12 Best Places to Visit in Kovalam

Kovalam is a beautiful city in India, home to many attractions. This article will discover the best places to visit in Kovalam and explain why they should be on your bucket list.

It has something for everyone, from beaches and backwaters to historical monuments and art galleries. Kovalam has everything, whether you want a relaxing beach trip or a fun cultural adventure. 

12 Best Places to Visit in Kovalam

1. Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is one of the best places to go in Kovalam.

The 35-meter-tall Lighthouse at the southern end of this Arabian Sea shore offers a panoramic view. 

The Lighthouse is made of stones and has white and red bands around it. It is on top of a hill, which call Kurumkal hill. 

There is also a viewing point where you can see Poovar on one side and the Beemapalli mosque on the other. Lighthouse Beach is a great place to try different water sports because it is one of Kovalam’s busy beaches. 

Photographers love the place because it has beautiful beach scenes with blue water, palm trees, crashing waves, shiny sand, and a lighthouse.

2. Hawa Beach – Places To Visit In Kovalam

Hawa Beach is a popular place for tourists to visit in both Kerala and Kovalam. The beach is famous for being a natural wonder that separates the sea from the rest of Kovalam. 

When the sun shines on the vast stretch of sand from the clear blue sky, the sand sparkle and stands out against the blue water and green palm trees. 

It is only about 1.5 kilometers from the lighthouse beach and is known for one of India’s most undeveloped beaches. But swimming here is not a good idea because the water current is strong.

3. Samudra Beach

Kovalam has three well-known beaches. Samudra Beach is one of them. The other two are Lighthouse Beach and Hawa Beach. 

It is to the north of Kovalam and is separated from the other two beaches by a big rock. Samudra Beach is popular with tourists year-round who want to relax on their Kerala Holidays trip. 

It known for its peace, among other things. However, because there is a hill between the north and south coasts, this is the first time anyone has noticed the beach. 

This beach is one of the best places for a wedding because it is quiet, private, and has beautiful natural scenery. 

Another thing is making Samudra Beach more well-known in the tourist business. In this area, there have a lot of homestays run by locals that give off a real Kerala feel. 

In the homestays on Samudra Beach, you can stay in a cozy place that feels like home for a reasonable price.

4. Karamana River – Places To Visit In Kovalam

The Karamana River is a beautiful place to visit in Kovalam. 

It starts in the southern part of the Western Ghats and runs through Karamana, a small town near Kovalam. 

Along its way, the river flows through warm, green areas that draw people from all over India who want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Kerala has many beautiful backwaters, and the Karamana River is one of them. 

One way to get close to the heart is to stay in one of the houseboats on the river. On the river, several bridges join the two sides. 

The area where the Karamana River flows into the ocean is made up of rice, pepper, and veggie fields. You can also see two dams over the river: Aruvikkara and Peppara.

5. Edakallu

Edakallu should be on your list of must-see places in Kovalam if you want to see a beautiful sunset from somewhere other than the beach. This rock is a great spot to watch a beautiful sunset between the Lighthouse and Hawa Beach.

6. Veli Tourist Village

Veli Tourist Village is a spot for spending some time amidst nature. In addition, it is a popular place for picnics and fishing. 

It is between the Arabian Sea and the Veli Lake. This one-of-a-kind place is kept in good shape and is 12 kilometers from Kovalam City. 

People can have a great time in nature and choose from several water activities at their leisure.

7. Kovalam Art Gallery – Places To Visit In Kovalam

You can only go to Kovalam by stopping by the Kovalam Art Gallery. This beautiful art center has paintings and carvings that are hundreds of years old. 

Most of the art shows the old ways of living in India. So, the best way to find out more about traditional Indian art is to go to an art school. 

Raja Ravi Varma, Svetlova, and Nicolas Roerich are some of the artists whose work is in this gallery. In addition, ancient fresco paintings from long ago are shown in pieces.

8. Aruvikkara Dam

The Aruvikkara Dam is an excellent place to have a picnic near the city of Thiruvananthapuram. It was built over the Karamana River to help the city get water and help with farming. 

This beautiful spot in Kerala is a great place to spend the weekend. Along with this place, you can also go to the Karamana River.

9. Vizhinjam Rock – Cut Cave Temple

One of the most popular places in Kerala is the Vizhinjam Rock-Cut Cave Temple. This small rock temple was built in the 8th century and is about 17 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram. 

If you want to see how old temples built, add this place to your Kerala Tour. Since 1965, the Archaeological Survey of India has been in charge of taking care of it. 

Shiva (Tripurantaka) and his wife Parvati are shown in the temple with a bow and shot. The Vizhinjam Rock-Cut Temple is one of Kerala’s oldest churches.

10. Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple is one of the world’s most beautiful places of worship. The outside is a work of art. 

It is only 10 kilometers away from Kovalam and is one of the most popular places to visit in Kovalam. The style of the building is a mix of Chera and Dravidian. 

The temple has high walls, and a tower called a gopura that was built in the 1600s. Lord Vishnu is the most important god at the temple. 

You can find Padmanabhaswamy’s endless yoga sleep pose here. Padmanabhaswamy is the guardian god of the royal family of Travancore, and he also sleeps in this pose.

11. Halcyon Castle

In 1932, the royal family of Travancore, which now called Kerala, had Halcyon Castle built as a place to relax. People also call it Kovalam Palace. M.R. Sri Rama Varma Valiya Koil Thampuran built the house. 

He was married to Her Highness Maharani Sethu Lekshmi Bai. The house, built in the traditional Kerala style, was used by the royal family as a summer getaway until 1964. 

In 1964, the Kerala Government bought Kovalam Palace and turned it into a fancy hotel. Then, after some time, a private group of hotels bought it. 

The house is now part of a beach resort called International Beach Resort. It is two kilometers from Kovalam and is known as a historic luxury hotel.

12. Valiyathura Pier

Valiyathura Pier is a fishing port, but it has become famous for tourists because it has a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. It is also among Kerala’s top locations for watching the sunset. 

Before, it was the most significant part of the southern coast of Kerala and was used to move goods to other countries. If you like the water, the finest spot to visit is now just a fishing harbor. 

This pier is 60 years old and is made of cement and steel. 127 columns hold it up.


In conclusion, Kovalam is a beautiful place to explore, with various attractions and activities that travelers of all ages can enjoy. There’s something for everyone, from the pristine beaches, lush backwaters, stunning temples, and rich culture. 

Kovalam offers beach vacations, cultural excursions, and outdoor activities. So what are you waiting for?

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