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10 Best Resorts In Khandala

This article will guide you through the top resorts in Khandala. Wake up to the sound of birds, a calm mountain wind, and a view of lush greenery. 

This is Khandala, a peaceful hill station in Maharashtra’s Western Ghats. It’s known for its beautiful landscapes and high-end resorts. 

They offer comfort, luxury, and a deep connection with nature.

Best Resorts In Khandala

1. Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa

The beautiful white and brown villas are surrounded by stunning green hills, making it an ideal getaway. The luxurious suites have top-notch facilities and private balconies overlooking the mountains and gardens. 

Some villas even have private pools. Guests can enjoy yoga, meditation, and spa sessions. 

The place also has a restaurant that serves various cuisines, a tea room, and a stylish bar with a wine cellar.

Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa Room Price

  • ₹ 23,000 Onwards

2. Zaras Resort

This luxury resort is close to Lonavala‘s main attractions. It has large suites and well-kept flower gardens for guests to relax. 

The rooms are bright, and each has a balcony with great views of the Sahyadri Range. The resort’s restaurant offers a wide variety of food. 

There’s also an outdoor pool with water slides that kids will love.

Zaras Resort Room Price

  • ₹ 5,599 Onwards

3. Della Resorts

This Lonavala resort for couples is nestled in the stunning greenery of Della Adventure Park. It offers a variety of luxury accommodations. 

Amenities like swimming pools, spas, and restaurants are available around the clock. Guests can pick from more than 56 activities for entertainment.

Della Resorts Room Price

  • ₹ 12,622 Onwards

4. Velvet County Resort & Spa

The Velvet County Resort & Spa in Lonavala provides a comfortable stay with many facilities. Guests can use the parking, eat at the restaurant, relax in the sauna, enjoy the garden, and use the business center. 

The hotel provides services like laundry and storing luggage. It features a spa, wellness centre, outdoor pool, and free WiFi. 

The rooms have air conditioning and are cleaned daily. The hotel is close to famous Lonavala landmarks, making it easy for guests to sightsee. 

The Velvet County Resort & Spa, with its many services and great location, is an excellent choice for Lonavala visitors.

Velvet County Resort & Spa Room Price

  • ₹ 4,850 Onwards

5. DATA Resort by Della Adventure

Hotel DATA Resort in Lonavala is an ideal spot for family holidays. It provides top-notch service, delicious food, and many facilities like parking, a restaurant, a bar, laundry, and a safe deposit box. 

Visitors can also use the spa, wellness center, hot tub, outdoor pool, and air conditioning. The large rooms come with king-size beds and other amenities. 

The resort is famous for its unique activities run by a fantastic team. In short, Hotel DATA Resort guarantees a pleasant, unforgettable stay in a stunning setting.

DATA Resort Room Price

  • ₹ 15,375Onwards

6. Sunrise Hill Resort

Sunrise Hill is a high-end resort that offers a great escape from everyday life. The resort has luxurious rooms with modern facilities for a comfortable stay. 

It also features a clean swimming pool and beautiful green gardens. The resort’s restaurant serves delicious food for guests to enjoy.

Sunrise Hill Resort Room Price

  • ₹ 1,999 Onwards

7. The Dukes Retreat

The Dukes Retreat is a hotel located on a cliff overlooking Khandala Ghat. It offers stunning views of forests and waterfalls. 

The hotel has large, well-decorated rooms, an outdoor pool, meeting rooms, and a restaurant that serves various cuisines. Guests can work out in the gym or play tennis on the hotel’s court. 

The resort is known for its great service and comfort.

The Dukes Retreat Room Price

  • ₹ 10,667 Onwards

8. The Fern An Ecotel Hotel

The Fern An Ecotel Hotel in Lonavala is a peaceful retreat with top-notch facilities. It has parking, a restaurant, a bar, a garden, and a business center. 

The large, comfortable rooms and helpful staff make your stay enjoyable. The hotel’s restaurant offers tasty food, and the spa is calm and relaxing. 

Although it’s a bit away from the city center, it’s peaceful. Overall, The Fern is an excellent option for a relaxing getaway and refreshing spa treatments.

The Fern An Ecotel Hotel Room Price

  • ₹ 7,784 Onwards

9. Upper Deck Resort

The Upper Deck Resort in Lonavala provides many features like parking, a restaurant, a bar, family rooms, and free parking. It’s surrounded by nature and close to popular attractions like Bhushi Dam, Kune Waterfalls, and Karla Caves. 

Whether you want to relax or explore, the Upper Deck Resort is a great place to stay in Lonavala.

Upper Deck Resort Room Price

  • ₹ 5,543 Onwards

10. Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows Hotel in Lonavala is a fantastic place that goes beyond what you’d expect. The resort gives you a memorable time with fantastic food, stunning views, and excellent service. 

The mix of flavors in the food is delightful, and the peaceful, scenic location is ideal for a getaway. Whether you’re a couple or a family, this hotel is a top pick with its delicious food, pleasant atmosphere, and friendly service. 

The large, clean rooms provide comfort and rest, and the hotel’s location near Tata Dam makes it even more attractive.

Misty Meadows Room Price

  • ₹ 4,500 Onwards

Final Thoughts

Khandala has many high-quality resorts to suit all types of travelers. Whether you want a place for family fun, a peaceful wellness break, or a romantic getaway, you’ll find it here. 

Every resort offers unique features like beautiful views, top-notch food, and fun activities. Any choice you make to stay in Khandala will be a good one. 

Don’t wait. Book your ideal vacation at a Khandala resort today!

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