightingale is a lovely, calming resort with stunning views of tea farms. The rooms are neat, large, and have big bathrooms. 

The staff is helpful and kind. The food, especially breakfast, is tasty. The garden is perfect for those who love plants. 

You can go for nature walks or visit tea farms nearby. It’s a quiet, unforgettable resort ideal for a nice vacation.

Teanest Nightingale by Nature Resorts Room Price

  • ₹ 3,968 onwards

3. Green Nest Resort 

Resorts In Kotagiri For Family

Green Nest Resort is a beautiful place surrounded by nature. The rooms are big and clean with great views, especially some special ones. 

It’s in a tea estate where you can see bison in the morning and go for a hike to a close peak. The food is decent but a bit pricey. 

The staff is accommodating and can handle special requests, which is excellent for families with kids. The resort has plenty of parking and is a peaceful place to unwind.

Green Nest Resort Room Price

  • ₹ 6,500 onwards

4. The Orange Home

The Orange Home

Escape everyday stress at The Orange Home, a delightful place with comfortable rooms and a garden view. The rooms are simple and minimalist. 

Guests can stroll in the garden in their free time. The property also has outdoor toys for children and provides family rooms. 

Each room comes with a balcony.

The Orange Home Room Price

  • ₹ 7,000 Onwards

5.Garuda Park Resort

Resorts In Kotagiri For Family

Garuda Park Resort is a quiet place surrounded by foggy mountains with beautiful views. It has parking, a restaurant, a garden, and laundry services. 

The resort is kept clean every day and has safe parking. People love the excellent service and tasty food. 

The rooms are clean, but the floors could be more pristine. The staff is friendly and helpful, making it an excellent place for a small family trip. 

Garuda Park Resort offers a cozy stay with lovely views and home-like food.

Garuda Park Resort Room Price

  • ₹ 3,650 Onwards

6. Hanging Huts Resorts

Hanging Huts Resorts

The resort, living up to its name, provides cabin-style suites on the high cliffs of the Nilgiris. It features beautiful gardens and a sunny terrace where guests can unwind in the cool mountain weather. 

The rooms are cozy and well-equipped with TVs and coffee machines. Each room comes with a balcony. 

The resort also has a traditional restaurant for guests to dine in.

Hanging Huts Resorts Room Price

  • ₹ 5,500 Onwards

7. The Den by Trees

Resorts In Kotagiri For Family

The Ooty resort is on a beautiful hilltop and has a modern design. It has cozy cottages and suites such as Pine Cottage and Villa Teak. 

A large private garden with unusual trees allows guests to enjoy the mountain air. The staff organizes fun activities like trekking, horse riding, and tree planting.

The Den by Trees Room Price

  • ₹ 4,000 Onwards

8. Twin Tree

Twin Tree

Twin Tree is a contemporary hotel with comfortable, well-decorated rooms. Guests can enjoy their free time in the shared lounge. 

The lush garden is ideal for leisurely walks. The hotel’s restaurant serves delicious food, and its family rooms make it an excellent choice for family vacations.

Twin Tree Room Price

  • ₹ 3,520 Onwards

9. The Royale Ridge

Resorts In Kotagiri For Family

The Royale Ridge is a lovely place to stay near Elk Falls in Kotagiri. It offers rooms with a patio and modern features like a flat-screen TV. 

It’s an excellent spot for a relaxing holiday, with a peaceful atmosphere and stunning views.

The Royale Ridge Room Price

  • ₹ 4,000 Onwards

10. The Atmosphere Resort By Lexstays

The Atmosphere Resort By Lexstays

Visit The Atmosphere Resort By Lexstays for a beautiful view of nature. It has a green garden, a warm fireplace, and a pretty picnic area. 

Their extensive family rooms can hold many guests. They offer excellent services like car rentals for a worry-free stay. 

Their restaurant serves tasty food from different cuisines. Popular places like Ooty Botanical Gardens, Ooty Doddabetta Peak, Government Tea Park, and Ooty Rose Garden are nearby.

The Atmosphere Resort By Lexstays Room Price

  • ₹ 3,600 Onwards

Final Thoughts

Kotagiri has many resorts that are perfect for families looking for a memorable vacation. They offer comfort, adventure, and relaxation with excellent facilities and stunning views. 

Families can enjoy outdoor activities or appreciate the peaceful beauty of the Nilgiris. The friendly staff and excellent service make these resorts ideal for a family break. 

So, don’t delay! Book your next holiday at a Kotagiri resort and make unforgettable memories.

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