10 Places To Visit In Gangtok In One Day

Gangtok is a stunningly beautiful hill station in the state of Sikkim. It is renowned for its Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, serene lakes, and breathtakingly majestic Himalayan mountains. The top 10 places to visit in Gangtok in one day will discuss in this article.

With its remarkable landscape and pleasant weather all year round, it is the perfect destination for a one-day holiday. Gangtok has something for everyone, whether you want to try something new or take a break and enjoy the view.

Places To Visit In Gangtok In One Day

1. Bakhthang Falls

The Bakthang waterfall is only a 20-minute drive from Gangtok town to Swastik, next to the army cantonment area. A peaceful waterfall flows down the rock and into a small pool below. 

It is along 31A National Highway that leads to North Sikkim. In the local language, ‘Bak’ means a forest, and ‘thang’ denotes a field or place.

2. Tashi Viewpoint

This cute, small Tashi View Point is a great place to see the beautiful mountains, rivers, and Gangtok. This well-known tourist spot is 8 km from the town and is mainly known for having some of the best sunrise and sunset views. 

From this viewpoint, you can see how the Kanchenjunga and Siniolchu Peaks change color as the sun moves slowly across the sky. You can also glimpse the famous temples of Gangtok, Phodong, and Labrang.

3. Bhanjhakri Falls

The Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park is a place to relax and visit tourists close to Gangtok in the Indian state of Sikkim. Statues and other displays in the park tell the story of the Ban Jhakri, a traditional magician who worships spirits who live in caves near the falls.

4. Ganesh Tok

Ganesh Tok is a small Ganesh Temple 7 km from Gangtok and 6500 m above sea level. It can only fit one person at a time, and you have to crawl to get there. 

But from this spot, you can see the whole town of Gangtok, the Raj Bhavan complex, and Mount Kanchenjunga. It’s a stunning view.

5. Plant Conservatory – Places To Visit In Gangtok In One Day

The Bulbulay Plant Conservatory is near Gangtok. It is in a semi-wild area on the road that goes from Gangtok to Hanuman Tok. 

Sikkim has more than 400 different kinds of plants and trees, and the greenhouse is meant to make the area a center for botany in the future. But, for people who don’t know much about it, the greenhouse looks like a foreign garden that grew naturally on a hillside. 

Placards let people know that this is a place for learning and help them figure out the trees’ names.

6. Flower Exhibition Centre

The Flower Exhibition Centre is in Gangtok. It brings together flowers from all over Sikkim under one roof, which makes it a paradise for people who love nature. 

It is right across from White Memorial Hall and below Ridge Park. The MG Marg is just a short walk away. 

Even though flowers are displayed here all year, you should attend the yearly flower show, which is held from April to May. This is when the management gets together and shows off many different kinds of orchids and other flowers from all over the state.

7. Handicraft Centre – Places To Visit In Gangtok In One Day

The Handloom and Handicrafts Centre of Sikkim started in 1957 and is now called the Directorate of Handicrafts & Handloom. The museum is about half a kilometer away from Gangtok’s primary market.

The Government Institute of Cottage Industries is another name for it. (GICI).

8. Do Drul Chorten

In Gangtok, there is a stupa called Do-drul Chorten. In 1945, the head of the Nyingma order of Tibetan Buddhism, Trulshik Rinpoche, built the stupa. 

This mound has a complete set of Dorjee Phurba, Kangyur, and other holy items. Around the stupa are 108 prayer wheels called Mani Lhakor.

9. Institute of Tibetology

Since 1958, the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology has funded and sponsored research on Tibetan faith, history, language, art, and society, including Sikkim. The NIT library has the most extensive Tibetan library outside Tibet and a museum of Tibetan images and sacred art. 

Since 1964, it has put out the Bulletin of Tibetology and a lot of other books.

10. Ropeway – Places To Visit In Gangtok In One Day

A Ropeway or a cable car is a great way to see the beautiful town of Gangtok. See the view of Gangtok from above and amaze by its unreal beauty. 

The Ropeway ride has three endpoints, and you can start the ride at any of them. So get in the cable car and face your Vertigo fear.


In conclusion, visiting Gangtok in one day is possible and should notice. There are many unique places to see and explore, from the Rumtek Monastery to the MG Marg pedestrian shopping street. 

Visitors can also take in some breathtaking city views from Tashi’s viewpoint and find fantastic local food in Gangtok’s bustling markets. 

Those looking for a more relaxed visit should consider visiting Namgyal Institute of Tibetology or Ganesh Tok View Point.

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