Top 10 Resorts In Meghalaya

Meghalaya has beautiful landscapes and greenery. There are 10 great resorts to explore in Meghalay. Meghalaya is perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers, with misty valleys and waterfalls.

Picture listening to birds singing and enjoying your morning tea with expansive views of rolling hills. These resorts provide a unique escape. 

In northeastern India, Meghalaya is famous for its green hills, waterfalls, and cultural heritage. It is an excellent place for nature lovers and adventurers, with diverse landscapes like the Khasi Hills and Garo Hills. 

Meghalaya has some of the world’s most extended and most complex cave systems, such as the Jaskon Cave, Krem Puri Cave, and Mawsynram Cave. The state also has impressive waterfalls like Nohkalikai Falls, the tallest in India, and Elephant Falls, which looks like an elephant. 

Meghalaya has many festivals, with each tribe having unique traditions and celebrations. Some popular festivals include the Wangala Festival, Behdienkhlam Festival, and Nongkrem Dance Festival.

Resorts In Meghalaya

1. Ri Kynjai Resort

This lakeside resort is called Ri Kynjai, which means Serenity By The Lake in the Khasi language. It’s a peaceful escape from city life, with a great view of Umiam Lake. 

The resort has Khasi Thatch Huts and reflects the culture and hospitality of the Khasi people. It covers about 45 acres and is one of Meghalaya’s best and most beautiful resorts.

Ri Kynjai Resort Room Price

  • Starts from INR 9500 per night

2. Sunshine Farms And Resort

This family-owned resort is located in beautiful hills and meadows, covering 13.5 acres. The resort offers two types of accommodation: tents and a standard villa. 

The tents are clean and located near a river stream, accommodating two people. The villa has one double room and two single rooms and includes a fireplace. 

Both options provide comfort and adventure.

Sunshine Farms And Resort Room Price

  • Starts at INR 1000 per night

3. Silver Brook Resorts

Silver Brooks Resort is located on Cherrapunji Road and offers a luxury experience at affordable rates. It is one of the top budget resorts in Meghalaya, with warm, well-furnished rooms. 

Each room has modern amenities like a TV, fireplace, and private bathroom. The hotel has a restaurant that serves tasty homemade food all day.

Silver Brook Resorts Room Price

  • Starting from Rs. 2,320/- per night

4. Orchid Lake Resort – Resorts In Meghalaya

The resort is by Umiam Lake and is run by the Tourism Department in the Umiam Sports Complex. It has 24 comfortable rooms in 3 categories and offers sightseeing, trekking, and watersports packages. 

The resort also has amenities like dining, a bar, safe deposits, and conference and banquet spaces. Pine forests surround it, and it has a great lake view.

Orchid Lake Resort Room Price

  • Starts at INR 1000 per night

5. Woodstock Farm House

Woodstock Farm House offers stunning views of the surrounding cities. The resort has private cottages designed for comfort, each with its bathroom and essential amenities like wardrobes, TVs, and telephones. 

The lush gardens are filled with carefully grown flowers, adding to the place’s charm. There’s also an in-house restaurant where guests can enjoy meals all day.

Woodstock Farm House Room Price

  • Starts at INR 1000 per night

6. Polo Orchid Resort

The Polo Orchid Resort is in Cherrapunji, surrounded by hills and greenery. It’s near attractions like Mawsmai Falls, Arwai Caves, Nohsngithiang Falls, and Thangkharang Park. 

The resort offers 5 types of accommodations: a cafe, a restaurant, and a pub. There’s also a spa for relaxation after a day of sightseeing.

Polo Orchid Resort Room Price

  • Starts from INR 7499 per night

7. Abode of Cloud Resort – Resorts In Meghalaya

Abode of Clouds Resorts is located on a hill with misty clouds. The resort has comfortable and spacious rooms with private bathrooms. 

It is known for its great location for watching beautiful sunsets. The resort also has a restaurant serving healthy meals.

Abode of Cloud Resort Room Price

  • Starting from Rs. 2,800/- per night

8. Cherrapunjee Holiday Resorts

Cherrapunjee Holiday Resorts is a top nature resort in Meghalaya that a family runs. It’s an excellent place for a family vacation, with beautiful views of the green mountains. 

The resort’s restaurant serves local, Indian, and Chinese food, with separate kitchens for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

The resort is near the Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya and can help with transportation for exploring the area.

Cherrapunjee Holiday Resorts Room Price

  • Starts from INR 4499 per night

9. Saimika Resort

The Saimika Resort in Cherrapunji presents the best Khasi tradition, hospitality, and architecture. It is a short distance from the city and offers a peaceful and calm atmosphere. 

Situated in the Sohra region, the resort has streams, meadows, and crags. The living area has a rustic touch to make it more authentic. 

The resort has power backups like solar and fuel-powered, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of nature without inconvenience.

Saimika Resort Room Price

  • Starts from INR 3499 per night

10. Jiva Resort – Resorts In Meghalaya

Jiva Resort is located in the rainiest place on earth, Meghalaya. It is known as one of the best resorts in the area. 

The resort has 10 air-conditioned rooms with beautiful views of the green hills. It also has a restaurant, a lovely lawn, and is close to the Sohra Golf Range. 

It’s a great place to spend your vacation.

Jiva Resort Room Price

  • Starts at INR 7000 per night

Final Thoughts

Meghalaya’s resorts offer a peaceful and scenic retreat for travelers. The lush greenery, waterfalls, and serene atmosphere make them ideal for nature lovers and adventure seekers. 

Visitors can enjoy warm hospitality, comfortable accommodations, and local cuisine. Whether exploring the living root bridges, hiking through forests, or unwinding in nature, Meghalaya’s resorts provide relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Plan your next vacation to Meghalaya and discover the charm of its resorts.

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