9 Places To Visit In Shimla In One Day

Shimla is a beautiful place to visit. It is a popular hill station renowned for its views of the Himalayan Mountains and lush green forests. In this article we will discuss about the 9 places to visit in Shimla in one day.

If you have one day in Shimla, you may still see all this wonderful city has to offer. The perfect combination of culture, nature, and adventure creates a unique experience you will remember.

Top 9 Places To Visit In Shimla In One Day

1. Jakhu Temple / Jakhu Hill

Jakhu Temple is one of the oldest temples in Shimla. It is on top of Jakhu Hill. 

It has been a popular place for pilgrims and tourists since the ruler of Bushahr State built it in 1845. Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, it attracts thousands of worshipers each year.

The temple is on top of Jakhu Hill, which is 2,600 meters high and has a great view of the hills and valleys around it. Moreover, it surround by lush green forests, making the experience even more beautiful. 

The entryway has a 2003 Lord Hanuman statue that is 108 feet tall.

2. The Ridge – Places To Visit In Shimla In One Day

The Ridge in Shimla is a popular place for tourists to see nature’s beauty. It is in the middle of the city, and you can see snow-capped mountains and lush green hills.

For those seeking peace away from daily life, it’s excellent. It is located between Mall Road, with numerous businesses and restaurants, and Jakhoo Hill, with a historic Hanuman temple.

Many tourists visit this place to get a bird’s-eye view of the entire city from its terrace. This terrace is also great for people who love photography and want to take pictures of beautiful things with their cameras.

3. Christ Church

Christ Church, Shimla, is a beautiful landmark located in India’s former British summer capital. One of North India’s oldest churches, it’s stunning against the Himalayas.

It was built between 1844 and 1857 as part of a group of buildings that included St. Michael’s Cathedral and other structures destroyed by landslides. The church is an iconic symbol of Christianity in Shimla, and its presence can be seen from miles away. 

The church features intricate stained-glass windows with images depicting stories from the Bible. Its imposing gothic architecture includes two towers flanking its entrance, which gives it a regal air.

4. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

In Shimla, the Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is a lively, busy cultural center that anyone can enjoy. There are art shows, live theater, music performances, workshops, lectures, and other events at the Mall Road complex.

It’s been part of the city’s culture since 1887. There have been events like the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) and art shows from the area.

Kullu Natti, Bhangra, Odissi, and Kathakali are performed in the open-air auditorium. In addition, locals and tourists attend weekend movie screenings here.

5. Kali Bari Temple – Places To Visit In Shimla In One Day

The Hindu Kali Bari Temple is an old place of worship in the Indian hill town of Shimla. It has a style of architecture unique to the area and is influenced by British colonial architecture. 

The temple was built in 1845 and dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, known as the “Destroyer of Evil.” At 2200 meters above sea level, on top of Jakhoo Hill, it has beautiful views of the Himalayas and lush green forests. 

Visitors can participate in spiritual activities, such as chanting mantras and attending prayer ceremonies. In addition, many festivals are celebrated here annually, attracting locals and tourists alike.

6. Annandale

Annandale is one of the most pretty places in India. It is located in the lower Himalayan Mountains in Himachal Pradesh. 

It has gorgeous scenery, many plants and animals, and a rich history. Annandale is full of things to do, from thrilling adventure sports to relaxing walks along its beautiful trails. 

Annandale offers something for everyone, from adrenaline-pumping activities to relaxing in nature. The area has beautiful views, whether you’re walking on its different paths or rafting on the Giri River.

For those who love history and culture, there are plenty of temples and old monuments to explore.

7. Himachal State Museum – Places To Visit In Shimla In One Day

The Himachal State Museum is one of the most common places in Himachal Pradesh. This museum is in Shimla, and it has a lot of artifacts and paintings that show the culture and history of the area. 

The museum is parted into two sections: the main section is dedicated to the local culture and heritage. While the other displays collections from different parts of India. 

Several galleries include local costumes, weapons, tools, and equipment from ages past, old coins and stamps, and wood and metal sculptures. In addition, the museum’s library covers Himachal’s literature, art, and handicrafts.

Its auditorium hosts dance performances and cultural activities by different groups.

8. Vice Regal Lodge

Vice Regal Lodge in Shimla, India, is a majestic marvel of British colonial architecture. The Viceregal Lodge is in a beautiful place surrounded by lush green forests. 

It offers visitors a mix of natural beauty and majestic grandeur. This beautiful building was built in 1888 as a summer home for the Viceroys and Governors-General of British India. Henry Irwin, a famous architect from London, designed it. 

The lodge is on Observatory Hill and is spread out over 17 acres. It has incredible views of snow-capped mountains and valleys. 

Its back Mughal garden was restored to its original splendor. The lodge has English furniture, paintings, and sculptures from the Viceroy’s Shimla house.

9. The Mall

The Mall is a popular shopping destination for tourists and locals. It’s right in the middle of the city, so there are many things to see and do. 

From luxurious department stores and brand outlets to small stalls selling local products, The Mall has something for everyone. This place is especially renowned for its vibrant atmosphere that comes alive during festivals and holidays. 

Visitors can find anything from traditional souvenirs to modern apparel here. Local vendors also set up their stalls in the area, which offer unique handmade items at reasonable prices. 

There are also many places to eat or drink coffee while admiring Shimla’s ancient architecture and mountain views. In addition, the Mall is great for bowling and ice skating.


In conclusion, Shimla is a beautiful and vibrant city with plenty of attractions to explore. For those on a tight schedule, it’s possible to visit some of the most popular places in Shimla within one day. 

From historic temples and churches to breathtaking views from Jakhoo Hill, Mall Road, and Annandale, there are plenty of places for everyone. In addition, the many restaurants and cafes in town offer something for every taste bud.

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