9 Best Diamond Harbour Resort in 2024

Are you planning to stay in Diamond Harbour resort for a luxurious, comfortable, and elegant stay? If so, here we short-listed the top 9 places to stay in Diamond Harbour

These beguiling retreats are a delightful blend of comfort and luxury that promises an unforgettable experience to its visitors.

With budget-friendly accommodations, amazing hospitality, exciting adventures, and breathtaking scenery, you will have everything for an ideal short break.

9 Best Diamond Harbour Resort in 2024

Diamond Harbour Resort in 2024

Welcome to Diamond Harbour! You’ll find amazing sunsets, calm waters, unique landscapes, and unmatched luxury here. 

If you’re searching for a perfect mix of unmatched comfort and stunning views, our top 9 Diamond Harbour Resorts list is just for you. 

We’ve chosen each resort for its unique appeal, excellent service, and memorable experiences. Everything here screams ‘ luxury,’ from beaches to swimming pools, from delicious food to refreshing spa treatments. 

Let’s start this journey together and explore these paradises that will amaze you!

1. Girish Hotel & Resort

Girish Hotel & Resort

Welcome to Girish Hotel & Resort in Diamond Harbour! No matter what you’re looking for in a vacation, this resort has something for everyone. 

This budget-friendly beautiful resort will surely give you a memorable experience with its breathtaking views and friendly staff.

You can unthinkingly go for this Diamond Harbour resort for a luxurious, comfortable, and elegant stay. You can also use our swimming pool or enjoy a boat ride on the river. 

And for those who love nature, we have scenic nature walks for you to explore right on our doorstep. 

Also, their restaurant serves up authentic, delicious Bengali cuisine. Make sure to taste the famous “Shorshe Ilish” dish.

Families will have a blast with all the activities. Kids can have fun splashing around in the pool while parents can soak up the sun. 

Plenty of attractions are nearby, like the historic Fort Gloster and the beautiful Sagar Island, which you can reach by boat. 

Explore the charming Diamond Harbour tourist spot and experience the local culture.

  • Address: Maya Rd, Diamond Harbour, Dhanberia, Diamond Harbour, West Bengal 743331
  • Phone: 03174 256 661
  • Price: INR 2000 per night

2. Punyalakshmi Resort Diamond Harbour

Welcome to Punyalakshmi Resort in Diamond Harbour, a hidden gem on the banks of the Hooghly River. This Diamond Harbour resort is perfect for those seeking luxury accommodations, a family-friendly escape, or a budget-friendly getaway.

Punyalakshmi Resort offers a range of choices to suit your preferences. Enjoy their sparkling pool, take a boat ride on the river to admire the stunning views, or relax through the lush green surroundings.

No matter your budget or preferences, Punyalakshmi Resort and Diamond Harbour’s riverside surrounding areas offer an unforgettable experience.

  • Address: Roynagar, Noon Gola, Down Town, Diamond Harbour, West Bengal 743331
  • Phone: 096792 05110
  • Price: INR 2000 per night
  • Website:  Punyalakshmi Resort

3. Diamond Garden Resort

Diamond Garden Resort offers a luxurious retreat and budget-friendly accommodation for all. It has many family-friendly options, including children’s swimming pools and play areas. 

You can swim in their pools, enjoy a boat ride on the calm river, or walk to see the beautiful surroundings.

Furthermore, the resort is the perfect base for exploring most Diamond Harbour tourist spots.

You can enjoy exploring the small, charming town of Diamond Harbour. It has lovely streets, local shops, and a lively atmosphere. 

For a unique adventure, take a boat ride to Sagar Island.

  • Address: College Rd, Diamond Harbour, West Bengal 743331
  • Phone: 7501899925
  • Price: INR 1662 per night

4. New Hotel Sanghati 

The new Hotel Sanghati resort is ready to meet all your needs! Whether you want a luxury stay, a family trip, or a budget holiday, this fabulous resort has everything. 

It offers excellent facilities and friendly service for a memorable stay. You can enjoy fun activities like swimming and boat rides. 

If you’re up for an adventure, explore the beautiful resort surroundings with a nature walk. Go to the old Fort Gloster to learn about the area’s history. 

Check out the scenic town of Diamond Harbour and enjoy its unique charm. Or, take a boat trip to Sagar Island and admire its stunning views.

In short, it is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a low price hotel in Diamond Harbour.

  • Address: Diamond Harbour, Sultan pur, near 76 Bus Stand, Diamond Harbour, West Bengal 743331
  • Phone: 90022 45176
  • Price: INR 1970 per nitght

5. Sagarika Tourist Lodge

This Diamond Harbour resort is nestled in the heart of Diamond Harbour. Enjoy a swim in the bright pool or take a slow boat ride to see the beautiful area. 

If you love nature, they have guided nature walks.

You can take a day trip to some nearby Diamond Harbour tourist place. Visit the historic Fort Gloster to see the old Indian architecture. 

If you want to experience local charm, you’ll love exploring the small town of Diamond Harbour. It has charming shops and a beautiful waterfront. 

If you’re interested in spirituality, take a boat ride to the holy Sagar Island. There, you can see fascinating rituals and traditions. 

At Sagarika Tourist Lodge, they strive to meet all your needs. They will make your stay enjoyable and memorable, no matter your budget or preferences.

  • Address: Diamond Harbour Rd, Rabindra Nagar, Diamond Harbour, West Bengal 743331
  • Phone: 03174 255 262
  • Price: INR 2200

6. The Golden Retreat

The Golden Retreat is a hidden treasure in the beautiful town of Diamond Harbour. They offer comfortable rooms and suites designed for your relaxation. 

This place is peaceful, and every detail is designed for a memorable stay. Enjoy our outdoor pool, treat yourself at our spa, or try delicious food at our restaurant. 

Their chefs are committed to making tasty dishes for you. A 4.2-star rating on Google Maps shows their commitment to excellence. 

Come and experience the stunning beauty and top-notch service!

  • Address: City Centre, Debhog, Kshudiram Nagar, Haldia, West Bengal 721657
  • Phone: 03224 252 020
  • Price: INR 4,800 per night

7. The Ffort Raichak

This resort, surrounded by beautiful greenery and stunning views, offers many fun activities. You can enjoy the swimming pools, boat ride on the Ganges, or peaceful natural walks. 

The resort also offers day trips to nearby local attractions if you want to go out. Get ready for a food adventure at Ffort Raichak. 

The local Bengali food will make you want more. You can try these dishes at the resort’s restaurants or local food spots. 

You can start your food journey at every corner. The cost for one night at this amazing place starts at XYZ. 

Don’t wait! 

Book your stay at Fort Raichak now and make unforgettable memories! It is one of the best hotels in Diamond Harbour for unmarried couples.

  • Address: Raichak (Singhalgunjabad), South 24 Parganas, Kholakhali, Raychk, West Bengal 743368
  • Phone: 085840 40624
  • Price: INR 9000 to INR 11,000

8. Ibiza The Fern Resort & Spa

This resort has many fun activities that will make your stay memorable. You can swim in the pools or enjoy a peaceful boat ride while looking at the beautiful scenery. 

If you love nature, the resort arranges nature walks where you can explore the greenery and relax. 

Many day trips are available if you want to leave the resort. These trips let you explore the region’s culture and beauty. 

Want some real taste? The resort and local eateries serve delicious Bengali food that will excite your taste buds. 

This Diamond Harbour resort has excellent facilities and a welcoming environment for an unforgettable stay. 

What is the cost? The price for a night is reasonable and affordable.

  • Address: Merlin Greens, Kriparampur P.S: Bishnupur, Diamond Harbour Rd, Kolkata, West Bengal 743503
  • Phone: 033 6655 5555
  • Price: INR 6,499 per night
  • Website: Ibiza The Fern Resort & Spa

9. Raichak Resorts (radisson bunglow)

This lovely Radisson bungalow, surrounded by nature, is ready to welcome you. Enjoy a swim in the pool or a boat ride on the sparkling Ganges River. 

The resort also offers exciting day trips to nearby attractions. Explore the historic Diamond Harbour with its old fort and beautiful river views. 

Also, visit the picturesque town of Haldia, known for its industry and scenic landscapes. 

At Raichak Resorts, you can also enjoy delicious Bengali food. Try tasty local dishes full of unique flavors and spices. 

The price for a one-night stay at Raichak Resorts is affordable. So, enjoy a luxury vacation without spending too much and experience the best Diamond Harbour resort in a peaceful and comfortable setting.

  • Address: Raichak, raddidion gate, Calcutta, West Bengal 743368
  • Phone: 
  • Price: INR 8,300 per night

Low Price Hotel in Diamond Harbour

Enjoy the beauty of Diamond Harbour without spending too much. Choose a budget-friendly hotel that offers comfort, convenience, and stunning sea views. 

Interact with local staff who are always ready to help you explore nearby attractions or try local foods. A budget hotel in Diamond Harbour lets you enjoy every moment without worrying about costs. 

It’s not just about a place to stay; it’s about enhancing your travel experience at a reasonable price!

Here are a few low price hotels in Diamond Harbour you can stay in 2024.

  •     OYO Aspiring Views Diamond Harbour – ₹1,040 per night
  •     Hotel Sinjan Residency – ₹1,017 per night
  •     Hotel Swapno Neer – ₹1,469 per night
  •     Chalantika Resort – Gadiara – ₹1,437 per night
  •     Hotel Suraj – ₹1,106 per night

This helps with planning your stay in Diamond Harbour! The OYO Aspiring Residency is one of the best hotels in Diamond Harbour for unmarried couples.

Diamond Harbour Weather Month Wise

Diamond Harbour experiences a hot and humid subtropical climate with distinct seasons. Here’s a month-by-month breakdown of the average Diamond Harbour temperature:

MonthAverage High (°C)Average Low (°C)Description
March33.2420.39Hot and humid, with occasional thunderstorms.
April35.6122.61Hottest month, with scorching temperatures and high humidity.
May34.0623.89Slightly less hot than April, but still very humid. Frequent rain showers.
June33.2424.72The monsoon begins to taper off, with decreasing rainfall.
July32.3924.72Peak monsoon month, with the most rainfall and high humidity.
August32.3924.44Monsoon season begins with heavy rainfall and high humidity.
September31.5624.11Monsoon begins to taper off, with decreasing rainfall.
October29.8722.22Pleasant weather with moderate humidity.
November28.4319.72Dry and relatively cool weather.
December25.7816.67Coolest month, with comfortable temperatures and low humidity.
January24.4413.89Similar to December, with slightly warmer days.
February28.6416.11Temperatures start to rise, marking the transition to summer.

Final Thoughts

The 9 Diamond Harbour resort is the top choice for luxury, comfort, and amazing views in 2024. 

Each resort has its special features and atmosphere, providing guests with an unmatched experience. Whether you want a peaceful escape or an exciting holiday, these resorts have something for everyone. 

Staying at any of these resorts will surely be unforgettable. So, don’t delay. Start planning your dream vacation at one of the best places to stay in Diamond Harbour in 2024.

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