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Should We Travel in 2020 in India and Why Domestic Tourism is Advisable

On social media, many travel influencers advise their followers not to travel in 2020 to avoid getting Coronavirus / Covid-19, which I think is quite a responsible act.

However, if you read my previous blog about the effects of coronavirus on the travel and tourism industry in India, you will understand why, as a traveler, or as a ‘travel influencer’, the travel world needs it more. than ever now.

How important is tourism in India and the effect of Covid-19 on it?

Let me first highlight the points from the previous blog I wrote to help you understand my point:

  • In 2018, travel and tourism contributed 9.2% to India’s GDP and generated 26.7 million jobs in that particular year.
  • The tourism sector represents 12.75% of employment in India, where 5.56% is direct and 7.19% is indirect.
  • More than 87 million people worked in the travel sector in 2018-19 in India, according to the annual report from the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) for 2019-20.
  • Annual revenue for branded and organized hotels in India is estimated to be ₹ 38 billion rupees ($ 5 billion).
  • The restaurant industry in India has an annual turnover of approximately ₹ 4 lakh crore ($ 53 billion). This industry provides direct employment to more than 7 million people.
  • The Indian air transport industry employs more than 400,000 people directly and 940,000 work in related supply chains.

To add to these statistics, 350 employees of one of India’s leading travel companies, Make My Trip, were recently laid off. Clearly, the tourism industry in India is the most affected sector in this pandemic. And with its collapse, not one, but many other sectors related to it, also see a great loss of earnings and employment.

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Tourism is a major source of income for few states in India

While the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan receive the maximum number of foreign and domestic tourists in India, there are smaller states such as Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Goa, etc. that are highly dependent on your tourism when it comes to income.

Let’s take the example of my own city, Nainital in Uttarakhand. We all know that it is a popular hill station to visit in India. The city remains packed in the summer months, and each hotel is fully occupied. On the lake, sail hundreds of boats; restaurants have a long line during dining hours; street vendors can be crowded with tourists; the corn stalls are overcrowded and so are the Maggi and tea stalls. The candle shops, the Tibetan market, and even the Bara Bazar are packed with tourists, indicating that much depends on tourism in the city. And this is just one of the many places in India where tourism thrives.

Tourism allows locals to earn a living and this pandemic has taken away that livelihood.

Should we travel in 2020 then?

So far, no clear guidelines have been provided on how to travel safely during this pandemic. And, of course, you should refrain from traveling until such time as tourism has been given a green flag. It will be advisable to travel after guaranteeing your safety, and in case, even after that, if there is a feeling telling you not to travel, then you should not. However, let’s keep our hopes alive that tourism will resume in an organized and safe way, and if that happens, I encourage you not to stop yourself and your followers on social media from traveling in 2020.

Why Should You Travel to National Destinations in 2020?

The most honest answer to this is: You will gain confidence by leaving your home where you have been trapped for almost 3 months. When the journey resumes, it would no longer be as before. The new normal trip can mean driving instead of flying, and initially, road trips, which aren’t too far from home, either. And as long as it’s safe, this is what you should opt for.

In addition, traveling to national destinations will bring business to the local population. As we discussed earlier, Covid-19 has paralyzed the main source of income for many; So traveling locally would help companies revive.


Whether or not to travel in the wake of this pandemic will, of course, be at your discretion. My only reason for writing this blog was to give you a new perspective on 2020 travel. Tourist Panda and I would always encourage safe and responsible travel. This blog in no way wants to encourage you to start traveling right away, or as soon as the government gives tourism a green signal. Take your time, read and follow the guidelines each time the government issues them, and take the necessary precautions before planning any trip to India.

You can also contact us for the latest travel updates; places to travel in India that are not affected by Covid-19 and plan a safe route to the destination you choose.

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