10 Best Resorts In Nandi Hills

Have you ever considered how being on top of the world feels? Check out our list of the top 10 resorts in Nandi Hills.

Enjoy stunning sunsets, vast views, and luxury in fresh mountain air at Nandi Hills. This famous Indian hill spot has spectacular views and fancy accommodations that fit well with nature.

Let’s explore these incredible places and peaceful resorts. Nandi Hills is an ideal place to relax and enjoy mountain beauty.

It was Tipu Sultan’s summer getaway, 60 km from Bangalore and 1455 meters high. You can also spend a weekend at a resort near Nandi Hills with your family and friends.

Relax as we reveal hidden treasures that will enhance your Nandi Hills journey.

 Best Resorts In Nandi Hills

1. Nandi Hills Drive In Camp

Nandi Hills Drive In Camp

Camp at Nandi hills for a memorable time. The campsite, nestled among hills and greenery, provides tranquility and comfort. 

Enjoy comfortable tents for two or three and discover the outdoors with exciting hikes and a nighttime bonfire. Enjoy tasty meals such as breakfast, dinner, and BBQ while admiring the stunning scenery.

Have fun with outdoor games like football, cricket, and volleyball. This peaceful trip with your friends will create lasting memories.

Nandi Hills Drive-In Camp Room Price

  • INR 1,800 per person

2. Discovery Village Resort

Resorts In Nandi Hills

Discovery Village is a popular nature resort in Nandi Hills. It is known for its focus on ecotourism. 

It’s an excellent place for nature lovers. Suppose you’re planning a short trip with colleagues or a longer nature retreat.

Discovery Village has adaptable facilities to meet your requirements. The resort covers a large area filled with various shades of green.

It offers air-conditioned cottages for a comfortable stay and various fun activities.

Discovery Village Resort Room Price

  • Starts from INR 3,000

3. Mount Palazzo Resort

 Mount Palazzo Resort

Suppose you’re looking for a great weekend getaway from the city. Mount Palazzo is a top resort in Nandi Hills, just 42 km from Bangalore. 

It’s a perfect place to bring your family or friends for a fun-filled weekend. Here, you can escape the city’s chaos and create lasting memories. 

The resort has a big outdoor pool for you to enjoy the area’s special weather. It also provides cozy rooms for a peaceful stay.

Mount Palazzo ensures an unforgettable experience for all guests. Their on-site restaurant, Spice and Spirits, also serves various delicious dishes.

Mount Palazzo Resort Room Price

  • Starts from INR 2,100

4. Silver Mist Club & Resort

Resorts In Nandi Hills

Silver Mist Club & Resort is a popular choice among Nandi Hills resorts. It offers excellent services and top-tier facilities. 

The resort is in a beautiful, quiet area away from Bangalore’s city noise, perfect for those seeking tranquility. The green surroundings are a delight for the senses. 

The resort also offers stunning hill views, especially in the evenings. Food lovers will enjoy meals from vegetables in the resort’s kitchen garden.

Overall, Silver Mist Resort is an ideal choice for a weekend getaway.

Silver Mist Club & Resort Room Price

  • Starts from INR 2,500

5. Signature Club Resort

Signature Club Resort

Signature Club Resort is a high-end resort an hour away from Bangalore. It is ranked among the best resorts in Nandi Hills.

It blends modern comfort with nature’s charm. It’s a great spot for a weekend getaway near Bangalore and a favorite for parties and fine dining.

The resort caters to all your needs, be it business or leisure. In addition to comfortable rooms with up-to-date amenities, they also organize quick tours to nearby sights.

Signature Club Resort Room Price

  • Starts from INR 4,600

6. Clarks Exotica Resort

Resorts In Nandi Hills

Clarks Exotica Resort, located in a large green area, is unique and luxurious. It’s one of the best resorts in Nandi Hills for those who love luxury. 

This 5-star resort has many amenities to satisfy all guests. The resort’s interior and exterior beauty provide a peaceful and joyful stay. 

The resort has a gym, a big pool and a restaurant serving tasty global cuisine. It offers a great experience in a stunning location near Bangalore.

Clarks Exotica Resort Room Price

  • Starts from INR 9,500

7. Fantasy Golf Resort

Fantasy Golf Resort

Fantasy Golf Resort in Nandi Hills is a peaceful retreat away from stress and worry. It offers a serene and comforting environment for the perfect vacation. 

The resort provides well-equipped rooms with all the modern facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. Plus, with rates starting as low as INR 2,100, it’s affordable for a memorable holiday. 

The 3-star resort is surrounded by beautiful nature. It also features a mini golf course and an outdoor swimming pool, making it a popular choice.

Fantasy Golf Resort Room Price

  •  Starts from INR 2,900

8. Angsana Oasis Resort

Resorts In Nandi Hills

This is an ideal vacation spot for people wanting a break from the city. The resort is beautifully decorated in bright South Indian colors and offers luxurious villas.

You can choose from the Angsana Suite with a jet pool. The Executive Resort Room with a view of the fields and the Garden Suite, or the Presidential Suite.

Angsana Oasis Resort Room Price

  • Approximately Rs. 8,300 per night

9. Shathayu Resort

Shathayu Resort

Shathayu Retreat is a top-notch resort near Nandi Hills. It is famous for its Ayurveda Yoga Retreat.

The resort is beautifully located, surrounded by hills and a lake. Professionals offer complete health treatments including Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy.

The resort has Luxury, Deluxe, and Standard Rooms for a comfortable stay. The on-site restaurant offers tasty organic food.

Shathayu Resort Room Price

  •  Approximately Rs. 12,000- Rs. 20,000 per night

10. Ignite – Chairman’s Jade Club & Resort

Resorts In Nandi Hills

Ignite is a top boutique resort near Nandi Hills. It has attractive stone arches, paved paths, walls covered in vines, and is surrounded by greenery. 

It provides Studio rooms, Executive double rooms, and Club House suites. All rooms are cozy and modern and guarantee a fantastic stay.

Ignite – Chairman’s Jade Club & Resort Room Price

  • Approximately Rs. 2,250-Rs. 5,000 per night

Final Thoughts

The resorts in Nandi Hills are cozy and fancy and offer beautiful views. They have a variety of amenities for all guests and promise unforgettable stays.

Whether you prefer thrilling outdoor activities or peaceful relaxation, these resorts offer both. Visiting them is not just about finding a place to stay; it’s about experiencing the serene Nandi Hills.

So, plan your next vacation at one of the top resorts in Nandi Hills today!

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