10 Places To Visit In Kurukshetra For Couples

Kurukshetra is the land witnessing the legendary battle of Mahabharata. It is a historical treasure trove and a sanctuary for couples seeking an enchanting getaway. Finding the top places for couples to visit in Kurukshetra was difficult.

Kurukshetra, an ancient Haryana city, offers much for couples seeking romantic experiences. You can visit sacred temples, enjoy beautiful lakes, try delicious local food, and soak in the spiritual atmosphere. 

It is the ideal place to escape the daily grind and reconnect with your sweetheart while exploring history and spirituality.

So pack your luggage, prepare for time travel, and let us show you Kurukshetra’s most enticing sights for aching hearts.

Places To Visit In Kurukshetra For Couples

1. Sheikh Chillis Tomb

This elegant structure was built in the 17th century AD. It is the final resting place of the Sufi saint Abdur Abdur-Rahim, also known as Sheikh Chilli or Chili. 

The Mughal Emperor Shahjahan’s oldest son, Dara Shikoh, was a devout disciple of Sheikh Chilli. The tomb is made of beige sandstone and has a white marble dome. 

Beautiful Mughal gardens surround it. There is also a smaller tomb where the saint’s wife is buried. 

The building also includes a madrasa and an archaeological museum displaying artifacts found during Kurukshetra excavations.

  • Location: Darra Khera, Kalyan Nagar, Thanesar, Haryana 136118
  • Price: Rs. 25/- per head for Indian citizens and visitors of SAARC
  • Rs. 100/- for foreigners
  • Timing: 09:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M, closed on Fridays
  • Best Time to Visit: September to March

2. Srikrishna Museum – Places To Visit In Kurukshetra For Couples

President of India at the time Sri R. Venkataraman established the museum in 1987. President Ms. Pratibha Patil inaugurated two new buildings in February 2012 for the Gita Gallery and Multimedia Mahabharata. 

The museum shows paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, relics, and other items about Lord Vishnu’s Krishna avatar from the Mahabharata and Bhagavata Purana. It also displays wood panels, bronze castings, ivory works, palm-leaf etchings, stone sculptures, and miniature paintings.

A clay and paper mache tableau is also on show, making it a must-visit attraction.

  • Location: Thanesar City Railway Station, Haryana 136118
  • Price: Children up to the age of 5 years 
  • Tickets for children aged 5 to 10 cost Rs. 10. 
  • People over 10 years old pay an entry fee of Rs. 30.
  • Timing: 10:00 AM -4:00 PM, Monday closed

3. Brahma Sarovar

This particular lake is mentioned in Al Beruni’s writings. It is a popular place to visit in Kurukshetra. 

Many people come here during a solar eclipse to bathe, believing it will give them eternal salvation. The lake has a stunning sunset view, with the sun’s golden streaks reflecting on the calm water. 

Tourists come here all day to see the sights, shop for beautiful handmade items, and try delicious local food. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the middle of the lake, which visitors can reach by crossing a bridge. 

In the evening, they can witness a divine ritual called aarti and feel connected to their spirituality.

  • Location: Kurukshetra, Thanesar, Haryana, India
  • Timing: Open at all times
  • Best Time to Visit: November and December

4. Kurukshetra Panorama And Science Centre

The Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre displays how science has influenced Indian religion. The bottom level contains interactive scientific displays that integrate Indian culture and technology. 

They show ancient Indian scientific advances, including atoms, matter, algebra, geometry, medicine, surgery, and astronomy. On the first floor is a lifelike panorama of the Mahabharata battle. 

Each episode of the battle is explained scientifically. The panorama is enhanced with light and sound effects, including chanting from the Gita and war cries. 

This creates a sensational atmosphere.

  • Location: Pehowa Road, Dukh Bhanjan Colony, Kurukshetra
  • Price: Rs. 20./- per person, and for students
  • Rs. 10/- per head (Group Visits)
  • Timing: 10 AM – 5 PM, Monday closed
  • Best Time to Visit: September to March

5. Sannihit Sarovar – Places To Visit In Kurukshetra For Couples

According to Hindu mythology, this lake is where Lord Vishnu lives. It is said that all the holy waters of the Saraswati River come together in this lake during a solar eclipse. 

Pilgrims believe bathing in this lake will give them the same blessings as a sacred Hindu ritual. This holy location in Kurukshetra has shrines for Dhruv Narayan, Bhagat, Vishnu, Laxmi, Hanuman, and Durga. 

Some famous Sikh Gurus have also visited this place.

  • Location: Pehowa Road, 3 km from Kurukshetra
  • Price: There are no entry fees
  • Timing: Not confirmed

6. Nilkanth Mahadev Mandir – Places To Visit In Kurukshetra For Couples

The temple honors Nilkanth, Lord Shiva. He is regarded as the Indian god with a blue throat who took poison. 

This shrine attracts pilgrims seeking salvation, health, riches, and wisdom. The temple at Kurukshetra is beside a gorgeous lake, adding to its appeal.

  • Location: Dukh Bhanjan Colony, Kurukshetra, Haryana 136118
  • Timing: not confirmed
  • Best Time to Visit: During the Savan month, pilgrims seek Lord Shiva’s blessings.

7. Dharohar Museum

Kurukshetra has a lot of ancient and cultural treasures, which displayed in this museum. It is a popular place to visit in Kurukshetra. 

The museum has over 3000 unique artifacts, paintings, manuscripts, and photographs. People from other countries also come here to study. 

The museum also has an outdoor theater where cultural and folk performances happen regularly. These performances are worth seeing.

  • Location: Kurukshetra University, Thanesar, Haryana 136119, India
  • Price: Children under 10 enter for free. The entrance charge for adults and children over 10 is Rs. 5.
  • Timing: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Mondays holiday  
  • Best Time to Visit: September to March

8. Tau Devi Lal Town Park – Places To Visit In Kurukshetra For Couples

This park is great for birdwatchers. People who love nature can come here to watch birds and study the different plants. 

The park is two acres big and has a 1 km long path popular for walking and jogging. The park is well taken care of and has beautiful greenery. 

People who exercise here can smell the roses from the rose garden. The Plain Prinia, Ashy Prinia, Intermediate Egret, Green Bee-eater, Red-Wattled Lapwing, and Common Hoopoe are some particular types of birds seen here.

  • Location: Sector – 7, Sector – 6, HUDA, Panipat, Haryana 132103
  • Timing: 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM 
  • Best Time to Visit: Enjoy pleasant walks in the early mornings and evenings.

9. O.P.Jindal Park

Industrialist and MP Sri Naveen Jindal created the Park to memorialize his father, Haryana Power Minister O. P. Jindal.

This Park is the biggest of its kind in this area of India. 

It covers 14 acres and is a popular tourist spot in Kurukshetra. The park has large green lawns with a lovely rose garden that smells pleasant. 

There is also a peaceful meditation center for people to relax. Tourists of all ages can enjoy the park’s jogging area, musical fountain, and playground. 

Additionally, the park has a small zoo and provides entertainment for everyone.

  • Location: Kuber Colony, Thanesar, Haryana 136118, India
  • Timing: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Best Time to Visit: Meditation and running are excellent in the mornings, year-round. Kids may use the play area in the afternoons.

10. Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple – Places To Visit In Kurukshetra For Couples

The Pandavas from Mahabharata worshipped Lord Shiva at this temple and won Kurukshetra from the Kauravas. 

The Shiva temple at Kurukshetra is a significant tourist attraction. 

The nearby reservoir believed to have blessed water with medicinal properties. Legend says King Ban, who had leprosy, was cured after bathing in this tank. 

It is also believed that Lord Parashuram, a brave Brahmin warrior, defeated the Kshatriyas at this place. Sthaneshwar is also known as the ancient capital of Emperor Harshavardhana.

  • Location: Kuber Colony, Thanesar, Haryana 136118, India
  • Price: There are no entry fees
  • Timing: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM 
  • Best Time to Visit: Early morning and evening from September to March

Final Thoughts

Kurukshetra has many romantic places for couples to visit and make memories. Couples can go on a boat ride at Brahma Sarovar, walk together in pretty parks. There is something for every couple to enjoy.

These romantic retreats are enhanced by the city’s rich history and culture. So why delay? Explore Kurukshetra and feel its beauty on your next visit. 

Reconnect with your sweetheart in a lovely spot away from the everyday grind.

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