8 Best 5 Star Resort In Kumbhalgarh

Wake up to a beautiful view of the Aravalli range while enjoying a hot cup of tea and watching peacocks in the morning mist. This is what you can expect at a 5-star resort in Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is a grand fortress in Mewar, located on the Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan, India. Picture a 36-kilometer-long wall winding around a hilltop that’s 1,100 meters high. 

Kumbhalgarh is an excellent example of human creativity and a sign of Rajput bravery. This resort offers more than a luxurious stay in green hills and historical sites. 

So It’s your ticket to explore the royal history of Rajasthan.

Best 5-Star Resort In Kumbhalgarh

1. The Kumbha Bagh

The Kumbha Bagh

The Kumbha Bagh is a high-end hotel in Kumbhalgarh. It’s located 3,500 ft above sea level, near the Kumbhalgarh fort. 

This all-suite resort is in the Aravallis. It beautifully combines traditional and modern styles. 

You can see the royal influence of Rajasthani heritage in the lobby and suites through patterns and designs.

The Kumbha Bagh Room Price

  • INR 9,000 to 10,000 per night

2. Aodhi Hotel 

5-Star Resort In Kumbhalgarh

The Aodhi is a sanctuary resort near the Kumbhalgarh fort. This luxury hotel in Kumbhalgarh is hidden among trees and surrounded by hills. 

It’s a heritage hotel that takes you back in time with its Mewar legacy.

Aodhi Hotel Room Price

  • INR 7,500 to 8,500 per night

3. Dera Kumbhalgarh

Dera Kumbhalgarh

Dera Kumbhalgarh is a high-end tent hotel near Kumbhalgarh Fort. It offers a traditional luxury experience at a reasonable cost. 

You can choose from cottages or luxury tents for a unique stay. The hotel is on a small hill. 

It is surrounded by nature and provides a beautiful view of the fort.

Dera Kumbhalgarh Room Price

  • INR 2,500 to 5,700 per night

4. Devi Palace Heritage Resort 

5-Star Resort In Kumbhalgarh

Devi Palace Resort is a beautiful old-style resort in the Aravallis, with views of Lakhela Lake. This peaceful place offers a taste of Rajasthan’s past through its design and service. 

It’s a quiet escape from city life, perfect for relaxation and renewal.

Devi Palace Heritage Resort Room Price

  • INR 2,200 to 3,900 per night

5. The Kumbhalgarh Safari Camp

The Kumbhalgarh Safari Camp

Kumbhalgarh Safari Camp is a group of 20 cottages nestled in the Aravallis. It’s a multi-level tent resort styled in royal Rajput fashion, offering plenty of outdoor space. 

Each tent comes with top-notch modern amenities.

Kumbhalgarh Safari Camp Room Price

  • INR 6,500 to 8,000 per night

6.Royal Kumbhalgarh Villas

5-Star Resort In Kumbhalgarh

Royal Kumbhalgarh Villas is a historic hotel located at the base of the Aravallis mountains. It offers a great view of a nearby valley and tribal village. 

The hotel is designed like a palace, with Mewari decorations, fountains, gardens, and marble floors. It’s a place where simple elegance meets nature.

Royal Kumbhalgarh Villas Room Price

  • INR 3,500 to 4,500 per night

7. The Wild Retreat

The Wild Retreat

The Wild Retreat is a nature resort located 4 km from Kumbhalgarh Fort. It’s situated on a small hill next to the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. 

The resort has 10 well-kept cottages. You can spend a morning or an evening in the hotel’s private courtyards for a memorable experience.

The Wild Retreat Room Price

  •  INR 6,000 to 7,000 per night

8. Kumbhalgarh Forest Retreat

5-Star Resort In Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh Forest Retreat is a lovely resort near the fort, just 3 km away. It’s next to the calm Kelwara lake. 

The resort has 18 guest cottages with views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Enjoy a luxurious stay in Kumbhalgarh and spend time by the lake.

Kumbhalgarh Forest Retreat Room Price

  • INR 3,000 to 7,700 per night


How do you pick the top 5-star resort in Kumbhalgarh? 

Think about what you like, look at reviews, and check out what each resort offers. 

Are there cheap options among the 5-star resort? 

Even though luxury can be expensive, some resorts might offer special deals. 

Can you visit Kumbhalgarh without staying at a 5-star resort? 

Of course! Kumbhalgarh welcomes all visitors, and there are many different places to stay that fit all budgets. 

When is the best time to visit Kumbhalgarh for a luxury experience? 

The winter months have nice weather for a great stay from October to March. 

How far is Kumbhalgarh from the closest airport, and is there transportation available? 

The closest airport is Udaipur, about 85 kilometers away. You can easily find taxis and car rentals.

Final Thoughts

Kumbhalgarh’s top 5-star resorts are unbeatable in luxury and beauty. They offer excellent facilities, stunning views, and top-notch service for a unique experience. 

They capture the royal charm of Rajasthan while offering modern comfort. So, if you’re planning a romantic trip or a family holiday, think about Kumbhalgarh. 

Book your luxury trip today for a memorable stay in one of India’s most charming places.

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