10 Places To Visit In Cochin In One Day

Welcome to Cochin, the vibrant city in Kerala that perfectly blends history, culture, and natural beauty. Fear not if you’re short on time but eager to explore this enchanting city!

In this article, we will guide you through the must-visit places in Cochin that can be covered in just one day. 

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, prepare for a whirlwind adventure as we take you through the best of Cochin. Kochi is a beautiful city in south India with many exciting things to see and do.

It has historical monuments, vibrant markets, and a rich cultural heritage. 

You can visit many places in Kochi in just one day. Start by checking out the street art in the Fort Kochi area. 

Then, visit the Paradesi Synagogue and explore Jew Town, which has antique shops and spice markets. Take a tuk-tuk ride to see the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets and have a delicious seafood lunch nearby. 

End your day with a traditional Kathakali dance performance and a sunset cruise on the backwaters of Kochi. Kochi has a lot of history and culture, with influences in its architecture, cuisine, and festivals. 

You can explore the city’s backwaters, beaches, and traditional performing arts all day. It is a short but eventful destination that you must visit.

Places To Visit In Cochin In One Day

1. Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is an old town in the southwest part of Kochi. It has a colonial charm and traditional feel. 

Even though the area has grown and changed, it still has reminders of the British era and Dutch art. The region has many European buildings that are popular tourist attractions in Kochi. 

Two notable features are the Fort Kochi beach and the Chinese Fishing net. You can visit these places for a one-day trip to Kochi. 

Enjoy a leisurely walk and watch the beautiful sunset in this exciting tourist spot.

2. Thrikkakara Temple – Places To Visit In Cochin In One Day

Thrikkakara Vamanamoorthy Temple celebrates the Onam feast every year in August or September. It is also known as Thrikkakara temple because it is located in the village of Thirikkara. 

The temple is a peaceful place to visit, especially in the morning or evening. Inside, there are beautiful sculptures on the walls. 

Many residents like to spend time at the temple.

3. Marine Drive

Marine Drive in Kochi is a beautiful place to visit. It overlooks the backwaters and is popular with nature lovers. 

The sunsets there are magical. You can also find food vendors and shops selling affordable handicrafts. 

People can buy souvenirs while walking along Marine Drive. You can sit on benches and see the waves.

It’s a great place to visit if you’re exploring Kochi for a day.

4. Chinese Fishing Nets – Places To Visit In Cochin In One Day

The Chinese Fishing Nets, also called Cheenavala, are a famous tourist spot in Kerala near Fort Kochi. They are a significant cultural symbol of Kerala and a popular photography subject. 

The nets are made of bamboo or teak poles for fishing. They are lowered into the water using special equipment and heavy stones attached to ropes. 

After catching many fish, the nets are left in the sea and pulled back by tugging on the ropes.

5. Princess Street

Princess Street, also known as Loafer’s Corner, is charming in Kochi. It has a mix of old and new buildings and is a popular spot for nightlife and dining. 

The street has a colonial feel, with many Western-style homes from different eras. In the mornings, the bakeries smell like fresh bread, and at night, the street comes alive with neon lights and people enjoying dinners and parties.

6. Francis CSI Church

St Francis Church in India is a beautiful example of Portuguese architecture. It is the oldest church in the country and a popular tourist destination. 

The church has impressive features like the roof and floors that show its traditional and grand design. Portuguese Friars built it in 1503, later becoming part of the Church of South India.

It is a must-see attraction when visiting Kochi.

7. Paradesi Synagogue – Places To Visit In Cochin In One Day


Paradesi Synagogue is the oldest in the city. It was built in 1568 and is now a popular tourist spot. 

It is the only synagogue in India where the Jewish community worships. The synagogue was initially made for Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal. 

Inside the place are old things like a wooden box, a handmade rug, unique religious books, metal plates, and fancy headwear. The most important things are the holy books the first five Old Testament books.

8. Bolgatty Palace

Bolgatty Palace is located on Bolgatty Island in Kochi. This is one of the oldest Dutch palaces outside of Holland.

It showcases the stunning architecture of Kochi. Dutch business people built it in 1744 and added gardens later. 

Green parks, clear skies, and the untouched beauty of Kerala surround the palace. It has a rich history, serving as the Governor’s palace for Dutch Malabar and the British house. 

Now, it operates as a luxury hotel and is a popular destination for couples. As its name implies, Bolgatty Palace is beautiful in every way.

9. Gallery Of Contemporary Art

Gallery of Contemporary Art is a unique art place in Fort Kochi. It has modern artworks from Indian and international artists. 

It’s a must-visit for art lovers. The gallery has a simple architecture that complements the artwork. 

It explores how art and space relate to each other. The gallery also has workshops and exhibitions where visitors can meet the artists and learn about their creative process.

10. Greenix Museum

The Greenix museum is located 8 kilometers from Ernakulam. It showcases various art forms from Kerala. 

The museum represents Kerala’s dance and cultural history through visual displays. It includes a timeline of each dance type and a sculpture of a dancer with makeup. 

The museum also features a small village from the 1930s, historical artifacts, and everyday items. There are replicas of a water wheel and different types of farmers’ hats made of Palmyra. 

The museum highlights dying arts such as ceramics and Indian textile weaving. In the evenings, the cultural center holds performances of Kathakali, a dance drama, Kalaripayattu, a martial art form, and Indian classical music.

There are also yoga classes in the mornings. The museum also has a café, art gallery, curio shop, book shop, and guest rooms.

Final Thoughts

Cochin offers an array of exciting places to visit in just one day. Tourists can explore the cultural heritage of this vibrant city, from the famous Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi to the historic Mattancherry Palace.

The beautiful backwaters and calm beaches offer a peaceful break from the busy city. The aromatic spice markets and tasty local food excite the senses. 

Cochin has attractions for history lovers, nature enthusiasts, and foodies. Visit Cochin now to experience its beauty and charm.

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