Top 10 Resorts in Gurgaon You Should Explore in 2020

Westin Sohna Resort and Spa

Gurgaon is an industrial and financial area and a center of service industries. It is located in the state of Haryana. Gurgaon It is the only city in India where most Fortune 500 companies have established their regional offices. It is highly modernized and very active in its social lifestyle. The recent development in the … Read more

Top 5 Most Popular Dams in Karnataka You Should not Miss

Dams They are the perfect vacation spot for the tourist who wants a little more of everything. They are high in visual beauty and are useful in providing water storage and energy harvesting facilities. Today there are activities that you can enjoy such as photography, sightseeing, or boating along with the dams. Karnataka is famous … Read more

5 Popular Spots to Enjoy Nightlife in Delhi – Tourist Panda

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The cultural capital of India, Delhi It is the best place to satisfy all your travel wishes. Whether it’s UNESCO World Heritage sites that exude brilliance in terms of architecture, or whether it’s delicious cuisine, Delhi has it all. A prominent shopping center, the overflowing streets of Old Delhi still retain their charm. If Delhi … Read more

5 Things to Do Covering Distance From Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

distance from jodhpur to jaisalmer

One of the most memorable trips I made in recent times when covering the distance from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. There is no doubt that this route is a perfect illustration of experiencing the true beauty of Rajasthan when you drive through golden sand fields and periodic villages. Exploring picturesque less known places seems the way … Read more

15 Best Visiting Places in Darjeeling in 2023

visiting places in darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the most popular holiday visiting places in India. There are many things to do in Darjeeling, from sightseeing to hiking in the Kanchenjunga mountain. Sightseeing in Darjeeling is an absolute delight, with lush green hills full of cotton clouds. The best visiting places in Darjeeling include Tiger Hills and Happy Valley … Read more