14 Places to Visit in Lonavala in Summer

Lonavala is an incredible destination for a summer getaway! Lonavala is in the beautiful Western Ghats and has many exciting things to see and do for tourists. Here are the 14 best places to visit in Lonavala in the summer.

There are plenty of places to explore, from unique wildlife parks to stunning natural landscapes. So, whether you want to relax in nature or have an adrenaline rush, this hill station has it all. 

Get ready to experience the magic of Lonavala and discover its hidden gems this summer!

Here are the 14 best places to visit in Lonavala in the summer:

1. Pawna Lake Camping

Are you seeking a fantastic way to spend the weekend? Then Pawna Lake Campground is the place to be! 

It is located just two hours from Mumbai and Pune. This peaceful place is a great way to escape the busy city life.

Surrounded by rolling hills and lush greenery, visitors can enjoy stunning lake views. So, what distinguishes Pawna Lake Camping?

Campers can do many different things there, like fishing, hiking, grilling, and even light water sports. With comfortable accommodation options in tents or cottages, there’s something here for everyone! 

And if you need more than that to get you there, there are a lot of restaurants where you can eat tasty meals with local flavors.

2. Rajmachi Fort Trek and Camping

Rajmachi Fort Trek and Camping is an exciting way to discover Maharashtra’s natural beauty. The Rajmachi Fort Trek is an excellent adventure for anyone who wants to travel. 

It is at an elevation of 2710 feet. Surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain range, it provides a unique experience with breathtaking vistas.

The trek to Rajmachi Fort starts from Karjat. The journey is thrilling, with a 4 km uphill climb through deep ravines and dense forests. 

The hike is pretty straightforward, but it’s worth every step because you can see beautiful sights. Once there, you may camp near the fort walls or at Lake Udhewadi—perfect sites for photographers wanting to catch Sahyadri sunsets.

3. Lohagad Camping and Trekking

Lohagad Camping and Trekking let you see India’s beauty. This picturesque campground in Maharashtra’s Western Ghats boasts excellent views of Lohagad Fort and the surrounding valleys.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert trekker, this is a terrific opportunity to visit India. Camping starts with a trek to Lohagad Fort, where you can see magnificent vistas.

At the summit, travelers will find beautiful foliage, waterfalls, and lakeside campsites. Once situated for the night, explorers may enjoy hot meals while bird viewing, rappelling, and rock climbing.

4. Della Adventure Park

Della Adventure Park has something to suit everyone’s taste. From rock climbing and mountain biking to rappelling down a cliff or going on a zipline across the valley, excitement is guaranteed! 

The park also offers full-day passes that include meals, allowing guests to relax and unwind without worrying about food. Remember to purchase your tickets online before visiting Della Adventure Park.

Get ready for a fun-filled day of adventure with friends and family! Make sure you don’t miss out on all the exciting activities it offers—get your tickets now!

5. Kune Waterfalls

Kune Waterfalls is a breathtaking sight to behold. The waterfalls are a natural wonder in the Indian state of Maharashtra that will leave you in awe. 

Surrounded by lush forests and tall hills, Kune Waterfalls is a sight you won’t soon forget! The falls reach an impressive 300-foot drop and flow with the force of thousands of gallons of water! 

At Kune Waterfalls, visitors can experience all that nature has to offer. Wildlife and plants are abundant within the area, adding to its tranquil beauty. 

To top it off, plenty of activities are available, such as trekking and rock climbing, for those seeking more adventure. Kune Waterfall is a must-see for anyone who wants to see nature at its best. It has beautiful views and lots of things to do.

6. Aamby Valley – Places to Visit in Lonavala in Summer

Aamby Valley is a special place to go on vacation if you want to stay in a luxury hotel. It is in Maharashtra, India, near Lonavala. 

It has a wide range of activities and services that make it perfect for any vacation. Aamby Valley’s verdant slopes, enormous golf courses, magnificent spa, and world-class restaurants will surpass your expectations.

Aamby Valley’s lakeside homes and championship golf courses provide a spectacular retreat. This lovely resort offers something for everyone, from adventure to beach relaxation.

There’s no lack of entertaining things to do in Goa, with its gorgeous landscapes and water sports, parasailing, and more.

7. Lion’s Point

There aren’t enough words to describe how beautiful Lion’s Point is. It’s a great place to go to in Khandala.

Lion’s Point is a popular spot for tourists to see the beauty of nature. It is 12 kilometers from the center of town. 

It shows green thickets and beautiful waterfalls as part of its panoramic views. During the monsoons, the atmosphere is most appealing, and the whole valley is full of life. 

You can see the Shivling peak to the left from the notch, and driving to this Point is like the icing on the cake.

8. Tiger’s Leap – Places to Visit in Lonavala in Summer

The Tiger’s Leap is one of the most popular places in Khandala because it has excellent views. The valley got its name because it looks like a tiger jumping into a ravine. 

The viewpoint is close to Lonavala and is an excellent choice for anyone who loves nature. From its height of 650 meters above the ground, you can see the Western Ghats and beautiful views of the nearby hills. 

It also has an “echo point” where you can yell the names and hear them echoing back from the valley. This place is worth visiting with your family, partner, or friends.

9. Imagica Adlabs

In 2013, Adlabs opened Imagica Theme Park to give India’s young people a place for high-quality entertainment. The 130-acre park has various rides. 

The Imagica theme park is divided into six zones, representing India, Viva Europa (Europe), Arabia (the Middle East), Asiana (the Futuristic World), Americana (the USA), and Jambo Africa (Africa). The Mumbai-Pune Expressway (NH4) park is 70 kilometers from both cities (85 km). 

Theme parks, water parks, and snow parks make up Adlabs Imagica. High-octane coasters, gravity-challenging slides, natural snowfall, low temperatures, DJ music, family and kids’ activities, and various restaurants and bars provide unlimited enjoyment.

Tubby-the-tales, Neera-the-music, mermaids, and the laser show delight kids and adults. Floating Baba in Arabia, Flippers in Asia, BoomBoxers in America, jugglers, clowns, cartoon figures, etc., amuse and amaze people. Novotel Imagica provides unmatched amenities and comfort.

10. Lonavala Lake

The Indrayani River feeds Lonavala Lake, which is outside of Lonavala. The lake is the best example of natural beauty. 

The lake is even called the “monsoon lake” because it gets so full of water during the rainy season. Lonavala lake is attractive because it fills up during the monsoons and dries up during the winter. 

If you want to fish, swim, or watch birds, this is the place to go. Different exotic plants and animals add to the lake’s beauty.

11. Bhaja Caves

The Bhaja Caverns are ancient Buddhist caves in Lonavala, Maharashtra. These caverns’ 2nd-century BCE carvings and sculptures are unforgettable.

Because of their history and culture, the Archaeological Survey of India has conserved these caves. As a result, these beautiful rock-cut caverns have exquisitely carved stupas, chaityagrihas, pillared halls, viharas, and Buddha’s life tale sculptures.

12. Bhushi Dam – Places to Visit in Lonavala in Summer

In the middle of Lonavala, Maharashtra, there is a hidden gem called Bhushi Dam. Located near the Indrayani river, Bhushi Dam is one of the most popular tourist spots among locals and visitors alike. 

The dam’s rich flora and calm waterways make a lovely environment for family time. Bhushi Dam is perfect for adventurers.

Visitors can participate in thrilling activities such as rappelling, rock climbing, and trekking. Moreover, there are many restaurants nearby where one can enjoy delicious local specialties while taking in stunning views of nature. This paradise has something for everyone, from nature lovers to adrenaline junkies!

13. Karla Caves – Places to Visit in Lonavala in Summer

The Karla caves are near Lonavala and are in the town of Karli. They have ancient Indian Buddhist rock-cut cave architecture. 

These tranquil caverns are the most excellent spots to explore in Lonavala in the summer. In addition, the Archaeological Survey of India takes care of the Karla Caves, a group of 16 cut-rock temples with historical value. 

The eighth of these 16 caves is a Chaitya-Griha, the most beautiful and most significant Chaitya-Griha in India. The caves have beautiful architecture and draw people in with their arched entrances, beautiful sculptures and carvings, and grand interiors. 

There is also a monastery with two 15-meter-tall grand pillars that date back to the 2nd century BC and is an essential place for Buddhists.

14. Wet N Joy Water Park

Wet N Joy is an amusement park with both water and thrill rides. There are many things to do there. 

There are rides and attractions in the water park, such as the Royal Castle, Rain Dance, Crazy River, Thunder Waves, and Fungama. On the other hand, the thrill park has rides like the Cyclone, Nightmare, Whizzard, Mat racer, Sky fall, Master blaster, Extreme Volcano, Boomerango, Tornado, and Freefall. 

For visitors’ convenience, the park has a shuttle service, a medical emergency room, and digital ways to pay for things. Also, the park actively offers different things to different groups, such as business groups and college students.


In conclusion, Lonavala is a fantastic summer destination for anyone looking for rest. From its beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and mountains to its delicious local cuisine, it has something for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful weekend away or an adventure-filled getaway, there’s no better place than Lonavala. It’s time to plan your trip now and enjoy the beauty of this incredible location! 

Remember to capture every moment so you can reflect on it later with happy memories.

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