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10 Top Resorts In Shimla

Imagine a fantastic view of the Himalayas enjoying your hot coffee in Shimla’s fresh air and clean beauty. This is your ideal holiday. Then get ready for a special tour of the best resorts in Shimla

Shimla is a city in India located in the Himalayas. It’s the capital of Himachal Pradesh. 

People love Shimla for its beautiful nature, old-style buildings, and pleasant weather. It’s been a favorite place for tourists for a long time. 

The British founded Shimla in the 1800s. People liked it because it was cool and away from the hot plains in the summer. 

From 1864 to 1947, it was the summer capital of British India. These high-end spots offer more than excellent amenities. 

They give an experience that will charm your senses and make unforgettable memories. So, get your bags ready and join us for a trip to the snowy peaks and old-world charm!

Best Resorts In Shimla

Here are some Shimla resorts for various budgets and tastes:

1. Taj Theog Resort & Spa

The Taj Theog Resort & Spa in Theog is located on a ridge. It highlights local craftsmanship and traditional Indian hospitality. 

The resort is nestled among oak trees, orchards, and rivers, offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The resort’s rooms are carefully furnished and have hand-painted walls. 

It also offers a fancy restaurant, a bar, well-kept lawns, spa services, and event spaces.

Taj Theog Resort & Spa Room Price

  • ₹ 13,500 Onwards

2. Wildflower Hall

Wildflower Hall is a 5-star luxury resort located 8250 feet high in the lush Himalayan mountains and forests. It offers a dreamy escape with a cozy and romantic atmosphere. 

The resort used to be a British house in the 1800s and now offers a luxurious experience with modern amenities. Guests can see stunning views of snow-capped mountains and old-fashioned gardens from their rooms. 

These rooms are adorned with attractive antique furniture and teak wood floors. The resort also offers heated pools, a spa, outdoor dining, a bar, and a library.

Wildflower Hall Room Price

  • ₹ 25,175 Onwards

3. Fortune Select Cedar Trail

This hotel in Shimla is a part of ITC Hotels and is located amidst the peaceful beauty of the Himalayan forests. It offers luxurious experiences in culture, food, and nature. 

The hotel is filled with high-end amenities and uniquely designed rooms. These rooms, adorned with stylish fittings and sleek interiors, offer stunning views of the mountains. 

Guests can try different kinds of food and drinks from around the world at the restaurant. Relax with spa treatments and nature walks during your stay.

Fortune Select Cedar Trail Room Price

  • ₹ 10,450 Onwards

4.WelcomHeritage Elysium Resort & Spa

The WelcomHeritage Elysium Resort & Spa in Mashobra offers a luxurious and enjoyable stay. It has beautiful views and a peaceful environment, away from city noise. 

The staff treats guests with excellent service, making them feel special and cared for. The rooms are stylish and have modern facilities. 

The hotel has a spa, gym, restaurant, bar, and business center. This hotel ensures a memorable and refreshing visit for its guests.

WelcomHeritage Elysium Resort & Spa Room Price

  • ₹ 11,160 Onwards

5. Snow Valley Resorts

This 4-star hotel and restaurant has private hiking trails in a beautiful valley. It is known for its excellent service and stunning views of the Himalayas. 

The hotel offers business suites with modern furniture, wooden bedrooms, and large living rooms with windows from floor to ceiling. The hotel also provides detailed concierge services for travelers.

Snow Valley Resorts Room Price

  • ₹ 3,600 Onwards

6. Sterling Kufri

Sterling Kufri in Tattapani is a stunning location that ensures a beautiful experience for visitors. The hotel offers amenities like a restaurant, bar, and spa. 

The staff is polite, and the food is tasty. The hotel’s location is close to exciting activities. 

It’s a fantastic place for family stays, with comfortable rooms, beautiful views, and warm service.

Sterling Kufri Room Price

  • ₹ 5,339 Onwards

7. Radisson Hotel

The Radisson luxury brand runs this hilltop hotel, nestled among thick pine and cedar woods. This chic Colonial hotel has 67 suites and offers top-notch facilities.

You can dine outdoors on their terrace, choosing from Indian, Chinese, and continental dishes.

Radisson Hotel Room Price

  • ₹ 9,999 Onwards

8. Woodays Resort

Woodays Resort is a lovely, large hotel in the beautiful mountain and valley landscape. Its wooden cabins and garden setting make it even more appealing. 

The staff are polite and the food, particularly the vegetarian dishes, is tasty. The rooms provide amazing views and privacy due to their isolation. 

The resort’s location is perfect for guests who enjoy trekking and exploring nature. It’s a top-rated place for a fun and relaxing stay.

Woodays Resort Room Price

  • ₹ 7,499 Onwards

9.Regenta Resort & Spa

Regenta Resort & Spa is a quiet getaway surrounded by forests with a beautiful view. It’s a calm place away from city noise. 

The staff is kind and ready to assist guests. Visitors love the stunning location, changing weather, tasty food, and supportive staff. 

The resort is clean and well-kept, with large, bright rooms. Staying at Regenta Resort & Spa is a great experience, making it a top choice for an unforgettable visit.

Regenta Resort & Spa Room Price

  • ₹ 7,000 Onwards

10.Marigold Sarovar Portico

This 4-star resort is located in the beautiful hills of Mashobra. It offers traditional cottages with up to three luxurious bedrooms. 

The cottages have stone exteriors, tiled roofs, and wooden furniture. They also have small kitchens, dining rooms, and comfortable living rooms. 

The resort has a banquet hall and boardrooms for social and business events. For adventure lovers, the resort arranges treks. 

It also has a restaurant, bar, and spa.

Marigold Sarovar Portico Room Price

  • ₹ 5,499 Onwards


Q: Can I visit Shimla anytime?

A: Shimla has attractions for every season so that you can visit anytime. 

Q: Are the mentioned resorts suitable for families?

A: Yes! The resorts have amenities and activities that families will enjoy. 

Q: Do the resort restaurants have vegetarian food?

A: Yes, most Shimla resorts have vegetarian options on their menus.

Q: Can I take my pet to the resort?

A: You should check with the specific resort about their pet policy. 

Q: What fun activities are available near Shimla resorts?

A: You can do things like trekking, paragliding, and nature walks, depending on the resort’s location.

Final Thoughts

Shimla’s resorts combine comfort and nature for a memorable trip. They offer modern facilities and stunning views for a peaceful break from daily life. 

Whether you want adventure, relaxation, or romance, you can find a Shimla resort that suits you. The friendly service and excellent facilities guarantee a pleasant stay that will make you want to return.

So, don’t wait. Reserve your dream holiday at a Shimla resort today and make lifelong memories.

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