10 River Side Resorts In Jim Corbett

Think about waking up to the calming noise of a river, birds singing together, and gentle sunlight coming through your window. That’s not a dream but a reality if you stay at one of the best river side resorts in Jim Corbett

These resorts, surrounded by beautiful greenery and amazing views, offer a magical experience. Let’s explore our top 10 choices, where you’ll find luxury, adventure, and peace all in one place.

Enjoy a hot coffee as you admire nature’s beauty, or experience exciting wildlife safaris at these destinations. Let’s explore the peaceful waters and stunning landscapes of Jim Corbett!

Best River Side Resorts In Jim Corbett

1. Wood Castle Spa & Resort

Wood Castle Spa & Resort is a stunning riverside resort in the Shivalik foothills. It’s next to the sparkling Kosi river and the impressive Corbett National Park. 

The resort features elegant rooms with trendy teak furniture and lawn views. It also includes a restaurant, Grill House, that serves tasty Indian and international food.

Wood Castle Spa & Resort Room Price

  • INR 7,000 per night onwards.

2.The Solluna Resort – River Side Resorts In Jim Corbett

The Solluna Resort is a highly-rated 5-star resort in Jim Corbett, perfect for newlyweds. It provides excellent couple packages that feature activities such as fishing, jungle safaris, bird watching, village tours, and elephant rides.

The resort has a large pool with a bar, perfect for guests to enjoy drinks while swimming. It also has a games room and play equipment for children, making it an excellent place for families. 

It’s located near the Kosi river.

The Solluna Resort Room Price

  • INR 5,700 per night onwards.

3. Tarangi Resort

Tarangi Resort is a luxury resort near the Kosi river in Jim Corbett, covering about 13 acres. It has 48 beautifully decorated rooms and a two-bedroom villa with a private pool. 

With its stylish interiors and open spaces, the resort is perfect for hosting destination weddings and social events. It also caters to business travelers with its meeting rooms and conference facilities. 

The resort handles its guests’ daily food needs with a restaurant and complimentary breakfast buffet.

Tarangi Resort Room Price

  • INR 8,528 per night onwards.

4. Riverside by Aahma

Riverside by Aahma, founded in 1989, is next to Corbett National Park and has 46 cozy rooms. The resort has a tidy conference hall facing the river, making business trips enjoyable instead of tiring. 

Adventure lovers can enjoy safari trips by canter, jeep, or elephant. The resort also has a playground by the Kosi River for guests to relax in hammocks or play volleyball and badminton.

Riverside by Aahma Room Price

  • INR 9,133 per night onwards.

5. The Riverview Retreat

The Riverview Retreat in Corbett is a large eight-acre property by the River Kosi. It boasts a top-notch restaurant that food lovers will enjoy. 

The famous Jim Corbett National Park is nearby, making it an excellent spot for wildlife fans. The retreat offers a comfortable stay with a beautiful view of the park, river, and hills. 

It’s perfect for family vacations or business retreats with well-designed rooms, private balconies, dining halls, and lawns. There are also conference facilities for business meetings. 

The retreat serves tasty multi-cuisine food. For some excitement, you can participate in various activities the retreat offers. 

You’ll enjoy your stay in the luxury cottages, with amenities that refresh you.

The Riverview Retreat Room Price

  • INR 5,499per Room

6. Corbett River Creek Resort And Spa

The Corbett River Creek Resort And Spa is a peaceful, secluded resort near the Kosi river. Mountains, fields, and woods surround it.

It’s an ideal getaway for people looking for calm and wanting to enjoy natural beauty. Guests can enjoy various activities like bird watching, spotting wildlife, fishing, jungle safaris, and BBQ. 

They can also meditate and indulge in the healing spa treatments offered at the resort.

Corbett River Creek Resort And Spa Room Price

  • INR 7,200 per night onwards.

7. Jaagar – The Spirit of Corbett

JAAGAR is a top-rated, business-friendly resort in Jim Corbett. It is known for its excellent conference facilities, clean meeting rooms, and free internet. 

It’s surrounded by beautiful greenery, making it perfect for those looking for relaxation and luxury. The resort also has a large banquet hall for social events. 

JAAGAR offers exciting activities like flying foxes, river crossing, fishing, rappelling, trekking, and snake racing.

Jaagar – The Spirit of Corbett Room Price

  • INR 4,185 per night onwards.

8.Corbett Nadiya Parao

Corbett Nadiya Parao is a luxury resort in Jim Corbett, located next to the Kosi river. It has large, modern cottages with private outdoor areas, bathrooms, TVs, guest lounges, and air conditioning. 

The resort also has a restaurant with river views where guests can enjoy tasty meals. Guests can also do fun activities like river crossings, rappelling, picnicking, and bonfires.

Corbett Nadiya Parao Room Price

  • INR 2,712 per night onwards.

9. Corbett Manu Maharani

Manu Maharani is a resort located in the center of Corbett, surrounded by greenery. It provides a peaceful escape from city life.

The resort features a large, well-kept garden that spans about 11 acres and offers a view of the blue Kosi River. It also has a swimming pool and an outdoor fireplace, adding to its appeal. 

The family-friendly resort offers free stays for kids, a playground, babysitting services, and pets. It’s located near the Kosi river in Jim Corbett.

Corbett Manu Maharani Room Price

  • INR 3,712 per night onwards.

10.Gajraj Trails Resort

Gajraj Trails Resort is a 9-acre property surrounded by a beautiful forest. Guests can enjoy the sounds of birds and trees in the morning. 

The resort is in the southeast area of the national park, with beautiful views of valleys and forests. It’s near the Kosi river in Jim Corbett, allows pets, and has up-to-date facilities for families and couples.

Guests can enjoy various luxury facilities, including a spa for relaxing massages and a pool for a refreshing swim.

Gajraj Trails Resort Room Price

  • INR 4,679 per night onwards.

Final Thoughts

If you want to enjoy a peaceful riverside stay with excellent facilities, the best riverside resort in Jim Corbett is your top choice. Its perfect location offers a unique mix of nature’s beauty and luxurious rooms, promising a memorable stay. 

The resort is dedicated to protecting the local environment setting a standard for responsible tourism. Its excellent customer service promises a relaxing, worry-free holiday for all guests. 

Don’t wait. Book your dream vacation at this fantastic riverside resort in Jim Corbett now!

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