10 Best Resorts In Neil island

Calling all beach lovers and adventure seekers! Are you craving an unforgettable vacation that combines stunning natural landscapes with world-class hospitality? 

Look no further than Neil Island – a slice of paradise off India’s eastern coast. And if you want your stay on this idyllic island to be extraordinary, we’ve got just the place for you – the best resort in Neil Island. 

This resort has a great location with beautiful ocean views and palm trees. It provides comfort and luxury for travelers who want to escape their everyday lives. 

You can enjoy and relax while exploring all the fantastic things this destination offers.

Best Resorts In Neil island

1. Summer Sand Beach Resort

The Summer Sands Beach Resort on Neil Island is a luxurious and beautiful place to stay. It has 62 cottages and villas that are designed with rustic charm. 

The resort has great beach views and offers excellent amenities and hospitality. There are five different types of rooms, each with a beach view. 

If you want to see the fantastic tourist attractions of Neil Island, stay here.

Summer Sand Beach Resort Room Price

  • Cast Earth – INR 7,500 per night
  • Casa Air – INR 11,000 per night
  • Casa Aqua – INR 14,000 per night
  • Neil Ocean Suite – INR 20,000 per night
  • Beach Mansion – INR 42,000 per night

2. Pearl Park Beach Resort – Resorts In Neil island

The Pearl Park Beach Resort is famous on Neil Island. It has a great location with a unique Triangular sea view. 

The resort has about 50 cottages, huts, and a beautiful sunrise and sunset view. A mangrove forest surrounds it, with a trail leading to a white sand beach. 

The resort is luxurious and charming. Modern facilities and services will make your trip to Andaman memorable. 

You can also check out hotels in Andaman for honeymooners that offer great hospitality.

Pearl Park Beach Resort Room Price

  • Super Deluxe Cottage – INR 9,500 per night
  • Deluxe Cottage – INR 7,500 per night
  • Standard Cottage (A/C) – INR 6,500 per night
  • Standard Cottage (Non-A/C) – INR 4,500 per night

3. Cocon-huts Beach Resort

Coconut Beach Resort is a cheap Neil Island resort close to the jetty. It has a beautiful view of the sea and surrounding nature. 

The resort has a nice restaurant and bar that serves delicious seafood. The rooms are divided into Standard AC, Non-AC, and Deluxe AC.

Each room has a big bed, TV, telephone, and other amenities. The rooms with a view of the sea are the most popular. 

It is recommended to visit popular places in Andaman when you are there to have a great travel experience.

Cocon-huts Beach Resort Room Price

  • Standard Non-A/C – INR 2,000 per night
  • Standard A/C – INR 3,500 per night
  • Deluxe – INR 5,500 per night

4. Vacation Village Resort – Resorts In Neil island

The Vacation Village Resort is a luxurious place to stay on Neil Island. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and is close to Bharatpur Beach. 

The resort offers comfort and luxury. There are two types of accommodation: 10 A C Maple Grove Cottages and 5 A C Eden Cove Deluxe rooms. 

Both options have incredible amenities for your comfort. You can spend your day at the beach, under palm trees, or by the swimming pool.

Vacation Village Resort Room Price

  • Superior Room: INR 2,371 – 2,500 per night
  • Deluxe Room: INR 3,000 – 3,500 per night
  • Suite: INR 3,500 – 4,000 per night

5. Deep Sea Resort Neil

You may have a limited budget but still want a great experience, so choose Deep Sea Resort. The resort has three types of rooms for different budgets – air-conditioned double bedroom, non-air-conditioned double bed, and non-air-conditioned tribe bedroom. 

Each room is comfortable and somewhat luxurious. Although it is a budget resort, it still provides comfort. 

It is a family-owned resort located in the peaceful Rampur village. The resort’s food is made from fresh local vegetables and seafood. 

There is also a private beach for relaxation. If you plan a honeymoon in Andaman, book an Andaman honeymoon tour package for the best experience.

Deep Sea Resort Neil Room Price

  • Standard Room: INR 2,565 – 3,000 per night
  • Deluxe Room: INR 3,000 – 3,500 per night
  • Family Suite: INR 3,500 – 4,000 per night

6. Holiday Inn Beach Resort – Resorts In Neil island

The Holiday Inn Beach Resort is located near the famous beaches of Neil Island. It has five types of accommodations – Lagoon Vista, Paradise Nest, Neil Plaza, Crane Sea Villa, and Vinsons Sea Villa. 

Each one is attractive and suits different budgets. While staying at this resort, you should also participate in popular activities in Andaman to make your trip unique.

Holiday Inn Beach Resort Room Price

  • Neil Plaza – INR 6,499 per night
  • Paradise Nest – INR 7,999 per night
  • Lagoon Vista – INR 8,999 per night
  • Crane Sea Villa – INR 9,999 per night
  • Vinsons Sea Villa – INR 20,999 per night

7. Taj Exotic Resort and Spa

Taj Exotic is a well-known name in luxury travel. They offer a fantastic stay at their resort and spa. 

The property has 50 luxurious villas and covers 46 acres along Radhanagar beach. The villas are surrounded by palm and coconut trees and mangroves. 

You should visit the beautiful beaches of Andaman and have a great time. You can relax by the pond or get a spa treatment.

The restaurant has delicious food. After eating, you can work out at the fitness center. This is the best place to experience sustainable luxury in Andaman.

Taj Exotic Resort and Spa Room Price

  • The room costs INR 38,000 per night.

8. Emerald Gecko – Resorts In Neil island

Emerald Gecko is a highly regarded resort on Neil Island, surrounded by lush nature. You can experience true freedom by listening to the soothing waves outside your window. 

The hotel is not only beautifully decorated but also environmentally friendly. Despite having limited amenities, Emerald Gecko promises a memorable stay. 

This is the perfect retreat to take a break from technology and reconnect with yourself. The resort offers three types of accommodation – beach huts, bamboo bungalows, and duplex bamboo lodges, each with a charming rustic feel. 

It is conveniently close to popular places to eat, drink, and get coffee.

Emerald Gecko Room Price

  • Beach huts – INR 1,648 + tax
  • Bamboo bungalow – INR 2,638 + tax
  • Duplex bamboo lodges – INR 3,188 + tax

9. Tango Beach Resort

Tango Beach Resort has 56 large rooms with modern amenities. It is a luxurious resort on Neil Island. 

The resort is perfect for modern travelers and offers a peaceful escape from daily life. You can see the sea from your room balcony.

Choose Tango Beach Resort for a memorable Neil Island vacation with your loved ones.

Tango Beach Resort Room Price

  • The price ranges from INR 4500 to INR 7499.

10. Sea Shell Hotel & Resort

Sea Shell Hotel and Resort in Neil Island is a top-notch place to relax and unwind. It is surrounded by lush greenery and has a beautiful beach. 

The resort offers spacious, well-equipped rooms, including Andaman Cottage and Neil Lagoon. There is also a well-stocked restaurant bar for your social plans. 

You can relax by the beach or on a swing and watch the beautiful sunset. You can explore marine activities at the white sand beach if you’re adventurous. 

Sea Shell has everything you need, whether you prefer a cozy atmosphere or an outdoor adventure.

Sea Shell Hotel & Resort Room Price

  • Standard Room: INR 2,565 – 3,000 per night
  • Deluxe Room: INR 3,000 – 3,500 per night
  • Family Suite: INR 3,500 – 4,000 per night

Final Thoughts

Neil Island is a hidden gem in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The best resort there offers a great experience for travelers. 

You can relax on the beautiful beaches, have adventures in the clear waters, and explore the marine life.

Its luxurious accommodations, world-class amenities, and exceptional hospitality make it a top vacation destination. So why wait? 

Book your stay at the best resort in Neil Island today and embark on an unforgettable journey of tranquility and bliss!

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