10 Places To Visit In Jhunjhunu

Rajasthan could be called “the Indian city of palaces and heritage buildings.” It is close, though. Its name means “The Land of Kings.” Here we will discuss the 10 best places to visit in Jhunjhunu.

You see, the reason is that Rajasthan is full of palaces, forts, mansions, and temples built by the many monarchies of the past. Among the many tourist spots in the state, Jhunjhunu stands out as a particularly nice one. 

It has a lot of temples and palaces and is one of the most famous places in Rajasthan for foreign visitors. But watch out for the summers here, and they are dangerously hot. 

Book at the correct times if you want to follow in the footsteps of happy tourists.

History Of Jhunjhunu

Jhunjhunu is a city in Rajasthan, India, with a rich historical past. Rao Jodhaji of the Rathore dynasty started in the middle of the 15th century. 

For most of its history, it was part of the Shekhawati region. During this time, it became an important trading hub, with merchants from Afghanistan and Persia coming to trade goods. 

The town soon flourished under the rule of able administrators who built magnificent architectural structures like forts, havelis, and palaces. These buildings are popular with tourists and show off some of Jhunjhunu’s art from this time. 

The most famous structure is the Chirawa Fort, which King Mukand Singh constructed in 1745. Even today, the fort is still in good shape, so it’s a must-see if you’re in Jhunjhunu.

Why Should You Visit Jhunjhunu?

Jhunjhunu is the perfect place to visit for a unique cultural experience. This city is home to many historical monuments, festivals, and structures that explore its rich history of culture and tradition. 

Khetri Mahal, Raja Khet Singh Ji Nahar’s 19th-century stronghold, and Chirawa Fort, built by King Jaswant Singh of Shekhawati, are Jhunjhunu’s top tourism sites.

This site will please architecture lovers with its stately structures kept with beautiful carvings and artworks.

10 Best Places To Visit In Jhunjhunu

1. Sone Chandi Ki Haveli

Sona chandi, which means “gold and silver,” is the best way to describe this haveli. Gold and silver pieces were once used to build parts of this palace, which is how it got its name. 

The royals used to go to the haveli to spend their free time playing games, drinking, and watching dance shows. 

People say the king has a particular room where he keeps all the gold and silver he gives the dancers after the presentations. Now, the place is a tourist destination with no valuable items like that.

2. The Dundlod Fort

The Dundlod Fort is full of beautiful carvings and frescoes that let you admire the beauty of old architecture. This fort used to be where ancient kings went to get away from danger. 

It has been through a lot but is still standing. People come from all over India to see this fort, which is famous in Jhunjhunu.

It is so beautiful because of its architecture and because the inside is filled with works of art, some of which were made by royals in their spare time.

3. Modi And Tibrewal Haveli – Places To Visit In Jhunjhunu

The Modi Haveli and the Tibrewal Haveli are two well-preserved old havelis found in the primary market of Jhunjhunu. Their architecture dates back hundreds of years. 

The care that has been taken of these havelis makes them one of the most luxurious properties. The interior, architecture, way of life, and beauty are all the same as they were back then. 

Because of the paintings, mirror work, sculptures, and wall carvings, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jhunjhunu.

4. The Khemi Sati Temple

The Khemi Sati shrine is one of the most popular places in Jhunjhunu. It has beautiful architecture and a very spiritual feel. 

The temple is built in a beautiful pinkish style and is surrounded by well-kept lawns where people can sit for a while and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. This temple is a viral Hindu pilgrimage site. 

It is dedicated to Lord Ram and Seeta, and many people come to pray there in the morning and evening. Moreover, the sounds of hymns playing here make it the most peaceful place.

5. Khetri Mahal

The Khetri Mahal is one of the most well-known places in Jhunjhunu. It is also known as the “wind palace.” 

This fort is well-known as the Wind Palace, but its roots go back to the 1700s when it was built. When the city was first built, the palace walls protected it from enemy attack by acting as a barrier around the city. 

The Khetri Mahal is now a popular place for tourists to visit. It has beautiful carvings on marble and different places to take pictures that will stand out.

6. Rani Sati Temple

The Rani Sati Temple is a well-known Hindu pilgrimage site that has been around for about 400 years and draws huge crowds daily. Hymns are played here, and you can hear them far away. 

In the morning, many people come here to pray. This temple is on the hills of Jhunjhunu and has a view of the whole town. 

It gets its name from one of the holiest places in Jhunjhunu. People come here to watch the beautiful sunset and pray during the evening aarti.

7. Mertani Baori

The Mertani Baori is an old step often considered Shekhawati’s most beautiful and elegant. It dates back several hundred years. 

When it was first built, only women were allowed to use this place to bathe and wash. This stepwell is a trendy tourist destination because it has many steps down through arches. 

Young people come here in the evening to hang out and enjoy the quiet.

8. The Aath Havelis – Places To Visit In Jhunjhunu

Jhunjhunu is known for its old-world charm, beautiful architecture, and exciting interiors. The Aath Haveli is where you can see some of the best traditional designs. 

This famous place in Jhunjhunu is a must-see if you are in the area. Its walls have beautiful paintings of Hindu gods and excellent, very pretty carvings. 

After dark, when bright lights are turned on inside the haveli, it comes to life.

9. Bihari Ji Temple

The Bihari Ji Temple is known for its old paintings and murals. It also has many sculptures and carvings of Hindu gods that are hundreds of years old. 

When the aarti is played in the morning and evening, many locals and tourists come to the temple to pray and ask for blessings. Around the temple is a beautifully kept garden where you can picnic with your family.

10. Badalgarh Fort

Nawab Fazi Khan built this fort in the 1600s when kings and queens would stay in its cozy rooms. The carvings and paintings on the walls of this fort are still there and are beautiful to look at. 

They show what authentic ancient interiors and architecture looked like. The Badalgarh Fort is a very prominent place in jhunjhunu. 

It draws many tourists who want to look at the beautiful architecture and have fun with their families.

How To Travel Safely In Jhunjhunu?

Traveling to the Indian state of Jhunjhunu is a fantastic experience, but knowing how to stay safe in this culturally diverse region is essential. To help travelers stay out of harm’s way, here are some crucial tips on traveling safely in Jhunjhunu. 

First and foremost, always be aware of your surroundings and any suspicious activity. Being vigilant can help you avoid dangerous situations and protect your belongings. 

Additionally, it is best to avoid wandering alone at night, as street crime can be problematic in some areas. Instead, try to travel with a group or with someone who knows the area well so they can guide you through unfamiliar places.

Is Jhunjhunu A Costly Place To Visit?

Jhunjhunu, located in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, is known for its traditional architecture and colorful culture. But is it also an expensive place to travel to? 

The cost of staying in Jhunjhunu will largely depend on your accommodation type. Budget-friendly options such as homestays are available for those on a tight budget who want to experience local culture. 

Luxury hotels and spas with top-notch services may be better for pampering. However, this lively city has something for every income.

How Much Does The Average Hotel Cost In Jhunjhunu?

When planning a trip to Jhunjhunu, India, there’s no doubt that you want to ensure your budget is in line with the cost of accommodations. But how much does the average hotel cost in Jhunjhunu? 

This article will outline the average costs of hotels and other lodging options in this Indian city. In general, accommodation in Jhunjhunu can range from budget-friendly to luxury. 

Budget travelers looking for an economical stay can find rooms for as little as 500 rupees per night; however, prices can go up to 10,000 rupees per night depending on location and amenities.

Best Time To Visit Jhunjhunu

Jhunjhunu, India, is a city steeped in history and culture. It is home to some of the country’s most exquisite handicrafts and monuments.

An ideal time to visit Jhunjhunu is winter, specifically from November to February. This period is pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 5-25 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for sightseeing. 

When booking flights and hotels in advance, visitors can get savings. These months also observe Diwali, Gangaur, and Teej, adding charm to your trip.

From fascinating Havelis to bustling markets – there are plenty of activities a tourist can indulge in while being here.


In conclusion, Jhunjhunu is a fantastic place to visit and explore. From the rich cultural heritage of its historical monuments to the beautiful lakes, deserts, and wildlife sanctuaries, there is something for everyone in Jhunjhunu. 

The city also offers traditional Rajasthani cuisine, local markets, and plenty of accommodation options to suit any budget. So whether you are a history buff, wildlife enthusiast, or just looking for a peaceful getaway, Jhunjhunu has something for everyone.

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