9 Best Resorts In Kollam

Explore the winding alleys of a coastal town with greenery, coconut palms, and stunning views. Discover the best resorts in Kollam that blend tradition with modern comforts for a memorable stay. 

Kollam is in the middle of Kerala‘s backwaters. It has beautiful scenery and is very peaceful. 

The resorts in Kollam have lovely gardens, spas, and fancy rooms with great views. If you want a relaxing vacation, consider these resorts.

Pack your bags and journey to find top resorts offering a luxurious experience in this beautiful destination on India’s southwestern coast.

Best Resorts In Kollam

1. The Raviz Resort

Resorts In Kollam

The Raviz Resort in Kollam is a top beach resort with all the basic amenities. It’s a great place to relax in nature and experience Kerala’s lifestyle and culture. 

You can enjoy traditional Kerala food at the resort and won’t regret your time there.

  • Address: 6V38+VJ6, Kozhikode Bypass, Azhinjilam, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Kerala 673632
  • Phone:  1800 4252 2220 
  • Room Price: INR 5820 per night
  • Website: The Raviz Resort

2. Fragrant Nature Lake Resort

Fragrant Nature Lake Resort in Kollam is well-known for its top-notch facilities and positive customer reviews. It is considered one of the best luxury resorts in the area, with excellent rooms and catering services. 

The resort’s proximity to popular attractions makes it an excellent choice for a vacation.

  • Address: CP11/709 Nedungolam P.O, Paravoor, Kerala 691334
  • Phone: +91 484 350 2444 
  • Room Price: INR 5600 per night
  • Website: Fragrant Nature Lake Resort

3. Lake Sea Leisure Resort

Resorts In Kollam

The Lake Sea Leisure Resort in Kollam, Kerala, is a popular destination for relaxing and enjoying nature by the lake. The resort offers good room services and housekeeping. 

It is peaceful, allowing guests to feel close to nature. Guests can see the lake from their rooms, go boating, and bring their pets.

  • Address:  RJMM+GP4, Mayyanad, Kerala 691303
  • Phone: 1800 1031 444
  • Room Price: INR 1210 per night
  • Website: Lake Sea Leisure Resort

4.Ashtamudi Villa Resort

The Ashtamudi Villa Resort is one of the top resorts in Kollam, Kerala. It has large, beautiful rooms with all the essentials. 

The rooms look so inviting in the pictures that you’ll want to visit and enjoy your stay. The staff is friendly, and the service is excellent. 

The resort has a lovely garden where you can relax in the afternoon or evening, or take a stroll at night.

  • Address:  near Nambarthu junction. Mathilil P .O, Kerala 691601
  • Phone:  +91 98471 32449
  • Room Price: INR 3656 per night
  • Website: Ashtamudi Villa Resort

5.D’ Fort Ayurvedic Resort

Resorts In Kollam

The D Fort Ayurvedic Resort in Kollam is a top choice for guests, offering excellent facilities and receiving great reviews. The resort has a peaceful atmosphere that allows guests to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. 

With a swimming pool and other exclusive amenities, staying at this resort will surely be a pleasant experience.

  • Address:  Kmc /51/1932, Thangassery Rd, near Light House, Thangasherry East, Thangassery, Kollam, Kerala 691007
  • Phone: +91 474 2787878
  • Room Price: INR 1900 per night
  • Website: D’ Fort Ayurvedic Resort

6. Global Backwater Resort

Global Backwater Resort in Kollam is a popular resort known for its excellent services and housekeeping. The rooms have a private bathroom and balcony and offer top Ayurvedic treatments. 

It’s close to the railway station, just 3 kilometers away. You can book your stay in advance with online holiday packages.

  • Address:  Clouds, Kureepuzha South, Kollam, Kerala 691012
  • Phone: 09496611622
  • Room Price: INR 2050 per night
  • Website: Global Backwater Resort

7. Munroe Island Lake Resort

Munroe Island Lake Resort is the perfect choice if you want an eco-friendly resort in Kollam with nature all around. You can relax in nature in a peaceful environment.

The resort is surrounded by a lake and lush green trees, making it a beautiful and serene place. The view of the lake and colorful flowers enhance the resort’s beauty.

  • Address: Anandha Vilasam, Nenmani South, Munroethuruth P.O, Munroe Island, Kollam, Kerala 691502
  • Phone: +91 9895924701
  • Room Price: INR 979 per night
  • Website: Munroe Island Lake Resort

8. Lake n River Resort

One popular resort in Kollam is the Lake n River Resort. It offers excellent service that you will be okay with paying for. 

The resort has a beautiful view you’ll enjoy with your loved ones. The rooms are big and cozy, with everything you need.

In the evenings, you can unwind on the balcony or terrace with snacks and coffee.

  • Address: Peninsular Rd, Munroe Island, Kerala 691502
  • Phone: 09496611622
  • Room Price: INR 2398 per night
  • Website: Lake n River Resort

9. Pranavam Resorts

Resorts In Kollam

If you want a peaceful getaway from the city, consider staying at Pranavam Resorts in Kollam. The environment on Munroe Island is calm and surrounded by water. 

The excellent accommodations and services make it a popular choice for guests who appreciate nature and relaxation.

  • Address: P.O, Vasudeva Edom Pozhuthana, Vythiri, Kerala 673575
  • Phone: 80081 80034  
  • Room Price: INR 2999 per night
  • Website: Pranavam Resorts

How To Reach Kollam?

There are three main ways to get to Kollam: by airplane, train, or car. The best way for you will depend on your budget, time, and what you like. 

  • By Airplane: The closest airport to Kollam is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (TRV), about 69 kilometers away. You can take a taxi or bus or rent a car to get to Kollam. 
  • By Train: Kollam Junction Station (QLN) is a big train station on the Indian Railways network. Trains from many parts of India, like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, come to Kollam Junction Station. 
  • By Car: Kollam is connected to other cities in Kerala and nearby states by road. National Highway 66 (NH66) goes through Kollam, so it’s easy to reach by car. 
  • By Train: Take a train from Howrah Junction Railway Station (HWH) to Kollam Junction Station (QLN). The travel time can be 40 to 50 hours depending on the train. 
  • By Car: Take NH 19 and NH 44 to get to Kollam. The total driving distance is about 2432.8 kilometers, and it can take up to 44 hours, depending on traffic and stops.
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Things To Do In Kollam

  • Explore the Backwaters: Kollam is the starting point for the Kerala Backwaters, a peaceful area with canals, lakes, and rivers. You can ride a houseboat through the backwaters, stopping at villages and temples. 
  • Visit Ashtamudi Lake: Ashtamudi Lake is the second-largest lake in Kerala and is famous for houseboat cruises. The lake is home to various birds, fish, and animals, making it a great place to relax and enjoy nature. 
  • Relax on the Beaches: Kollam has beautiful beaches like Kollam Beach and Thirumullavaram Beach, which are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. 
  • See the Sights: Kollam has historical and cultural attractions such as the Tangasseri Lighthouse, Palaruvi Waterfalls, and Rameshwara Temple. 
  • Go Shopping: Kollam is an excellent place to buy souvenirs and local crafts like cashew nuts, coir products, and spices. 
  • Learn about Kerala’s Culture: Kollam has a rich cultural heritage. You can explore Kerala’s culture by visiting temples or watching a Kathakali performance, a traditional dance drama from Kerala.

Final Thoughts

Kollam has many different resorts for all kinds of travelers. Kollam has it all, whether you want a fancy beach hotel or a peaceful place by the water. 

The best resorts in Kollam offer excellent service, lovely views, and a memorable vacation. If you want to escape the city and enjoy Kerala’s beautiful scenery, consider staying at one of these fantastic resorts. 

Plan your trip now and experience the beauty of Kollam.

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