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Known for its endless backwaters and beautiful weather, Kumarakom is a famous tourist destination located in the state of Kerala. Kumarakom is located near Lake Vembanad, the largest in the state. The Onam festival has the biggest celebration here, in the form of a boat race. Tourists from all over the country come to see it and participate in it. The winner takes the Sree Narayan Ever Rolling Trophy, a prestigious treasure.

Local tourist spots include the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Bay Island Floating Wood Museum, Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall, Rubber Plantations, Pathiramanal Beach, etc. Another thing Kumarakom is famous for its houseboats. It is a very popular culture among tourists. The best Houseboats in Kumarakom are mentioned bellow.

1. Amruthom houseboats

Best Houseboats in Kumarakom
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This fleet of houseboats offers a luxurious cruise on the Kerala backwaters. A Kumarakom and Alleppey day cruise is also available, as well as an overnight and two or three-night package. Board games and others such as starfruit, playing cards, etc., a first-class music system, a sun terrace, television are available for your entertainment. You can even take a canoe ride, swim in a protected area, enjoy a cooking class with the head chef, fish in the sea, or even visit nearby towns. Amruthom houseboats The amounts provided vary in the number of rooms and not in the facilities and class.

2. Aqua Jumbo houseboats

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This is the main private houseboat operator in Kerala offering eco-tourism. This company, which has been operating since 2005, offers personalized tour packages to satisfy the needs of all clients. A notable feature of its houseboats is that only natural products such as wood, bamboo trunks, leaves, etc. are used for construction. His focus is to preserve the nature and unspoiled beauty of Kumarakom. The normal Aqua Jumbo houseboats They have one or two rooms and are equipped with every comfort. Your most luxurious and stylish ship, Aqua Castle, is packed with modern amenities and has central air conditioning. They even offer exclusive elephant safaris. The charge per person is Rs.350 and the trip consists of a 30 minute safari, a photograph with the elephant and even feeding it.

3. Saam’s luxury houseboats

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Saam houseboats offer you the opportunity to navigate the Kumarakom backwaters under its royal class treatment. All rooms in the houseboats have modern facilities, air conditioning, a large balcony overlooking the serene backwaters, a mini bar in the dining room, a lounge, and an upper terrace. The best part is that the dining room is also air-conditioned making it unique to every houseboat in Kerala. All houseboats are built with the smooth finish of teak wood.

4. Houseboats overlooking the lake

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Lake View’s group of houseboats almost rule the stagnant waters, thanks to its luxurious fleet. They satisfy the requirements of all kinds of tourists, reasonable for royalty. Houseboats overlooking the lake are under the administration of Sree’s Tours and Travels. With houseboats, they provide other facilities like plantation tours, trekking trails, elephant safari, Ayurvedic massages, and other traditional activities. We have one, two, three, and eight-bedroom houseboats, with options of different luxury items such as an indoor pool and terrace.

5. Skylark houseboats

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Lark houseboats are famous and sought after houseboat service in Kerala. They offer reasonable tour packages and very good internal service. One to seven rooms are available in houseboats. They help tourists explore Kerala’s cultural ethnicity and beauty through local food delights, Ayurveda insight, elephant safaris, bird and wildlife watching, fishing, and even visiting nearby villages and learning their language. They also offer special honeymoon packages.

In the local dialect, houseboats are called Kettuvallam In Kerala the word means a floating object, essentially a boat, made of wooden logs. Surprisingly, over time, not even a single nail was used in their construction, as they were attached. So enjoy this unique culture only with The Best Houseboats in Kumarakom.

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