11 Best Places To Visit Leh Ladakh In June

Ladakh is attracting nature lovers, adventurers, and pious tourists. Ladakh’s lush slopes, nearby hills, leafy woods, and gleaming rivers will enchant you during your June holiday. Time seems to stand still here, and we’ve collected a list of the best places to visit in Leh Ladakh in June so you can fully appreciate its unique features.

Ladakh‘s tourist season officially starts in June. Because of its rich history and cultural passion, the small town is a haven for tourists worldwide. 

Here, you won’t be able to find answers to questions you haven’t thought about in a long time. Instead, you can get back in touch with your feelings, which you may have lost touch with. 

11 Best Places To Visit In Leh Ladakh In June

1. Turtuk Village

The northwestern part of Ladakh, where Turtuk village is, is one of India’s last rural wonderlands. Before the 1971 war, this unnamed village was part of Pakistan. 

After the war, India took it over. So then, thousands of people visit its beautiful surroundings every year. 

It has beautiful views of the Karakoram Mountains, rocky roads, and hiking trails with no shade.

2. Pangong Lake – Places To Visit In Leh Ladakh In June

The widest part of Pangong Lake is 600 square kilometers, and it is in both China and Tibet. In the summer, it is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh. 

Since the lake freezes over in the winter, the best time to visit is between the sunny days of June. The lake starts to melt in April, and by June, it looks beautiful. 

It is a salty body of water that doesn’t have many living things in it. However, a few kinds of crabs do well in the lake. 

Hundreds of strange birds fly over the lake, making for a beautiful sight. You can also camp by the lake for an experience you’ll never forget. 

You can visit the lake in June and see some rare Brahmin ducks.

3. Thiksey Monastery


This Buddhist monastery in Tibet is also called the Thikse Gompa. It is 3,600 meters above sea level. 

This beautiful 12-story house has many Buddhist-inspired features and is a great place to visit in Ladakh in the summer. It is a place where you can find peace and learn about the history of Buddhism. 

There are some interesting old books, paintings, monuments, and swords. This monastery is one of the most popular ones in Ladakh. 

Each year, thousands of people come to see it. June is a perfect time to see the magical beauty of the monastery because the weather is nice, and you won’t be too tired. 

You can go to the Tara Temple, which is in the same area as the monastery.

4. Tso Moriri

One of the high-altitude lakes in Ladakh, this oligotrophic freshwater formation is a popular summer vacation spot. The best time to see Tso Moriri Lake is in the summer. 

This is because you can see several kinds of birds that aren’t seen very often. In addition, people come to the lake to camp at the many campsites around it. 

You can also enjoy the calm wind during the hot months as you travel to Ladakh. Near the lake is a forest home to Himalayan blue sheep, marmots, and Tibetan gazelles, among other native wild animals. 

If you start to take a troll into the thick forest, you might see a mountain leopard or Tibetan wolves.

5. Leh Market

Ladakh is famous for its beautiful scenery and rich history. However, most don’t know it has a busy shopping scene. 

At the Leh Market, visitors can buy one-of-a-kind handicrafts, statues, textiles, manuscripts, and other ancient items to remember their trip. Handmade crafts, clothes, local paintings called Thangkas, Buddhist statues, postage stamps, and wooden items are all must-buys.

6. Alchi Monastery

The Alchi monastery is the oldest place to study Buddhism in the world. It is on the banks of the Indus River. 

It is also the biggest gompa in the town. The Alchi Gompa is unlike most other monasteries because it is not built on top of a mountain. 

Instead, it is built on a flat piece of land. It has bright colors and Buddha figures that are carved in a very detailed way. 

The Alchi monastery is enormous, and it will take about two to three hours to see everything there. Remember that you have enough time to do the activity.

7. Indian Astronomical Observatory

This unique tourist attraction in Ladakh is also the tallest research center in the world. It is 4500 meters above sea level in Changthang’s cold desert. 

The most significant amount of very translucent sky in India may be found at this location. This is because the observatory runs on energy from the sun.

 Since they haven’t used diesel generators in 21 years, this business is perfect for the environment.

8. Zanskar Valley – Places To Visit In Leh Ladakh In June

The Zanskar Valley is a great place to visit in Ladakh in June if you are interested in natural scenery, spirituality, or history. It has a beautiful view and a lot of exciting things to see. 

The weather is nice now, and many different kinds of plants and animals exist. This is the best time to go outside and do things. 

You can choose from various hiking trails and even book a spot on a river rafting trip.

9. Nubra Valley

The Nubra Valley in Ladakh is a unique place to visit in June because it has a strange mix of new buildings and old customs. 

At this time of year, the clouds cover the hills around this valley, making it look like a scene from a dream. Choose an open-air jeep tour to get around the sandhills and have a fun adventure.

10. Shanti Stupa – Places To Visit In Leh Ladakh In June

The Shanti Stupa is a beautiful white building seen all over the city. It is also known as the symbol of travel to Ladakh. 

This is what the Peace Pagoda is meant to do. It is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., with beautiful sunrise views and lighting that sometimes make the stupa even more enjoyable. 

On the grounds of the Shanti Stupa, there is a room for meditation where you can think about how you feel inside.

11. Stok Palace

The Stok Palace is among the best places in Ladakh in June. It shows how the royal family lived and its long history. 

It is still used as a vacation home for the royal family. The palace’s museum displays blades, old crowns, formal outfits, copper pans, weapons, regal china cups, and more.

You will be in for a treat if you visit Ladakh during the summer. There will be colorful festivals and competitions in some of the villages, which will add a fun element to your trip. 

Also, watching them and hanging out with the locals might be fun.


In conclusion, Leh Ladakh is the ultimate summer destination for those seeking a unique experience. Plenty of activities and attractions exist, from its enchanting Buddhist monasteries to its picturesque landscapes. 

This region has breathtaking views and offers many outdoor activities for thrill seekers, such as trekking, mountain biking, and river rafting. With the warm weather in June, you can take advantage of all Leh Ladakh offers.

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