10 Best Resorts In Sikkim

Join us as we explore the top resorts in Sikkim for the perfect getaway! Whether you want a quiet, natural place, a vibrant cultural spot with adventure sports, or a cozy spot with stunning views for tea time, we have it all. 

Sikkim, known as the Land of Hidden Treasures, is a beautiful state in the Eastern Himalayas. It offers a variety of experiences. 

So, get ready as we travel through foggy landscapes and fragrant tea gardens, revealing the best places to stay in Sikkim!

Best Resorts In Sikkim

1. Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino

Resorts In Sikkim

The Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino is a top resort in Sikkim. It is known for its old-style architecture, top-notch facilities, and on-site casino. 

It has won Best New Spa Resort awards and Best Hotel for Ambience and Service. The resort offers various rooms, including villas, family rooms, and suites.

Guests can enjoy the Jungle Cafe or Rumtek Lounge, relax in yoga rooms, or swim in the pool. It’s a favorite among honeymooners and is one of the most luxurious resorts in Gangtok.

Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino Room Price

  • INR 14,000/night

2.WelcomHeritage Resort Denzong Regency

WelcomHeritage Resort Denzong Regency

WelcomHeritage Resort Denzong Regency is a top-notch resort in Gangtok, Sikkim. It’s a great place to stay for people planning a Sikkim vacation. 

The resort has 25 luxurious rooms and suites, each with a relaxing private area. It’s a family-owned resort covering a large area of 10 acres. 

The resort is well-maintained and attractive, with friendly staff.

WelcomHeritage Resort Denzong Regency Room Price

  • INR 12,000/night

3. Orange Village Resort

Resorts In Sikkim

Book your holiday at Orange Village Resort to enjoy green forests, bird songs, stunning sunsets, and an orchid garden. Guests enjoy the local food at Suntaley Chalo and drinks at Astha Mahal Lounge. 

The resort also hosts seminars in Manjushree, Sikkim’s largest conference hall. With an in-house disco, it’s an excellent place for a fun stay with friends and family.

Orange Village Resort Room Price

  • INR 11,500/night

4. Summit Norling Resort And Spa

Summit Norling Resort And Spa

The Summit Norling Resort is a top-quality resort in Sikkim. It features beautiful bamboo and wood decorations. 

The resort has a sizeable three-acre garden with a fish pond and the relaxing sound of waterfalls. It’s located at the edge of a stunning valley, and its chalet rooms provide a fantastic view of the area.

Summit Norling Resort And Spa Room Price

  • INR 4,500/night

5. Chumbi Mountain Retreat and Spa

Resorts In Sikkim

Chumbi Mountain Retreat and Spa is a top resort in Sikkim because of its unmatched comfort and service. They greet you with fresh organic tea and delicious food and offer drinks by a bonfire in winter. 

The resort’s traditional building, stunning local decor, genuine local cuisine, and breathtaking views will make you want to stay forever.

Chumbi Mountain Retreat and Spa Room Price

  •  INR 9,500/night

6. Norbu Ghang Resort

Norbu Ghang Resort

Norbu Ghang Resort is a group of high-end private cottages nestled among green hills with views of snowy peaks. The resort uses Sikkimese themes in its food and decoration. 

The beautifully decorated rooms, Dzongri Bar, and Silver Fir restaurant contribute to a beautiful and magical holiday.

Norbu Ghang Resort Room Price

  • INR 5,500/night

7.Pachhu Village Resort

Resorts In Sikkim

Pachhu Village Resort in Sikkim is a favorite for people seeking a home-like stay. The resort is set among fragrant spices and magnolia trees. 

It is known for its friendly staff, comfortable amenities, and organic food from its family-owned restaurant. It provides a genuine experience in the beautiful northeast hills.

Pachhu Village Resort Room Price

  • INR 3,800/night

8. Yarlam Resort

Yarlam Resort

Yarlam Resort offers a chance to relax in the peaceful, natural beauty. It overlooks the stunning Yumthang Valley and has 30 rooms and suites. 

The resort also has a kitchen that serves local food and a coffee shop. Its beautiful location makes it a top choice for honeymooners in Sikkim.

Yarlam Resort Room Price

  • INR 9,500/night

9. Apple Orchard Resort

Resorts In Sikkim

Apple Orchard resort, set among beautiful apple groves, offers peace and comfort. The excellent food, green wooden decor, friendly staff, and welcoming atmosphere will impress you. 

Consider this one if you’re searching for a resort in north Sikkim.

Apple Orchard Resort Room Price

  • INR 7,500/night

10. Cherry Resort

Cherry Resort

Cherry Resort in Sikkim is a peaceful haven nestled among fragrant tea fields. Its private balconies and rooftop restaurant offer breathtaking views of Mt. Khangchendzonga and Tista Valley. 

It’s considered one of Sikkim’s top luxury resorts.

Cherry Resort Room Price

  • INR 2,500/night

Final Thoughts

Sikkim has many resorts where guests can enjoy the area’s natural beauty with excellent facilities. Whether you want a peaceful stay in the Himalayas or an adventure-packed holiday with trekking and sightseeing, these resorts cater to all preferences. 

Resorts like Mayfair Spa & Casino, Summit Norling Resort & Spa, and Chumbi Mountain provide a unique mix of luxury and peace. These aren’t just accommodations but destinations that offer a real Sikkim experience.


Q: Why is Sikkim a good place for a holiday? 

A: Sikkim has a mix of beautiful nature and rich culture, making it an excellent place for different experiences. 

Q: How can I pick the best resort in Sikkim? 

A: Look at how close it is to attractions, what facilities it has, and what others have said about it. Choose what suits you best. 

Q: Is it worth spending more on luxury resorts in Sikkim? 

A: Luxury resorts give high-end experiences, but cheaper options can also be good. Pick what fits your needs. 

Q: What can I do near resorts in Sikkim?

A: Resorts often have exciting activities. You can go on nature walks, trekking, and more to make your stay more enjoyable. 

Q: How can I travel responsibly in Sikkim? 

A: Choose eco-friendly resorts and travel in a way that helps protect the environment.

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