Best Places To Visit In krishnanagar

Krishnanagar is a beautiful city located in West Bengal, India. It is known for its great food, culture, festivals, and history. 

The good news is that this article will give readers an overview of some of the best places to see and things to do in this charming city.

History Of krishnanagar

Krishnanagar is a historical city in the Nadia district of West Bengal, India. Raja Krishnachandra started it in 1728, and has been a significant part of Bengali culture. 

People know the city for its rich cultural history and colorful festivals all year. Krishnanagar was once the capital of Nadia, an independent kingdom Raja Krishnachandra established during his reign from 1710 to 1783 AD. 

During this time, Krishnanagar flourished as an important trading hub, and its rulers were patrons of art and literature. Under the rule of the Nawabs, Krishnanagar grew into a grand commercial center with many palaces and monuments built within it.

Why Should You Visit Krishnanagar?

Krishnanagar is a city in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is known for its unique culture, beautiful scenery, and many exciting things to do. 

If you want to travel somewhere memorable, that will give you much to learn. So you should put Krishnanagar on your list of places to visit.

This metropolitan area is home to numerous historical monuments that have survived. In addition, the local temples have elaborate carvings and artwork in the traditional Bengali manner.

In Krishnanagar’s parks, people may picnic or view birds. Local artisans create ceramics and jewelry for sale at local markets.

Best Places To Visit In Krishnanagar

1. The Krishnanagar Palace 

The palace is one of the most toured places in the city. It is also known as the Rajbari. 

There are a lot of people there, especially when there are festivals. The Jhulan Mela, which takes place in July and August, and Holi, also called Dol and is held in March or April, are two of the most important festivals in the palace. 

The temple of Goddess Durga, which is in the main courtyard and where the Durga Puja is held with great respect, is another famous part of the Rajbari.

2. The Roman Catholic Church – Places To Visit In krishnanagar

This Church, in Krishnanagar, is well-known for its beautiful design. However, it is best known for the beautiful paintings on canvas and other wooden frescos by Italian artists that show different parts of the life of Jesus Christ. 

There are a total of 27 of these paintings inside the Church. In addition, the Protestant Church, the College Bhavan, the Public Library, and the Krishna Nagar Academy are also close to the Church.

3. Ghurni – Places To Visit In krishnanagar

This part of Krishnanagar is known for making beautiful clay dolls. It is on the banks of the Jalangi River. 

Some people also call these dolls Krishnanagar clay dolls. Maharaja Krishnachandra spread the word about these dolls because he liked them so much. 

The artists here are especially good at making images of Hindu gods and goddesses that are used for worship all year long. They also make clay models of people and other things from real life, bringing many tourists to this part of the old city.

4. Navadvipa

This group of nine islands is better known by the name Nabadwip. This is because it looks like an eight-petaled flower, which is why it has that name. 

Sri Chaitanya, a 15th-century saint, and reformer, was born in this riverside town. The golden statue of Sri Chaitanya makes the temple of Nabadwip famous. 

Navadvipa is well-known for being the headquarters of ISKCON as well as the center of Vaishnav culture.

How To Travel Safely In Krishna nagar? 

Traveling to Krishnanagar can be a thrilling experience. But it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. 

This guide will provide you with tips on how to travel safely in Krishnanagar, one of India’s most vibrant cities. 

First, make sure you are aware of local customs and laws. You must dress appropriately when visiting religious sites or other places of worship, as this will show respect for the local culture. 

In addition, it is important to research any safety concerns before embarking on your journey. This could include checking up-to-date news reports or consulting tour operators and locals about potential dangers. 

Another tip for travelers in Krishnanagar is to avoid carrying vast amounts of cash or valuables with you at all times.

Is Krishna nagar A Costly Place To Visit?

Krishnanagar’s cost depends on what you do there. Travelers should check the pricing of budget hotels and premium resorts before reserving.

Food costs vary on where you eat, from street booths to upmarket restaurants. Sightseeing excursions and shopping outings may add up rapidly if not adequately planned.

How Much Does The Average Hotel Cost In Krishna nagar?

The answer depends on what type of hotel you’re looking for and where it’s located. On average, a three-star hotel will cost around Rs 800 per night, while a five-star property can set you back as much as Rs 4500 per night. 

For those on a budget, plenty of affordable hotels are available starting at just Rs 500 per night. If you’re willing to stay outside the town center or in less popular areas, prices are even lower!

What Can You Buy From Krishna nagar?

Krishnanagar Clay Dolls: These dolls are very popular with tourists, who usually buy them to decorate their homes. But they can also be used as gifts or as a way to remember something. 

People often go to the small village of Ghurni to have clay dolls made by artists who can make them just the way they want them.

Sweet dishes: Krishnanagar is known for its many sweet dishes, especially in the small area of Ranaghat. Sweets like “Sarbhaja” and “Sarpuria” show how skilled the people who make sweets in the city are. 

Adar Chandra Das, a well-known sweet shop in the area, sells these and many other kinds of sweets of excellent quality and taste great.

Handloom Items: The city is known for its wide range of items. People like to buy a wide range of these things for themselves and as gifts for friends back home.

Best Time To Visit krishnanagar

The best time to visit Krishnanagar is during the winter months, between October and March. During this time, temperatures are mild and pleasant. 

This is perfect for exploring the temple sites and taking in the stunning scenery. 

These months also happen when festivals like Durga Puja occur; locals come out in droves to celebrate with processions and traditional music performances. 

If you’re looking for a unique experience with lots of atmospheres, these are definitely the months to visit!


In conclusion, the city of Krishnanagar is a dream destination for any traveler seeking to experience the best India offers. From iconic landmarks, and cultural attractions, to delicious local cuisine and friendly people, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time. 

Whether looking for a lovely getaway or just a fun-filled holiday with your friends, Krishnanagar is the perfect spot.

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