10 Best Places To Visit in Kerala in April

Kerala is a beautiful state known for its delicious food, beautiful backwaters, and lively culture. This article will discuss the 10 best places to visit in April in Kerala

April is an ideal time to visit this beautiful region, with the weather being neither too hot nor too cold.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, there are plenty of places to explore and activities in Kerala this month. So if you’re planning a trip in April, add Kerala to your list!

Check out these ten best places to visit in Kerala in April.

1. Alappuzha (Alleppey) – Places to visit in April in Kerala

“Vince of the East” is another well-known name for Alappuzha. However, Alappuzha is one of the places in Kerala that stands out the most. 

There are numerous boats present. In Malayalam, these are called Kettuvallam, which means “living in boats.”

In the past, grains and spices were carried on kettuvallam, or houseboats, which had a roof made of wooden hulls. Houseboats feature air conditioners, living rooms, fireplaces, music systems, lighting, and more.

So get ready to walk around this small city with its small grid of canals.

2. Kochi

Kochi is the state’s economic capital because it is where most tourists and tourist activities happen. However, the streets of Kochi are also full of surprises. 

There are places like the Chottanikara Bhagavathy Temple that people come to see. Most people who come to Kochi go to this temple. 

The temple has a Pala tree with thousands of nails sticking out of it.

The folklore museum is about South India, anthropology, architecture, history, culture, folk art, tribal art, and traditional art. 

The southern part of India is where lost pride is kept. Still, it has some unusual things, like a watercolor painting on paper by Sri Guruvayurappan.

3. Thekkady – Places to visit in April in Kerala

Most people know Thekkady as the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The giant elephants are easy to spot as they walk around the harbor. 

You can look out over Periyar Lake in these green forests or go on an elephant safari deep into the jungle.

People who like wildlife and the Nilgiri hill range would enjoy this sanctuary the most. 

This location is also called Periyar. Kochi city is approximately 165 kilometers away, and roads well connect the reserve. So you can get there quickly and see some of nature’s beauty.

4. Munnar

Munnar is the most beautiful and fascinating place for tourists in Kerala. Also, this is one of India’s best places to get tea.

A narrow strip of the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats surround it. It’s a great spot to visit because of this.

It has beautiful beaches, waterfalls with cliffs around them, scenic backwaters, misty mountains, and many other things. It is 110 kilometers from the international airport in Kochi. 

Many private and state-run buses go from the city to Munnar.

5. Thrissur

In the past, when kings ruled over places, Thrissur was known as the capital of the Kochi kingdom. It is also known as Kerala’s spiritual and cultural capital. 

It has been where people have learned about spirituality, culture, and religion everything over time.

You can visit many temples and churches that get very busy during the city’s holiday season.

It doesn’t have an airport, but Kochi International Airport is 95 kilometers away. 

Also, tourists can take buses from major cities in the country to get to Thrissur. As Kerala’s largest city, Thrissur has a lot of places to stay. Here, you can find both cheap motels and expensive hotels.

6. Kovalam – Places to visit in April in Kerala

Kovalam was known as India’s most popular tourist destination during the hippy era. There are still a lot of tourists who come here to enjoy the beaches. 

Most of the people who come here are from Europe or Israel. The city is only 3 kilometers from Vizhinjam’s seaport. It is known for its many kinds of fish and old Hindu temples.

Kovalam has a lot to see, like the Karaman River, Villainy Lake, Kovalam Art Museum, Arruvikara Dam, Halcyon regiment, Valiyathura Pier, and many more. Thiruvananthapuram Central, the nearest train station, is about 16 kilometers away. 

About 10 km away is Trivandrum International Airport, the closest airport.

7. Wayanad

Wayanad is the most famous hill station in India’s southern region. It also grows many coffees, cardamom, pepper, and other plants and animals. 

Wayanad has many waterfalls, dams, caves, lakes, and other things that make it a great place to visit. Unfortunately, the weather is freezing.

The Mathanga Wildlife Sanctuary is the most famous site to visit in Wayanad. It is home to many animals, such as cheetahs, bears, bison, etc. 

The airport closest to Wayanad is the Calicut International Airport, which is about 87 kilometers away. The nearest train station is 53 kilometers away on Nilambur Road.

8. Thiruvananthapuram

The state’s capital is Thiruvananthapuram, also known as Trivandrum. It has a lot of beaches, like Poovar, Veli Beach, Azhimala Beach, Vizhinjam Beach, and Shankumugham Beach.

This city’s buildings include British- and Dravidian-influenced Kerala architecture. This consists of the Kuthira Malika palace, Napier museum, Zoo, Kilimanoor castle, Trivandrum Golf Club heritage temple, Padmanabhanagar Swami temple, and other structures.

Trivandrum is the capital, so there are many ways to get there. You can quickly get to Trivandrum by plane, train, or national highway.

9. Gavi

Pathanamthitta’s ecotourism hub, Gavi, is a must-see in April. In addition, you can learn about and try out the Forest Development Corporation’s wide range of activities. 

This beautiful place has a lot of plants, animals, waterfalls, and lakes. People who love the outdoors will enjoy it.

If you want to do something adventurous, try boating, camping, trekking, watching wildlife, or going on a night safari. You can also see the forests and plantation gardens all over Gavi. 

Remember that if you want to go to Gavi, you must get an access pass from the Forest Development Corporation. It is only available to a limited number of people. So, it’s best to plan and make a reservation.

10. Marayoor

Marayoor is a small, old town in Kerala that gives visitors a look at the area’s history and old buildings. There is a lot of natural vegetation and beautiful scenery in the city. 

The natural sandalwood forests are well-known and a must-see. You can walk through the woods and enjoy the wonderful smell of sandalwood as you do so.

Not only that, but Marayoor also has a lot of lands where sugarcane is grown. It’s also the best place to go in Kerala in April because you can walk around the beautiful town, explore, shop, and make the best memories.


Kerala’s natural beauty and rich culture make it a great April destination. You may explore tea farms and get Ayurvedic treatments throughout your stay.

Our selection of top destinations has given you travel ideas. So start packing for the trip of a lifetime!

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