10 Best Resorts In Sasan Gir

Enjoy the beauty of Gujarat while staying at top resorts in Sasan Gir. Start your day with the roar of Asiatic lions and finish with a calm sunset.

Let’s guide you through the top 10 outstanding resorts in this exotic location. Gir National Park is also known as Sasan Gir.

It is the only place where Asiatic lions live in the wild. This park is located in the Thar desert.

It spans more than 1,412 square kilometers and is home to leopards, hyenas, jackals, antelopes, and various bird species. 

It welcomes over a million visitors annually and is open from October through June. It runs several conservation initiatives, including a breeding program for Asiatic lions and protection of their habitat. 

The park is a significant site for wildlife conservation and a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts.

Best Resorts In Sasan Gir

1. Woods At Sasan

Perhaps you dream of a luxurious and relaxing vacation in a unique resort surrounded by lush trees, waving grass, and open skies. Choose our top-rated resorts in Sasan Gir

Woods at Sasan offers exciting local experiences, personalized Yoga wellness, Ayurveda programs, and excellent dining options. Enjoy an immersive stay, relax with stunning garden views, and rejuvenate your senses.

Woods At Sasan Room Price

  • INR 4500 per night

2. Carina Retreat Resort

Carina Retreat is a unique and romantic resort in the remote Sasan Gir jungle. It offers a memorable escape for adventurous guests seeking peace, relaxation, and solitude. 

Unlike ordinary resorts, it provides a serene environment surrounded by misty green trees that refresh your body, mind, and soul.

Carina Retreat Resort Room Price

  • Starting from INR 2743

3. Gir Pride Resort

The Gir Pride Resort is a top-rated, lovely resort near Sasan Gir, located in the jungle. Enjoy your holiday by visiting nearby sights, spending nights on the farm, milking cows, and riding bullock carts or chakdahas.

The resort has a small area of Swiss air-conditioned tents with a countryside vibe. They also organize weekend trips to the Gir forest, where you can see the rare Asiatic Babbar Lions.

Gir Pride Resort Room Price

  • Start from INR 3758 per night

4. Gir Athiz Resort – Resorts In Sasan Gir

This fantastic Gir resort offers unique features for guests to enjoy the rich wildlife and plants. It includes trendy suites, contemporary cottages, and traditional restaurants serving organic food.

The skilled staff at the GirAthiz Resort are always ready to ensure your stay is perfect. The suites are luxurious cottages with large terraces that offer views of the Gir wilderness.

Gir Athiz Resort Room Price

  • Starting from INR 1442

5. Daksh Resort And Amusement Park

The top resort in Sasan Gir has comfortable, air-conditioned cottages with private patios among mango trees. This farm resort is an excellent value for money. 

It’s easy to get to from Veraval train station and Keshod Airport. Nearby attractions include Somnath Temple, Kamleshwar Dam, Chorwad Beach, and more.

Daksh Resort And Amusement Park Room Price

  • Starting from INR 4645

6. Amidhara Resort – Resorts In Sasan Gir

Amidhara Resort in Sasan Gir is a top-rated resort. It’s perfect for family vacations, nature enthusiasts, and corporate events. 

The resort is surrounded by lush jungle, offering a peaceful escape from the city’s noise and chaos.

Amidhara Resort Room Price

  • Starting from INR 3360

7. Saavaj Resort

The Saavaj Resort is a fantastic place in Sasan Gir that lets you live peacefully with the local lions. They’ve offered unique experiences like organic food production and fruit picking for over ten years. 

Guests can enjoy the quiet, peaceful environment. The resort is an excellent mix of luxury and nature, perfect for those who love both.

Saavaj Resort Room Price

  • Starting from INR 5045

8. Vishal Lords Inn Gir Forest – Resorts In Sasan Gir

The Vishal Lords Inn Gir Forest is a Greenwood Gir resort providing a great escape and a delightful holiday. It’s surrounded by beautiful palm tree gardens, where you can see vibrant flowers and hear birds singing. 

The resort also has an open terrace where guests can enjoy stunning mountain views while having a drink after sunset.

Vishal Lords Inn Gir Forest Room Price

  • Starting from INR 4480

9. Jagira The Jungle Resort

If you need a relaxing break from work, consider visiting a combined inn and resort in Sasan. This resort is famous for its excellent service, friendly staff, and delicious food. 

If you love squirrels and birds, you’ll enjoy the garden on the property. You can also choose to sunbathe by the outdoor pool.

Jagira The Jungle Resort Room Price

  • Starting from INR 2500

10.Kanj Gir Lion Resort

Kanj Gir Lion Resort is a well-placed resort in Sasan Gir, built within a large mango orchard. It has several rooms with stunning river views. 

The staff works hard to create a natural and enjoyable atmosphere for guests.

Kanj Gir Lion Resort Room Price

  • Starting from INR 2344

Final Thoughts

The top resort in Sasan Gir provides a unique mix of comfort, luxury, and closeness to nature. It’s a spot to relax, enjoy fun activities, and try tasty food. 

The friendly service enhances its appeal, making it a favorite for families and single travelers. Whether you’re visiting for the fantastic wildlife or peaceful scenery, this resort guarantees a memorable stay. 

Reserve your trip now to enjoy this ultimate relaxing nature getaway!

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