15 Best Visiting Places in Darjeeling in 2023

Darjeeling is one of the most popular holiday visiting places in India. There are many things to do in Darjeeling, from sightseeing to hiking in the Kanchenjunga mountain.

Sightseeing in Darjeeling is an absolute delight, with lush green hills full of cotton clouds. The best visiting places in Darjeeling include Tiger Hills and Happy Valley Tea Garden, a visit to the famous Rangit Valley, and a Ropeway ride.

15 Best Visiting Places in Darjeeling

Let’s see what fun things can be done during the holidays in Bengal’s favorite summer getaway! Here is a beautiful list of the 15 Best visiting places in Darjeeling that you should not miss.

1. Tiger Hill of Darjeeling

Tiger Hil of Darjeeling

This is one of the best visiting places in Darjeeling, and is a complete package for nature lovers. If you can stand the chilling cold, climb this hill to witness the beautiful first rays of the sun on Mount Everest.

It is located 11 km away from the main city. Remember you should reach there before 4.15 am or as early as possible.

If you are lazy and late, you may need to walk a few ways upside down to reach the viewpoint or miss the sunrise. The 25.5 km road takes only 1 and a half hours to reach Tiger Hill from Darjeeling.

Things to do: Experience spectacular sunrise and observe different peaks through a telescope from the Tiger Hill sight tower. If the sky is clear, don’t forget to do some memorable photography of the Golden view of Kanchenjunga.
Timings: There is no time limitation throughout the day, but the sunrise moment is the main attraction here.

2. Darjeeling Toy Train

Darjeeling toy train

Among the other most important visiting places in Darjeeling is the toy train. It’s traveling a distance of 88 km from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling.

This station on the lap of the Himalayas is a picturesque destination. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this railway station has been used to film several documentaries and films such as Barfi.

Toy Train Fare: The ticket price for a Diesel engine is Rs.600, while a Steam engine costs Rs.1000 per person. (All seats are first-class).
Timings: From 8 AM to 12 PM.
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3. Batasia Loop

Batasia Loop, Darjeeling

This lofty area below Ghum has spiral railroad tracks through a tunnel over a point. The well-decorated garden area offers a pleasant look to the visitors.

The unique design huge lush green garden makes Batasia Loop one of the most famous visiting places in Darjeeling. If you are lucky, you must see the Darjeeling toy train passing from the Batasia Loop.

Timing: It is open at 5 AM and closes at 8 PM daily.
Entry Fee: It costs Rs.15 per person

4. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling

Also called Darjeeling Zoo is another name among the best visiting places in Darjeeling. It is located on the slope of Jawahar Road. This zoo is the only home to the largest snow leopard and red pandas.
In addition to these rare animals, you can see Himalayan bears, Asian black bears, blue and yellow Macaw, barking deer, cloudy leopards, Himalayan monal, Himalayan wolf, Tibetan wolves, and Royal Bengal Tiger.

The Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park is famous for breeding snow leopards and red pandas.

Entry Fee: The zoo entry fee is Rs.20 for Indian citizens and Rs.50 for foreigners. You need Rs.10 for the camera fee.
Timing: From 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM

5. Darjeeling Ropeway

Darjeeling Ropeway

It is a cable car that hangs where you can explore many elegant landscapes, from excellent snow-capped mountains to the beautiful valley full of tea gardens.

Therefore, the Darjeeling Ropeway is an excellent visiting place of Darjeeling. Each Ropeway cable car has 6 person seating capacity at a time, although many cars are available.

You can enjoy the most adventurous period and photography during your Darjeeling side seen.

Timing: It is open from 10 AM to 2 PM in the summer and from 10 AM to 4 OM for the winter and monsoon seasons.
Entry Fee: The ticket price for the ropeway is Rs.200 per adult person. For children ages 3 to 8 years, ticket is Rs.100.


It is at 51 Lebong Cart Road, PO North Point, Singamari. It is only 3 km away from Darjeeling Chowk Bazaar. Cabs or shared jeeps are available from Chowk Bazaar, which takes around 15 minutes to reach.
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Darjeeling Ropeway – Credit to GottaDoIndia

6. Peace Pagoda Darjeeling

Peace Pagoda Darjeeling

The Peace Pagoda reflects four avatars of Lord Buddha and is adjacent to the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple. It attracts people of all religions and offers spiritual serenity and love to all.

Spend half an hour considering here, and you will find a mind relief that none of Darjeeling nearest tourist places can guarantee.

Location: It is on the lower side of Jalapahar Hills in Darjeeling. The Peace Pagoda, also known as the Japanese Peace Pagoda, is another popular tourist place in Darjeeling.
Timings: It opens from 4 AM to 7 PM. Prayers time is from 4.30 AM to 6.00 AM and 4.30 PM to 6.00 PM.

7. Ghoom Monastery

Ghoom Monastery Darjeeling

It is also called Yiga Choeling Monastery. This popular visiting place at Darjeeling is located on the slope of the Ghoom rail station.

This Tibetian monastery is one of the oldest in the region, revealing the ancient glory of Buddhist culture.

You can see a 15 feet height Maitreyi Buddha in the central hall made with Tibetian clay. No wonder this is one of the trendy visiting places In Darjeeling.

Things to do: Exploring the prayer, library, and study rooms. Do a lot of photography to make your Darjeeling tourism remarkable. Before leaving this place, you can taste the momo outside the monastery.

Timings: It opens from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Entry fee: Free entry, but there is a charge of Rs.10 for a still camera and Rs.50 for a video recording.

8. Rock Garden Darjeeling

Rock Garden Darjeeling

This is one of the most famous tourist place of Darjeeling. It is an artificial garden decorated with plants and bridges. This garden is only 10 km away from Darjeeling town.

There is a natural waterfall in Chunnu summer and fall, making this place a trendy tourist place near Darjeeling.

Surrounded by a lovely hill stream and a slope covered with charming flower gardens and sitting places at various positions. I am sure these can be good Darjeeling tourist places to visit

Things to do

This is a popular picnic spot you enjoy with your family or group. There is a lot of photography and delightful sightseeing nearby and the route to Darjeeling.

Ganga Maya Park is another place to visit nearby Darjeeling, located a few downsides from the Rock Garden.

Timings: Open from 8 AM to 6 PM.
Entry Fee: Rs.10 for Indian citizens but Rs.50 for foreigners.

The Garden Location

Rock Garden is one more places in Darjeeling to visit which is situated about 10 km away from Darjeeling Mall. You take the Hill Cart Road heading to Ghum station and then turn right near Dali Monastery.

It takes around 40 minutes to reach Rock Garden. Further, 3 km away, you will find the Ganga Maya Park, another popular tourist place at Darjeeling.

How to Reach

You have to hire a cab or jeep to reach that place. Remember one thing you may not be able to get a car for returning. So booking your car from your hotel for up and down both bases will be better.

9. Nightingale Park Darjeeling

Nightingale Park Darjeeling

Take a walk in Nightingale Park and breathe the fresh air while enjoying the panoramic mountain views. The park was not open to the public until 2011; at that time, it was called Shrubbery.

It is a perfect visit place to Darjeeling to sit in peace in the middle of nature. There is a large statue of Lord Shiva and a musical fountain that makes this the best visiting places in Darjeeling.

Timings: Every day from 7 AM to 8 PM
Entry Fee: Rs.10 per person

How to Reach

It is near the Chowrasta Mall on Jawahar Road and behind the Raj Bhavan. It takes not more than 10 minutes of casual walking to reach.

10. Happy Valley Tea Estate

Happy Valley Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Darjeeling trip is always incomplete without visiting the second oldest tea estates in Darjeeling. Everybody loves to take a selfie on this tea plantation.

It makes it a popular tourist place in Darjeeling. You can observe the procedure of different varieties of tea. Of course, you will be very happy to buy some packs of fresh tea from there.

The drone view of darjeeling especially this place are just awesome and speachless for all nature lovers around the world.

Timings: It is open for tourists from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. ( Tuesday to Saturday)

Entry Fee: No entry fee needs. If you take a local person to guide you into the tea estate, need to pay Rs.50 – Rs.100 for the guide.

How to Reach

Happy Valley Tea Estate is located just 3 km away from the Chowk Bazar Darjeeling. Go ahead through the Lebong Cart Road, and you will see an alley named TP Banerjee Road, where the tea estate is present.

Happy Valley Tea Estate, Darjeeling – Video Credit to GottaDoIndia

11. Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering

Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering Darjeeling

Darjeeling in India is an excellent place for adventure trips. Mountaineers and ambitious fans visit this place to train and get fit for the mountains.

It is one of the best mountain institutes in India and a popular tourist attraction. Located on top of a mountain, it offers a beautiful backdrop.

Many students come here to learn basic and advanced mountaineering courses.

Know more about the Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering for depth knowledge.

Timings: It opens from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. (Tuesdays Closed)

Entry Fee: Rs. 40 for adults and Rs. 10 for camera purposes

How to Reach

This institute is located at the birch hill park. You can hire a cab which takes around 15 minutes to reach there.

12. Singalila National Park

Singalila National Park at Darjeeling

This Park is a delight for nature and wildlife lovers. Located at 7000 feet above sea level, this is a famous tourist place of Darjeeling for trekking in India lovers.

It is the highest national park in West Bengal, with great rhododendron forests. The beautiful views of the Singalila mountain range make this place another best tourist spot in Darjeeling.

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM. This park remains closed from 16 June to 25 September every year.

Entry Fee: Rs. 100 for Indian citizens and Rs. 200 for foreigners. There are an extra Rs. 100 charges for a still camera and Rs.500 for a video recording.

How to Reach

The route very well connects the park. You can take a public bus or hire a cab to reach Manibhanjan. You must either take a jeep to the destinations or trek through the forest.

13. Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu Trek Darjeeling

It is the highest peak in West Bengal which is 11,941 feet above sea level. You can observe the top 4 highest mountain peaks in the world.

Dandakphu is a famous place for trekking in IndiaThe best view, of course, is the peak of Kanchenjunga. This is a perfect place to visit near Darjeeling for all adventure and trekking lovers.

You can come here by car or trekking if you are familiar. You may Know more about Sandakphu so that you know it well.

How to Reach

Sandakphu is located very close to Singalila National Park. So it will be better if you cover this Darjeeling best place on the same day as the Singalila park.

If you do so, it will save you time and cab costs. You can come here in about 4 hours by car from the New Jalpaiguri station.

14. Mall in Darjeeling

Mall in Darjeeling

If you visit Darjeeling, you should spend a few moments at Darjeeling Mall, the heart of Darjeeling. This Chowrasta is Darjeeling best place where you can surprisingly meet many of your known faces around you.

Whenever I come here, I meet one or two known faces and have a great moment. This is located on the top of Neheru Road.

You might have visited many Darjeeling tourist spots already further. You will love the view of these mountain peaks and valleys by sitting on a bench at Mall.

This is an open place, so no time limit or entry fee is needed.

15. Teesta River Rafting

Teesta River Rafting Darjeeling

River rafting in Teesta River is another exciting chapter on your Darjeeling sightseeing tour. When rafting in the Teesta River, you will feel its white and chilled water.

If you are interested in this water adventure, you must go to Tessta Bazaar, where the rafting starts. It takes 1.50 hours to reach Teesta bazaar from Darjeeling town.

Teesta River rafting Darjeeling – Video credit to Mahesh Chaudhary

I hope you have already known why travelers mostly prefer Darjeeling. There are many best places to visit Darjeeling.

However, I prefer to go with my Family. The best time to visit places in Darjeeling is from February to June and September to December.

I strongly recommend not to visit Darjeeling in monsoon season unless you want to get bored in your hotel room.

There are more than 50 tourist places in Darjeeling that you can explore in your next adventure trip in the year 2020.

Images of Darjeeling

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Places In Darjeeling

Q. When is the Darjeeling visit best time?

A. From February to June and September to December are the perfect time in Darjeeling for tourism. Avoid July and August because of the heavy rainy season here.

Q. Which are the most adventurous Darjeeling places to visit?

A. I highly recommend Teesta River rafting and Sandakphu Trek, especially if you are trekking there with friends. Making a YouTube vlog can be an excellent opportunity because these are also trendy Darjeeling tourism spots.

Q. Which are the most popular Darjeeling visiting places?

A. The best places to visit in Darjeeling with family are Singalila National Park, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Tiger Hill of Darjeeling, and the family ride of Darjeeling Toy Train.

Q. Which is the best place to visit in Darjeeling for couples?

A. The best tourist place in Darjeeling for couples are Darjeeling Ropeway, Batasia Loop, and Darjeeling Toy Train. This can be a most enjoyable moment for all couples spending an hour in Darjeeling by toy train.

Q. Which is the best place to visit near Darjeeling?

A. There are many places to visit near Darjeeling, but I suggest you visit Kurseong, Pashupati Market Nepal, Sikkim, and Mirik. Of course, they’re a lot more to see in Darjeeling.

Q. What are the best things to do for tourists in Darjeeling?

A. There are a lot of things to do at the Darjeeling tour place that I mention below:

  • Riding a toy train on Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and enjoying beautiful Darjeeling sightseeing
  • Plan a trekking trip to Sandakphu
  • Don’t be afraid and go ahead for Teesta River rafting
  • Watch the beautiful sunrise at Tiger Hill and photograph the golden view of Kanchenjunga.
  • Explore the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
  • Spend some great moments at Darjeeling Mall after the whole day traveling and refresh yourself.
  • A lot of marketing (this is for all marketing lovers like me)

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