10 Best Places To Visit In Palakkad

Palakkad is a beautiful district in Kerala, India. It is at the base of the Western Ghats. This article will find the best 10 places to visit in Palakkad.

Palakkad is famous for its beautiful scenery and calm atmosphere. The district is home to many tourist attractions, including the Nelliyampathy Hills, the Malampuzha Dam, and the Tipu Sultan Fort.

Perhaps you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation destination. Then Palakkad is the perfect place for you. 

History Of Palakkad

The city of Palakkad is situated in Kerala. It serves as the administrative center for the Palakkad District.

The city is situated on the Bharathapuzha River. Palakkad was formerly known as Palghat.

The history of Palakkad dates back to the 9th century AD. Then, the region was ruled by different dynasties, such as the Cheras, Cholas, and Pandyas. 

In 1757, Haider Ali, the ruler of Mysore, conquered Palakkad from the Zamorin of Calicut. The British took control of Palakkad during their colonization of India in 1766. 

During British rule, Palakkad was an essential military base because it was in a good spot.

The name Palakkad is derived from two Malayalam words—pal meaning “dry,” and kadu meaning “forest.”

Why Should You Visit Palakkad?

Palakkad is a beautiful district located in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is known for its rich culture and stunning natural scenery. 

Here are three reasons why you should visit Palakkad:

1. To gain knowledge of traditional Kerala culture: Palakkad is home to many traditional temples, churches, and mosques. The district also has a number of traditional festivals that are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

2. To take in the spectacular natural scenery: Palakkad has many beautiful natural features, from lush green hills to clean river valleys. The district is also home to several wildlife sanctuaries. There, you may see rare and endangered animal and bird species.

3. To relax and rejuvenate in the serene surroundings: Palakkad offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to budget hotels.

10 Best Places To Visit In Palakkad

Here are top 10 best places to visit in Palakkad:

1. Nelliyampathy Hills Is One Of The Best Places To Visit In Palakkad

Nelliyampathy Hills is a beautiful and peaceful escape from city life. This gorgeous hill station overlooks the Western Ghats at 467–1572 meters above sea level.

Visitors can enjoy activities like trekking, bird watching, and picnicking in this idyllic setting. So soak in the natural beauty of Nelliyampathy Hills and make some beautiful memories with your loved ones.

2. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Palakkad, Kerala, is one of India’s most famous tiger reserves. The reserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including tigers, leopards, elephants, and bison. 

The Indian gharial and the Bengal florican are two rare and endangered animals in this reserve. In addition, the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world.

3. Kava

Kava is a small town in Kerala, India’s southernmost state. It is located in the Palakkad district beside the Nila River.

Kava has a population of approximately 20,000 people. The town is known for its scenic beauty and its temples. 

Kava is also home to a number of industries, including agriculture and tourism.

4. Malampuzha Dam

The Malampuzha Dam is the largest irrigation dam in Kerala, India. 

The dam is situated on the Malampuzha River in the Palakkad district.

The dam was built in 1955 and has a height of 115 feet (35 meters). This dam provides irrigation to an area of 1,200 square kilometers. 

It also supplies drinking water to the city of Palakkad and its surrounding areas.

5. Malampuzha Garden and Dam

One of the most popular places in Palakkad is the Malampuzha Garden and Dam. The garden is situated on the banks of the Malampuzha River. 

It has a lot to see and do, like an artificial lake, a water park, an amusement park, and a snake park. The dam is also a popular spot for picnics and fishing.

6. Seethargundu Viewpoint

Palakkad’s Seethargundu Viewpoint offers a great Western Ghats panorama. The viewpoint is 2,640 feet above sea level. 

It has a beautiful view of the mountains, valleys, and forests. 

The Anamudi Mountain, the tallest peak in South India, is also visible to visitors. At Palakkad’s Seethargundu Viewpoint, you can have a picnic, watch birds, or take wildlife pictures.

7. Kalpathy Temple

Radhasangamam at Kalpathy festival ( Ratholsavam ) PALAKKAD 15/11/2012 @ Photo by Arun Sreedhar

In Palakkad, there is a Hindu temple called the Kalpathy Temple. It was built in the 14th century. 

The temple is one of the oldest in India and is a shrine to Lord Vishnu. The temple has unique architecture, with a granite structure and intricate carvings. 

8. Tipu Sultan Fort Is One Of The Best Places To Visit In Palakkad

Tipu Sultan Fort is located in the Palakkad district of Kerala, India. Hyder Ali built the fort in 1766, and his son, Tipu Sultan, later strengthened it. 

The fort is covered by a moat and has thick walls made of granite. It has two temples inside—one dedicated to Lord Hanuman and the other to Lord Siva. 

Inside the fort, there is a mosque as well.

Tipu Sultan retook the fort in 1790 after the British had taken it in 1784. However, it was finally taken over by the British in 1792. 

The fort is now a protected monument and is open to visitors.

9. Dhoni Waterfalls

The three waterfalls that make up the Dhoni Waterfalls are in Palakkad. The waterfalls are situated on the Meenachil River, a tributary of the Periyar River.

The Dhoni Waterfalls are a popular tourist destination in Palakkad. The falls are accessible by road from the town of Palakkad. 

The journey to the falls takes around 30 minutes by car.

10. Attapadi Reserve Forest

The Attapadi Reserve Forest is located in the Palakkad district of Kerala. It is one of the most extensive forests in the state and covers an area of 1,200 hectares. 

The forest is full of different plants and animals and is a popular place for nature lovers and people who want to try new things.

The Attapadi Reserve Forest is a haven for wildlife. Animals like elephants, tigers, leopards, deer, and sloth bears live there. 

The forest also has a rich birdlife, with over 150 species of birds being found here. The Attapadi Reserve Forest is also home to the rare Nilgiri tahr, an endangered mountain goat species.

How To Travel Safely In Palakkad? 

As the largest city in Kerala, Palakkad is a popular destination for tourists. When going to Palakkad, there are a few to keep in mind.

1. Avoid traveling alone at night. Stick to well-lit and busy areas.

2. Keep your belongings close and be aware of your surroundings. 

3. Use only licensed taxis or auto-rickshaws from reputable stands. Do not accept rides from strangers.

4. Avoid carrying large sums of money and keep valuables safe and secure.

5. When visiting temples or other religious sites, dress conservatively and respect local customs and traditions.

Is Palakkad A Costly Place To Visit?

No, Palakkad is not a costly place to visit. On the contrary, it is affordable, with many cheap hotels and restaurants. 

The main attractions in Palakkad are the temples, which are free to enter, and the beautiful scenery, which you can enjoy for free. 

There are also many cheap shops selling souvenirs and local handicrafts.

How Much Does The Average Hotel Cost In Palakkad?

The average hotel cost in Palakkad is between 500 and 1,000 rupees per night. However, some luxury hotels can cost up to 5,000 rupees per night. 

Most hotels in Palakkad are near the city center and have a variety of amenities, such as swimming pools, restaurants, and fitness centers.

What Can You Buy From Palakkad?

Palakkad is known for its spices, coffee, and tea. Therefore, many shops are selling these items in Palakkad.

If you are looking for spices, you can buy cardamom, cloves, pepper, and turmeric from Palakkad. The town is also famous for its coffee and tea.

Perhaps you are looking for a souvenir from Palakkad. You can buy a spice box or a coffee mug from one of the shops in the town.

Best Time To Visit Palakkad

Between October and March is the best time to visit Palakkad. This is when the weather is cool and pleasant, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. 

The months of April and May are hot and humid. So it’s best to avoid visiting during this time. 

June to September is the monsoon season in Palakkad. So the weather is often wet and rainy.


In conclusion, Palakkad is a great place to visit with its many temples, forts, and natural attractions. With something for everyone, Palakkad is a must-visit destination in Kerala. So pack your bags and get ready for a fantastic trip!

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