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10 Top Resorts In Ujjain

This article will guide you through the top resorts in Ujjain, highlighting their unique features, excellent services, and memorable experiences. These resorts offer relaxing spas, top-notch food, stunning views, and fun activities. 

Ujjain is a beautiful, old city located by the Kshipra River in central India’s Madhya Pradesh. It’s a famous Hindu pilgrimage spot known for the ancient Mahakaleshwar Temple. 

Ujjain is a popular vacation spot for tourists from across the country and the world. If you’re planning to visit and need a resort, check out this great list!

They’re not just places to stay but also destinations. Get ready for an exciting journey as we reveal the hidden luxuries of this old city.

Top Resorts In Ujjain

1. Meghdoot Resort

This stylish resort near Ujjain boasts a restaurant, city tours, and an outdoor pool. It’s ideal for both business and vacation guests and is just 8 Km away from Ujjain Junction. 

Meghdoot Resort is also well-known because it’s close to famous city sights like Ram Ghat, Mahakaleshwar Mandir, Ved Ashram, and Siddha Ashram.

Meghdoot Resort Room Price

  • INR 1900 onwards

2. Rudraksh Club and Resort

Rudraksh Resort is near the sacred Mahakal temple and is popular with tourists and business travelers. The resort covers 2 hectares of land and is only 7 Km from Ujjain railway station. 

Holkar International Airport, the closest airport, is 50 Km away.

Rudraksh Club and Resort Room Price

  • INR 1600-1900 onwards

3. Raj Sagar Resort

Raj Sagar Resort is a new, affordable resort in Ujjain known for its friendly atmosphere. It’s considered the best hotel in the city for both holiday and business travelers. 

The hotel feels like a second home because of its comfort and quick service. It’s also a short drive from major city landmarks like the Mahakaleshwar Temple.

Raj Sagar Resort Room Price

  • INR 500 per person

4. Surya Resort

Surya Resort, near temples like Mangalnath and Kal Bhairav, is perfect for those seeking peace. It’s only 5 Km from Ujjain Railway Station. 

The resort’s restaurant serves tasty Chinese and Italian dishes. It offers various room types, such as Budget, Deluxe, and Family.

Surya Resort Room Price

  • INR 1100 onwards

5. Fort Amla

Ujjain’s Fort Amla, located 120 Km away from Indore city, is an impressive architectural wonder. Its old-fashioned charm, bold arches, long terraces, and peaceful atmosphere make it an ideal holiday spot. 

The beautiful views of green fields enhance the fort’s elegance. Its similarity to traditional Indian forts has made Fort Amla a well-known resort near Ujjain.

Fort Amla Room Price

  • INR 4500 to INR 6500.

6. Resort Anjushree

Anjushree is a 5-star resort in Ujjain known for its top-notch facilities and attractive location. It offers three types of rooms: club, executive, and deluxe. 

Recognizing that guests have different food preferences, the resort has two restaurants. One serves vegetarian dishes, while the other offers non-vegetarian options.

Resort Anjushree Room Price

  • INR 3415 per night

7. Resort Atharva

Hotel Atharva, near the Jantar Mantar observatory, is a top choice for budget travelers. The resort’s beautiful natural surroundings attract guests. 

It’s also known for its quick service, tasty food, and friendly staff.

Resort Atharva Room Price

  • INR 2000 per night

8. Solitaire Hotel & Resort

Solitaire Hotel and Resorts, a top resort in Ujjain, is just a 5-minute drive from Mahakaleshwar Temple. It’s also near other critical attractions like Chamunda Mandir, Vedh Shala, and Harsiddhi Mandir. 

Some rooms provide beautiful gardens and river views. Take advantage of their delicious continental breakfast.

Solitaire Hotel & Resort Room Price

  • INR 20,000 onwards

9. Parmeshwari Gardens and Resort

This place is a top choice if you need affordable lodging in the city. Parmeshwari Resort is 6 Km from the train station and offers excellent facilities at a fair price. 

The hotel has 12 well-set rooms across three floors. Its quiet setting and closeness to attractions like Jantar Mantar make it a favorite resort in Ujjain.

Parmeshwari Gardens and Resort Room Price

  • INR 3700 onwards

10. Shanti Clarks Inn Suites

Shanti Clarks Inn Suites is a well-known Ujjain resort near the sacred Kshipra River. Its popularity comes from its calm rooms and peaceful environment. 

While staying here, you can access various amenities like minibars, WiFi, and round-the-clock room service.

Shanti Clarks Inn Suites Room Price

  • INR 1600 per night

Final Thoughts

Ujjain has a wide range of excellent resorts for all travelers and budgets. These resorts offer comfortable rooms, top-quality facilities, and perfect service near popular tourist spots. 

Staying in any of these Ujjain resorts will make your trip enjoyable and comfortable. 

Don’t wait. Book your ideal resort in Ujjain now for an unforgettable trip!

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